Tijuana Adventure

2023 Tours are Back!!!

Tours are back update!

Please visit Tijuana Adventure for more information.

The prices that I wrote for 2022 still apply! You can hire me for as low as $150 (depending on the tour).

My tours are mostly about craft beer and tacos. It can also be about different drinks or eats. Or I can be a fixer for journalists around the world. And I’m also a photographer. Trust me, I’ve been doing tours for more than 10 years.

And now (late 2022 going into 2023) tours are back!

Tijuana Adventure started as tours of the city that were much needed for such a wild place. After a couple of years of taking hundreds of hungry and horny tourists through this crazy city, I called it quits. Bachelor parties were going to be the death of me.

I refocused the point of Tijuana Adventure to simply be pictures of food and beer and me talking crap about it. It’s mostly through the Instagram though I keep the page a tad active. @TijuanaAdventure

The original idea behind TJ Adventure is below and that started around 2012… yeah. It’s not the same at all.


I’m the creator of Tijuana Adventure, nightlife tours and more in the great city of TJ. The dream is to open a hostel and change the perception that people have about this wondrous place.

This is a video I helped produce with YouMakeMyTrip, a French traveler that completed challenges all over the world. We went to the most dangerous places in TJ and came unscathed.

2 responses to “Tijuana Adventure”

  1. Wow Matt- ingas such a character! Certainly a Tijuanense by now, it doesn’t surprise me at all, he has the wild nature needed to live downtown. He is effectively a great collaborator, equipped to cover and manage any event or setting.
    He is a pro and a joy to work with! the perfect eye for balanced pictures of food, plates, movement and hospitality settings. It’s a relief to work with resourceful and creative minds, like Matt’s .

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