Tijuana Adventure: Food Photography

Tijuana / San Diego / Baja / California

E-mail: Matingas@gmail.com

Phone: +52-664-304-1628

I do food porn. Pictures that make you salivate.

My work has been featured on the San Diego Reader with over 100 covers in the past six years. You can see more of my food work at my foodagram: @TijuanaAdventure

Package Slim.


One hour of my time. Natural light (or establishments). Bring me what you can. I’ll shoot as much as possible.


2 hours of my time. It includes my portable Elinchrom Studio lights (no power required). I shoot as much as I can in that time with studio and natural light.


3 hours of my time. It can include everything from chef and staff portraits to event photography to full menu photography. Whatever you need, I can do it.




I have way too many good pictures. Here are some:


The photoshoot starts an hour before sunset (if possible).

Invite pretty staff (especially hands). I could also invite a guest friend or two to help me arrange food, come up with ideas, model,


Coming soon.

Magazine Covers:

More Information:

I am open to all ideas and to work together creatively. I can also cover special events, banquets, charities, and more. In fact, events are to my specialty, until the pandemic made me change my photography and that’s when I started playing with studio lights.

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