Busy Weird Times – Foodagram – Drone Shipwreck

Well… Fuck this shit.

WordPress is doubling down that block editor is the way to go. I don’t like it. But they say it’s the future. I should read more about it. It’s glitchy as fuck. And I don’t like it.

It even randomly tells me “you are not allowed to save this draft.” Dafuq not WordPress?!

That’s why I skipped my blog last week. That’s why I feel like skipping it right now. It’s a weird day. I mean weather-wise. It’s gloomy as fuck. I like it. But feels weird.

I’ve been having busy days. Somewhat weird. But mostly busy. Busy good.

I crossed the border to San Diego for a food photography gig over at Firebirds. I took my Elinchrom studio lights. It was an easy shoot though it felt a bit confusing. The guy that hired me wasn’t there. The manager that arranged everything left. And the cashier ended up paying me.

I took a couple hundred pics and flew my drone a bit. I am happy with a lot of pics. I felt weird from the lack of direction of the person that hired me. I made money. I am still a cheap photographer so I think he is happy. And I hope he hires me again.

Here are some pics from my Foodagram:

A lot of that chicken is still in my fridge. It’s food that you need to immediately eat instead of photograph and then stick in your fridge.

However, I did devour this big ol chicken sandwich:

I ate it cold and it was still a delicious beast.

And finally, there pudding.

This was a huge surprise. I expected just alright or perhaps it was going to be too sweet or something that wasn’t for me. I was so wrong. It’s fucking delicious and creamy. I have a soft spot for cheap vanilla pudding (the filling in many cheap desserts that comes in a huge blue can). I thought it might be like that. Nope. It was better. Banana/vanilla pudding and chocolate/oreo pudding. Both amazing. And I’m not a dessert type of person..

That was Wednesday last week. The only painful thing was the fucking border. It was more than an hour going north. It was almost an hour going south. I don’t want to cross the border.

The following day I had a photoshoot with a girl that wanted to do some beauty collagen shots. She is a friend that I photographed a year ago. She was the first girl to do half-naked pictures with me. I didn’t have my Elinchrom lights and I don’t think they were any good… but she loved them then.

This shoot was a bit of a mess. She canceled several times prior. She said she was going to cancel again. I told her I couldn’t fit her in my schedule anymore and she decided to show up.

And she showed up drunk with her boyfriend (with no heads up that she was bringing someone).

There was some drama.

All I care is I got the shots that she wanted. She likes them. She paid me.

I probably won’t work with her again…

Fridays and Saturdays I’ve been going to the space I rented in Pasaje Rodriguez, the Nett Nett Space.

I haven’t sold anymore big prints. But a strange old French dude stopped by on Friday. He seemed new to Tijuana and barely spoke Spanish. He bought my cheap print with Tony Vega and Tony directed him to my space. He came in and had me sign the print (it was already signed). He seemed interested in more work.

Besides that…

Friends showed up. And I photographed my friends. And we drank beers. A lot of drinking. A lot of freaking drinking.

Sunday was family time in Ensenada. On our way to Ensenada, we found this shipwreck I’ve been meaning to photograph:

I flew almost a kilometer away. It gave me a “weak signal” message on the controller. The family was hungry. So I couldn’t take my sweet time to fly at the exact angle I wanted or to try to get the exact picture I have in mind.

That was just a quick picture and I’ll be back.

I’m also interested in getting the Milky Way behind the shipwreck. I’m sure that would be an amazing shot. I wonder if I can be on that beach around 3 a.m. though…

Monday was my Sunday. I did laundry. I went to talk to a girl I’m interested in because she is very similar to me. I’m not sure where that is going. It’s been forever since I’m with a woman. She’s suicidal. Just like me. That spells trouble. She’s smart and talented. It seems like it comes with the burden of constant depression. To constantly acknowledge our pointless existence instead of enjoying it. I try to enjoy it. With a little help of my friends.

Today. I need breakfast. 1 pm already.

It’s been a constant wake up daily around 10 a.m. Consume copious amounts of coffee. Then have a very late breakfast. I’m inclining to a sopa de mariscos for 85 pesos that the fish taco truck sales. That soup is legit. And since the day is gloomy… it fits the mood.

It’s very gloomy.

I sent an email just before I started blogging. It is to be a contributor for the Eater. Maybe writing for someone else and about something else will help me grow and change. I like food. Food is good. I like taking pictures of food. I’m good at it. And I like talking about food. I’m also good on that.

I haven’t been doing the Drinking Beer with Matingas. Mostly because I’m at the studio on Fridays and when I leave I’m already too tired and had been drinking. But I will return soon. More organized… I think…

If you like what I write or my pictures and want to support me anyway you can… you can do it through my Patreon, here:


My Patreon is still a mess. But if you want that drone shipwreck picture HQ for printing… support me on Patreon and it is yours!

Oh fuck you WordPress!!!

I’m trying to hit Publish and it’s not working!

Seriously… your new shit is glitchy as fuck! You already scared me that I lost my work… and it feels like that all the time.

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