Post 556: Paparazzo Daze Book – Looking For Roommate (Again) – I’m Getting Older and Drunker

Post 556.

That’s a lot of posts.

Been blogging for almost 10 years now. I wish I thought about book writing through Amazon years ago…

My really old blog posts still get a ton of visitors, like the Britney Spears one. I just wrote that chapter for my second book. Turns out, I didn’t need to do much writing, the old blog post was pretty much spot on. I posted over 100 blog posts about celebrities… that’s way too many posts. That book should be less than that. But I saw so many fucking celebrities back in the day…

Did another video for the YouTube.

Yes, about beer still.

Oh yeah. It was my birthday.

I am now 44.

Or at least I feel 44. In reality, I’m 34.

Not much happened on my birthday, I went to pick-up beers, I went to pick-up shitty sushi, and I spent a lot of my day sleeping. Better than most birthdays. On my last birthday, I got extremely high with weed brownies and went to see the girl I was dating at Tropic’s Bar. It didn’t go very well. It was nightmarish.

Birthdays usually depress me. This one barely had an effect. It just went by. That no bars were opened helped. I hate the awkwardness of people finding out it’s your birthday and you get a “happy birthday” from strangers and then what?!

The good part is a free drink.

The bad part is just knowing that another year went by and you are still a piece of shit.

A couple of days before my birthday I had a photoshoot with a pretty girl. One that I mentioned before. One that is bipolar.

I would post the pictures, but I ended up deleting them (not from my hard drive, just from the internet). I fought with her. She annoyed the fuck out of me. And not only once did she thank me for the pictures.

In fact, she had a shit attitude through the whole thing. She canceled three times. And finally, when it happened, I had to go pick her up (and drop her off). And through the whole photoshoot, she gave me shit and acted like shit. The weird thing is, she would change clothes and wouldn’t mind doing it in front of me. Almost teasing me. But when it came to the camera, she would shy away and tell me to stop taking pictures…

That was the point of having a photoshoot…

In the end, the pictures came out alright. 400+ pics edited to 200+ pics with some bad pics in there and some great ones. I was going to post 3 sets of pictures on my Instagram, that’s usually what I do. And she says “I didn’t know you wanted the pictures to post them.”



So she gave me shit about the pictures. She posted some without giving me credit. I told her I needed to post them because I had another model coming in and I don’t like backlog. And then like before, she just started giving me shit that she had no reason to do. So I told her she’s a fucking headache and thanked her for modeling and wasting my time. I tried to say “ok bye” multiple times for her to stop saying shit, but she wouldn’t. So I blocked her.

After that, she posted a picture (that I took) and played the victim role and kept talking shit.

Alrighty. Nice knowing you.

I like to believe that I’m on the right side, I’m not the one with issues. I wonder how many times people called her toxic in her life.

But enough about that. From a long time ago I’ve learned to simply move on.

Fuck her for ruining part of my birthday.

Yeah. That happened on my birthday.

So instead of posting her pictures like my plan entailed, I ended up posting more selfies!

Again, I had to reduce picture quality by a lot just so it can fit in the blog. Too many posts.

I posted that on Reddit with the title “I am so happy I adopted him.” It did okay. Someone commented “the cat or the guy,” which I found hilarious. But it didn’t go past 70 upvotes.

Now my Instagram is a bunch of selfies instead of studio pictures that I wanted. What a fucking waste. Taking selfies in a studio is a bit demanding. I took a shit ton and a lot of them came out blurry. But it was easier than dealing with her.

It was a mistake. That’s it. Mistakes happen. And then you forget about them so you can do them again.

I have never made money from this blog, yet a lot of people still read my old stupid paparazzi shit. Hopefully, a lot of people will buy it in the book format.

A lot of people google “Donald Faison cock.” Yes, Donald, a lot of people google that. How do I know? Because one of my oldest blog posts is about Zach Braff being a dick, Donald Faison being super nice, and Bob Saget was at LAX at the same time. When Bob Saget was getting in his limo I yelled “Hey! You suck dick for coke!”

Or something like that the story goes.

I also remember those two girls that were freaking out over Bob Saget.

People google those words “Donald Faison cock” and end up in my blog. Because I’m typing it now and I typed it before.

A lot of people are curious about his cock.

I plan to have the next book ready by August and I hope a lot of you fuckers buy it. Already got 3 chapters down.

That’s my plan during the quarantine times. I have a couple of missions for the magazine that I should churn out. And then I can continue with my book and playing with the studio lights.



Well… fuck me.

He was supposed to be my roommate already (two weeks ago), but all flights got canceled so he pushed it back to June. Well… yesterday he hit me up and told me now he doesn’t even know if June but until August…

And well… I need a roommate or a way to make half my rent by then.

I’m not sure what to do. I don’t really want a roommate, but that’s a cool dude that I already know so it was fine. Now I wonder who could do it… Maybe the Nelson brothers are down. I shall talk to them.

Happy birthday to me…

Oh yeah!

I wanted to give copies of my e-book for free on my birthday, turns out I can’t because I already used it on the book discount thing in the Americas. I can only do a book promotion in the UK.

My book is 99 pence.

Wow. That’s what you call British pennies. Pence. No plural. I didn’t know that. TIL!

You British readers (I don’t really have any) go buy my book for 99 pence. It’s about Tijuana. Buy it here! 




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