Work Week Starts with Shit Weather – Oscars + Trump – Jon Hamm


I just discovered this.

It’s real good:

Here is yesterday’s brunch.

The beans were better than the poached eggs on the muffin. But still pretty bomb. The place was real pretty (Dante’s Raw Bar and Gastro Food). Yep. That.

After brunch we just did laundry, clean the house, ordered pizza, bought beers, and watched Netflix.

The Theory of Everything, the life of Stephen Hawking. Pretty good movie. I recommend it. Or also just recommend reading the whole Wikipedia of Stephen Hawking, because that dude got laid more than you can imagine. I read the Wikipedia while watching the movie because I like making sure things are true… apparently the movie did do a good job of representing his life.

Yep. Simple Sunday and I loved every minute of it. Except waiting for the pizza. It took too long.

I still have some pizza, aka, I have breakfast.

These guys are so damn good.

Awesome, their wikipedia is in Japanese so I don’t know much about this band (except the obvious, they are Japanese). Fox Capture Plan.

I should become a drummer in my 30s. Hah! Yeah right.

Alright! Let’s get this week started!

Busy week it is!

Babe is at work. I need to get to work as well. Monday! YAWN!

Week plan!

Monday. Today. Work today. Emails emails emails. The weather outside is incredibly shitty. Cold and rain. My street is again a river of caca. Work work work. Emails emails emails.

Tuesday. Day of deliverance. Cut day. Pay request. See if I’ll be happy and I can get out of town on Saturday with my girlfriend. Hopefully go glamping and get some astro photography shots in Valle. Fuck. New moon was yesterday. Next week it will be half-moon. And work work work work. (And probably tap Tuesday drinking).

Wednesday. DMV. Well. That will probably take my whole day. And Risk nights might be back.

Thursday… okay. Not sure of my plans anymore for the other half of the week. But it will probably be WORK WORK WORK WORK.

Friday… ?

Saturday. Tijuana Adventure tour! That will take me all day. Fuck. Now that I think about it I won’t be able to go to Valle with my girl this weekend. Oh well. It’s work.

Sunday. Whatever she wants.

I still haven’t gotten published. So I need to get to work work work work. Sigh…

About the Oscars.

I didn’t watch them.

I haven’t really ever watched them that I can remember. I will probably watch the summary or read about it later. But watch it in real time?! Yeah. Not for me.

Oscars meant busy days at LAX. A lot of people fly in right before it, and the same night right after. The morning after is just another red carpet, but at LAX. I mentioned it before, when I broke my record of 24+ celebrities in one day was a day after the Oscars.


The_Donald is obviously complaining about the Oscars. Hah. What the fuck did they expect?! For them to be like “Ohh we love Trump now.” Of course this just fuels them to be like “liberal elites don’t understand us rahhhh! Cry babies. Get used to it!”

Fucking Trump supporters.

This is their top post saying that Kimmel is a hypocrite:


Just fucking take it. Anyone that supports Trump is a fucking racist. Make whatever the fuck excuse you want. You are a fucking racist. Can’t deal with me not calling you a racist? Don’t be a fucking racist! You think you are not a racist but you can still support Trump. No you dumb fucker. You CAN’T! That’s like supporting Hitler and saying you are not a Nazi. And not to just go back to that shit simple comparison, but there’s no way you fuckers understand it any other way.

Like any of those dumb fuckers would even read my blog. Like any of those dumb fuckers would even read my blog. FTFMYSELF.

Ahh fuck it. I’ll stop.

Push-ups. Breakfast. Shower. Work. Take pictures of the rain. Work some more. Work. Emails.

And today is throwback Monday.

Pictures of Jon Hamm.

Yep. I got lazy and didn’t plug my hard-drive.

I will have too soon. Transfer everything. I think I already need another hard-drive. 1 Terabyte is starting to look like not much. Hey. 7 years ago when I bought it, it was a lot. I think I need to get a 10TB or so. Back-up my 1TB to the 10TB, back-up my computer to both, and hide the 1TB somewhere as a back-up of my back-up.

You ever get afraid someone just steals your shit?

Them hard-drives are like my life. It would feel so weird for them to be gone. I would obviously move on. But it’s a strange feeling to know they can just disappear.

Didn’t plug in my hard-drive, found only 3 albums of Jon Hamm. I posted about him yesterday because we saw the Black Mirror episode with him in it. I also mentioned him before when I broke my record he was there, next to Katrina Bowden, and Cyndi Lauper. Lauper was the money that day.

I remember him being very nice, but the pictures I have do not show him that way. At least it seems he was an easy guy to shoot. I have small memories of him being really nice. Not to only the paps, but to everyone that was helping him, and even people recognizing him.

Here are the sets:

First one is from January 24, 2010. That day I also shot Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Keith Urban, Jessica Lange, Jane Krakowski, and Ben Affleck.


HAH! I also shot her.

She was a friend at Delta. I’m sure she never got this picture. This was in between the folders before Jon Hamm’s.


He looks like my friend Gil in this one. Just noticed them shoes have no shoelaces.


I was new with Nikon and my flash was never good with the D300 body (until they gave me a D700).


TSA line.


Shoes off.


And waiting for the airport bullshit.

Second shoot is from November 1, 2010. I only shot Hamm and his girl, and Cindy Crawford that day. Cindy Crawford pics are super nice. She was also cool.


Third shoot is from November 10, 2010. It’s basically the same shoot, but this time there were more paparazzi there and Hamm was without his girlfriend.


In my hard-drive there’s probably just a couple more folders of Jon Hamm, but bleh, there’s no need to plug it in.

Push-ups. More coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Work. Take pictures of the rain. Emails emails emails. Work.

Have a good week everyone! Except Trump and his supporters. This shit needs to stop soon.

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