Baja Bodas (English)

I’m not your typical wedding photographer.

I was trained as a paparazzi at a young age. I was twenty when I learned to take pictures of celebrities without being seen. Missing a moment would cost my agency thousands of dollars. It was a grueling job, I was young and naive, and the agency ended up stealing a lot of money from me.

At the same time, it paved the way for the photographer I am today. I learned how to work under pressure and take clean photographs in very difficult circumstances. My pictures were printed worldwide. For four years, I worked alongside some of the best photographers in Los Angeles (and also with some of the worst). A photographer that I admired the most and who I learned a lot from, quit the paparazzi life and became one of the world’s best wedding photographers. 

I quit the paparazzi life in 2011, left Los Angeles, and landed in god’s forsaken land: Tijuana. I divorced the camera, and after fumbling through jobs, I became a writer for the San Diego Reader. In 2016, the photographer of the magazine left and I filled in his shoes. After hundreds of cover pictures of all kinds, dozens of written cover stories, two books, and more… I shift my focus to my photography. I am talented and I am not letting it go to waste.

No one captures moments as I do. I was trained not to miss them. There is no need to pose or recreate or worry if the picture will turn out. Just live in the moment and I’ll catch it.

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Oh yeah, I’m also fully bilingual. I am situated on the border of San Diego and Tijuana, but I am available anywhere in Mexico or the US. I am a perfect photographer for Americans getting married in Mexico, or Mexicans getting married in America. Or both.

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About you.

“Over the course of eight years, I probably spent more time with [photographer] Pete Souza than anybody other than my family. Pete was there present, dutifully documenting every moment, large and small, for history. And here’s the thing: I wouldn’t always know it [that he was there].”

— Barack Obama (foreword on Pete Souza’s book). 

In a way, I am like Obama’s photographer. You won’t even notice I am there taking pictures. I’m a spy hiding in plain sight, mingling with the crowd, always ready to shoot. There won’t be a need to pose for pictures or recreate moments, I catch it all. 

If you made it this far, you know what type of person I am. Perhaps you read my blog, or my books, or have seen me on social media. Perhaps we already know each other. You know what to expect from me. That’s quality like none other while still being the fun Matingas people know and love.

Make sure you like my WORK and my personality before booking me on your most special day. I want you to be happy. Although pretty pictures are important, choosing the right photographer is crucial.

At a wedding, there are no redos. I want you to be happy with your decision as well as your experience.

Now booking 2023!

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