February 2022: Four Instagrams – Bilingual Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer – Ensenada Reader Cover

January 2022 is gone.

I did 13 photoshoots in the first month of 2022. 7 of them were paid. 4 of them were for the Reader. The other three I got by myself.

I now have four fucking Instagrams. The Instagram addiction is bad. I feel like it’s work though it is not and it is. I get most of my customers on Instagram. I feel like a lot of people live through that fucking thing. It amazes me that I post content and seconds later is consumed. Immediately. Then discarded.

I tried cleaning up my website, but this place is such a mess. Just like my life. Welcome to it.

It looks nicer though. Photographer on the top with a drop menu of my main four photography. Then some old paparazzi photos, my Reader covers, and the option to buy prints!

Here are the four Instagrams.


I went back to simply Matingas instead of Matingas Photography because I am more than just a photographer. That Insta is like my personal one. The one with my personality. The one with selfies. Some drone. Some art. Some music. And the work I do. Writing work and drinking beer. It’s simply me.

Here’s me with the newest beer cover.


The foodagram. Originally, the Insta for my tours. Now it’s the Insta for my food photography. I had one photoshoot for that Insta this month. It was for City Tacos and Mike Hess. I took two friends to be my taco models. I charged them $150 but that rate is going up to at least $200. I think I have another shoot soon in San Diego for that. I need to get more expensive after this.


The Sexygram. I used to think having multiple Instagram accounts was stupidity. I even asked if I should make a different account for sexy chicks and people voted against it. But I finally did it. It started with a different name. And random chicks that I’ve never talked to in my life or follow, started following that account and asking for my rates or for collaborations. I might have some sexy shots in the future. This account is in Spanish compared to my other accounts. Unfortunately, sexy shoots don’t pay much until you get a lot of crazy hot models. Then maybe I can do a Baja Boudoir calendar and whatnot. We’ll see how it goes. Here is the lovely Celeste posing next to my photo:

@Matthew S. Teschner

Wedding and Lifestyle photography. My real name. Somewhat. Replacing Suárez for simply an S and using my maternal last name in honor of my mother (and I’ll be the last Teschner of the timeline). I eventually want to change my name to reverse maternal/paternal last names. Though I know the process is going to be a headache. The name for that Instagram might change when I think of a better name. But I want it to be classy and wedding-like. I have a lot of material that I never post that belongs to an Insta like that. I just started this one, but I am hoping to get weddings, XV años, and other events through that. Only two posts so far, the first two weddings I have in my files.

Four fucking Instagrams.

For SEO reasons, here are some paragraphs. Hire the best San Diego/Tijuana wedding food photographer in the area. Hire Matingas. Hire Matthew S. Teschner for your wedding photographer. No one captures moments like Matingas.

This is my wedding uniform. Except with pants on.

I also have a normal jacket somewhere. I don’t have to outdress the groom in my tux. I should buy nice wedding clothes as well so I can have something else to shoot in that’s not my tuxedo.

About my wedding photography.

I’m different than other wedding photographers. I’m not intrusive and I still manage to capture the best moments. You won’t even notice you hired a wedding photographer. Just like when I do tours, it doesn’t feel like you have a tour guide with you. It just feels like you have a friend that happens to live in Tijuana that is touring you around.

That’s how my wedding photography feels. It doesn’t feel like you hired a photographer, but a friend that you know kicks ass in photography. I can mingle. I can translate. One of my main focuses will be my bilingual skills.

In Valle de Guadalupe, between American and Mexican weddings, there’s usually a language barrier. It could be the guests. It could be the staff. I’m there to help with whatever (besides still taking pictures). I blend in with the party like nothing.


Honestly, a drink or two loosens me up. It’s nearly impossible to get me drunk (since I dislike the actual being drunk part). But I definitely shoot way better after some drinks. I lose my shyness. And I capture without hesitation. I get more creative.

That’s my wedding photography. It’s like I am both, a wedding photographer and an entertainer. I won’t steal the spotlight at all, it’s all about the bride. But definitely provide some entertainment for the people that have nothing to do. Those single friends or the weird uncle, or a dude that wants to talk about cameras. I have stories to tell (I mean… fucking two books). I can play classical guitar for your wedding. Seriously. I’ll slap that in the photography package for free.

I’ll clean up that paragraph soon and make it all nice to describe how I work at weddings. For a limited time, I’ll be charging $750 for full wedding photography. This will quickly VERY QUICKLY will rise to double the prices. So hit me up now before I get too expensive.

NOW Booking 2022 and 2023!!!

The other thing that I did in January that saved my skin, was the Ensenada cover. I wrote it. Without the help of Ritalin. Though I’m sure that if with Ritalin, I would have written it faster and perhaps even better. It took me a while to get it out. But I did. And it will be a cover. The cover might come soon. Like in two weeks. Ensenada Seafood and Beer Paradise cover. I’m excited.

I asked for money beforehand and they denied it. Two weeks later, it gets paid in full. The bad thing is that it doesn’t cover expenses. And I spent a shit ton of money going to Ensenada to drink and eat and be merry. Hopefully, free beer and food will come from it. When the cover comes out, I plan to grab around 200 copies or more and drive down to Ensenada with them.

I have two other covers in mind. That will be saving my skin again. And if I don’t get photoshoots going and more articles going. It will be time to look for a real job (like I keep saying). But, I don’t want to make that happen.

Tomorrow I work again as a taco truck cashier. That’s always a nice bunch of cash for a day’s work. It pays a third of my rent.

Oh yeah. A sweet Reader cover came out yesterday. It’s about divers. I got to meet and photograph these amazing people. Cover shot:

You can read it HERE!

My Patreon is still a thing!

And I finally sent some goodies to my only $20 subscriber. I will be sending him some more. And I will be making more Matingas type merch. Magnets with my photos. Maybe mugs. Shit like that. Subscribe to my Patreon if you want goodies to come your way. Subscribe to my Patreon if you want a discount on any of my services.

This year.

This year will be money.

No new Drinking Beer with Matingas. There are two beers in my fridge that are for the show and I just haven’t felt like doing it. Perhaps tonight. But that’s what I say every night. Keep checking my YouTube channel for more.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated.

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