Dead Body Outside the Apartment at Midnight – September Plans – Oaxaca in Exactly One Month (Still Need Bisho Sitter)

There was a dead body outside my apartment around midnight yesterday.

I was about to go to bed after watching somewhat shitty stand-up comedy brought to you by Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. Two Latinos. Gerry something and Rick something. I couldn’t make it all the way through in either of their specials. Both of them gave me a soft chuckle. But nothing major. Something just like this.

Probably a little less than that.

And don’t get me wrong… I like Fluffy a little bit and these two weren’t horrible… But come on dude! New jokes on a special!? You were bombing! And the other dude kept making fun a young couple who clearly felt fucking uncomfortable. It made me feel uncomfortable! Poor kids.

Back to the murder scene.

I noticed a cop car outside next to a body covered with a white sheet on a small gap in the wall at the back-end of the HSBC bank. Homeless people usually take that spot for a nap or sleep through the night. I once saw a lady take a shit there. Like a normal lady with office clothes during the day time. She saw the cubby hole in the wall, looked around to see if anyone was watching, pulled down her pants, and diarrhea blasted the cubby hole, proceeded to pull her pants back up and walked like nothing happened.

I watched it all.

Just as I was watching the cops investigating the dead body.

My girlfriend was already sleeping. But I had my camera with me in case anything interesting happened (though it was really dark, maybe some super high ISO pics or capturing a shining light from a car).

The cops shined the light at the dead body from inside the car.


They drove back a little bit and shined the light from other directions.


Turned on the siren lights.


Gave a little honk.


After around ten minutes of the cops just observing the dead body… they decided it was time for action.

They both got out of the car and walked towards the body.

I had my camera ready.

One of the cops tapped the body with his foot….

It moved.

He did it again.

It was a homeless dude trying to sleep.

They got back in their cop car and went for tacos (I presume).

So yeah.

I’ll clickbait all of you motherfuckers again!

And on the process. You had to read my rant about the shitty comedy I watched last night.

I watched some old Louis CK just to remember what actual comedy is…

Yesterday, after finishing with the extensive word vomit, editing and posting all the pictures of tacos and shit… I got an email from the editor that he didn’t get my re-write.

I was planning to do it right at that time and send it to him tomorrow.

Email from editors makes me nervous for some reason. Emails from bosses make me nervous.

I apologized and told him I was about to work on it.

It took me less than an hour to finish it off.

I mean… it was just changing 40 words to something different. And writing another short capsule.

And I have already done the research, I ate the burgers, took notes, and obviously took more burger pictures.

I just needed to do that last little step. And I love to procrastinate.

It wasn’t until the boss was like “hey, I need this.” That I closed the door to my office/room, told my girlfriend I need to work (no interruptions), paced down back and forth in my room and the balcony. Swept the balcony because it gets full of dirt very often. Then wrote.

Then repeat the cycle. More pacing. More writing. More sweeping.

I pace around a lot when I’m trying to write.

Not this word vomit.

I mean actual work.

Which I need to do as soon as I finish this.

For this word vomit is all coffee coffee coffee IDGAF workout coffee coffee coffee workout IDGAF.

I should write a book.

That’s been in my mind.


Let’s get September started.

I know it’s already the 5th… but I’m barely getting September started. Moving August files to the hard-drive. Cleaning up junk. Starting new missions.

Tomorrow, there should be a new cover shot by yours truly.

And the week after that… another cover shot by me.

And then after that… I’m not sure.

The photo mission board is empty.

I’m pretty sure it will get full soon.

Writing section is full. So I can get busy.

Maybe this time I will have time to do all the writing missions I set myself to do. I’m going to finish those two characters stories this week for sure.

I’m going to finish one today!

Saturday I manage the stage at Burgers and Beers festival. Of course, eat even more burgers that day! I’m taking two strangers to that… A friend of my girlfriend from Monterrey and a friend of hers.

So who knows!?

And they don’t speak English!

I’m listening to classical guitar on Spotify.

It’s inspiring me.

Just got to know a new composer that I didn’t know about. Sounds a lot like Abel Carlevaro and it makes sense since he is Uruguayan as well. Well, he is Brazilian-Uruguayan and Italian.

Guida Santórsola.

I have some of his sheet music and I’m inclined to learn this piece.

And I should really relearn Carlevaro’s Etude #5.

This weird piece:

Yep. That’s me. Fresh out of college a decade ago.

That’s a really complicated etude. And I like it.

So I’ll play some guitar today.

Holy shit. I was young.

Here’s another throwback.

The quality of the image is so low. That’s my skinny ass around 2001.

That’s the last time I was in Oaxaca.

We should recreate this picture. Doro! Find a djembe drum so we can do this.

It would be fun to do this one.

Or recreate this one.

But some of those guys aren’t going to Oaxaca.

And I’m shaming them publicly in my blog.


Oaxaca in one month.

I still need a Bisho/house sitter.

I feel like robbers read my blog and now they exactly know when my house will be unprotected.

So… who wants to be a Bisho/house sitter?!

Oh. I forgot. I was going to do celebrity throwback this time.

Nope. I still need to take Bisho to the vet and get to work!

So it will have to wait till next week.

Oh yeah. Yesterday I played with Plotagraph a bunch.

Here’s the popular post in Como Esta la Línea:

I liked to play around with that app. Here’s three more.

Jalapeño Cotton Candy.

And views of Tacotopia.

I should post a nifty album on Imgur so I can post it on Reddit and get some sweet karma.

And stop word vomiting.






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