The paparazzo blog started shortly after quitting my job in Los Angeles in 2011. I started writing memoirs about following celebrities in 2010 but never published them. This blog is my current freelance life, links to recent articles and personal opinions accompanied by flashbacks of celebrity pictures of when I used to be a paparazzo.

I completed my book about my Paparazzi Daze in September of 2020. You can buy it HERE!

I completed my book about all my Tijuana Adventures in February of 2020, you can read all about my Tijuana shenanigans (and a guide of the city) here!

Thanks for buying and/or visiting my page. Your support means everything to me.

I currently write for the San Diego Reader.

Previous articles can be found in Soccerly.com (soccer news and opinion), SanDiegoRed (Baja news), and in b1mas4.com (Binomio: Spanish news and opinion).


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