Crazy Ass Weekend + The Douchiest of Douches = Javier Bardem

This is getting posted on Monday right before midnight, at least I am complying with my deadline.

Week three of my friend Drew visiting from college. Time went fast and I barely worked, but we did a lot of partying. This past weekend was one of the craziest I had. Friday was Noisefest in Tijuana and also the band King Llama came down from LA to play Moustache bar (my favorite band of the weekend) and stayed at my place. My roommate’s band with Haydee (this time named Aloha Taylor, the name changes to a newscaster every performance) did a good job of opening the noise galore, followed by the drummer of my band with his alternative noise project Apisdafry. Other notable acts of the fest were Pure Shit and Ghost Magnet Roach Motel, who I saw at All My Friends Festival the previous year. In my review I called them weird to be weird and noise just to make noise. I still agree with this statement, but this time they had two moving platforms that united where the concert venue. It was very interesting visibly, but audibly was still painful after a few minutes that my head buzzed the whole night until the next morning.

On Saturday me and Drew went to this year’s AMF2015, it’s sixth edition. I previewed all the bands a week before going and none caught my attention. I felt basically the same way throughout the fest though I was really trying to enjoy everything. So I did what everyone does at a festival like this and took some drugs. Instead of loosing me up and making myself have a good time, I locked my brain in a shell and all I could think of was work. The only thing that was in my mind was talking shit about the show. But in reality, there can be no complains. The people of Tj just ask for way too much and the fest got overhyped. Yes, many bands were subpar and the sound did a lot of mistakes. But for the price of admission and every thing that was done, there can be no shit talking. I sent an article about it to the San Diego Reader already and I have low expectations about it, but still hoping it will get published.
 2015-06-20 18.47.46-1– Me and Drew at AMF 2015
I got published twice this past week, the one that was on hold about my friend David and the other about Bresca, a restaurant in Tj. Another article got rejected and I sent two more than I am waiting to see if I get published or not. At least the one that I had on hold was fairly popular and it got shared quite a bit. Tony Tee, who I mentioned on the previous entry, posted on his Facebook that it was one of the best articles summarizing the recent wave of violence in Tijuana. I asked Tony but his favorite celebrity, but instead he asked for the douchiest, which according to him, is Russell Crowe. However, I have no memories of Russell, but I do of one celebrity that did the douchiest move ever.
It was on March 5,2010 and I had Penelope Cruz arriving in American Airlines (her real name is Penelope Sanchez). It was around 1 pm and I was working solo. I spotted Penelope walking in the departing section with her boyfriend of the time (now husband), Javier Bardem. The limo was waiting outside, but their helper saw me waiting for them, that they suddenly turned around (which meant they were going downstairs to arrivals).

mar 5 2010 – I spotted them from far away.

As I was running down, my boss called me, “Javier Bardem is arriving right now,” he said. “I know!” I yelled back and hung up the phone. I saw Penelope and Javier now on the downstairs, but again they turned around and went upstairs. We played the cat and mouse game for like 20 minutes when once again I saw them on the arrival level (upstairs). Suddenly, they took a left that was unknown to me. I got up to the bridge to spot the car and I saw it waiting by the elevator almost by the other terminal.

I ran nearby where the car was located and then I saw them coming out of these double doors I never saw before. I started shooting long lens, keeping my distance, at least 20 feet away. As they walked towards the car I was nothing but nice to the couple. “Welcome to LA, you guys are awesome.” Things like that I shouted in Spanish while I snapped pictures. As they closer to the car and I was running out of space, I switched to my flash and short lens.

MAT_5990 MAT_5995 MAT_6001 – You can clearly see that Penelope was smiling but Javier barely looked up.

Snapped some more pictures while remaining courteous. Penelope went to my right (her left) towards the street to get to the passenger seat behind the driver. Javier walked on the sidewalk to get the opposite side of the limo. As he was entering the car, he turned around.

MAT_2323 – The flash shot.

I thought he stopped to greet me and thank me for keeping my distance (which had happened with several other celebrities). But instead he said “eres basura!” And proceeded to spit on my eye.
I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do. I yelled back that I was just working to pay my student loans, that I am a musician and not the trash he said I was. The helper was in shock as well. Penelope seemed to be angry at what he did. I tried to spit back, but took too long that the car was already gone.
I called my boss and told him what happened. He told me I could sue for an attack with a biological weapon. After all he spat on my face and hit me right in the eye. Other airport workers saw the action and took my side. But the car was far gone and the police usually take the celebrity’s side. I asked for airport recording footage, but the camera had miss the action. Defeated and with saliva on my face (despite washing it off a lot, it still felt like it was there), I stopped working for the day.

I saw Javier a couple more times after, but it was never a one on one, so he behave decently after that. I don’t remember seeing Penelope again.

This pictures of Javier were taken on August 8th, 2010 in the United terminal. They are nothing special, just like him.
8 8 10 8 8 101

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