80+ Sold, Book Signing Event March 6th – Moving out of TJ – Cover with Lil Pike (I Suck at Smash)

I’m obsessed with checking my “KDP” page. That’s the Amazon page to check how many books you’ve sold. As of now, 62 digital copies have been sold, 1 was returned, 1 was me, 1 was Chad, 30+ others have been friends, and the other 30+ are fans?

24 paperbacks have been sold in total. Most of them have been friends. Maybe one or two has been a fan!?

It’s a weird concept to have fans. It’s somewhat weird that I meet them. Like fuck… you know everything about me now. Who are you?!

I mean.. don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for them. It’s just a weird concept.

Chapelle talks about it a lot. He thinks it’s a weird concept and he has millions of fans. It’s just… weird.

Gaby is still the #1 fan. If I had a fan club, she would be president.

Oh shit…

She just posted that she’s on her way to Tijuana. So I guess I’ll see my biggest fan. Though I’ve met her before, she wasn’t a fan when we met. Which is weird.

Also… another fan who simply just commented on the previous post that he was a fan, wants to meet up as well. I guess I’ll see him somewhere in downtown TJ for a beer before coming back home and telling Friday that it can fuck off.

Refresh. One digital copy sold today. Not sure to who.

I have to do all the things that come with book writing that is obvious and those are the things I don’t want to do. Bookselling is not only writing a nice book, hiring a model for the cover, hiring a designer to design it, and all the shit that you have to do. No. More than anything, you need to promote the fuck out of it.

And not only promote.

Make events.

Talk to other writers. Talk to the fans. Tell people why they should buy my book. All the things I don’t want to do. I just want your money. I don’t want the attention.

Speaking of events. I have an event Friday, March 6th in Pasaje Rodríguez to sell my book and sign it.

Whoever wants it signed. I’ll be there.

Actually, I’ll be there today with a couple of copies just in case.

I need to get some cash (the little I have), buy some veggie basket from Medicine Woman, drink some beers in Pasaje, and hopefully sell some books.

I need to sell the 50 copies that I bought myself. It cost me almost $250 to buy 50 copies and I need to at least make double that (ideally, triple that). Selling books is how I’m going to pay rent. And I owe rent for my car parking.

My car is all sorts of fucked. I might sell it. I might move. Who knows.

I still have the photo gig, that is still my bread and butter.

And that’s going WELL!

Wednesday I crossed to do a workout photoshoot. That went well. Then I did some bike park shots. That also went well and might be the cover.

Yesterday I crossed to do more workout photoshoots. That went excellent and probably the cover. Then I went ax throwing, for more pictures, but I also wanted to ax throw. Ax throwing is fun. That went well as well.

My photo gig is still going well. I should be getting covers every other week like I have for the past 3 years. But now, I don’t get to deliver my own cover through town. I liked doing that and I obviously need the $500 a month…

But it is time to move on. To bigger and better things.

More writing.

More pictures.

More selling.

No more being a delivery boy and other things I used to do. I go back to full time doing nothing but making up what I’m doing every day.


I also have to do more tours to stay afloat.



My book sells a lot. Then I can just move out of Tijuana and work on my next book.

I just checked…

No more sales.

As if in one hour, people will buy more. It’s an average of 3 books sold per day. That means I’m making around $12 a day…

That’s nothing.

Let’s add a 0 next to that 12 to make me happy… $120 a day for having a book out there that is entertaining would be so nice… I would definitely move out if that happened.

I need breakfast. Then more marketing.

I also need a haircute.


I accomplished much today! I cooked breakfast, I showered, and I sent text that I’m supposed to be getting paid for it. So for not having a job, I still have a job. Next week I don’t have much but some pictures, but I should work in more text for money… hopefully. Because I need money.

And checking again… no one has bought the book still.

Mom used to help me with text that I send to my editor. My tío Alan does now. He is very efficient in editing. Like… way more efficient than any editor I’ve had before.

It’s so weird that she’s not around anymore. Facebook shared a memory that a few years ago, we were together with some family from Guadalajara. And now it’s been over a year. Life still feels different…

If I move… it would probably be to Ensenada. I’m fantasizing about that. For the longest time, I thought to move to Playas was the answer… now I feel like it’s Ensenada. I would still move to Playas, but it lost the appeal. I want to move farther away but remain close. If my book sells like I want it too, I want to spend six months to a year in Ensenada writing my next book. It’s not going to be about Ensenada, though I could probably work on two books at the same time, so it easily could be!

I already started working on my next book. I already have the idea of how I want the whole thing. I just need the time to do it.

I still want to be the cover picture guy for the Reader. It’s a great gig. Ensenada is far, but I could still easily do a trek up to San Diego every week to get the cover picture.

This week’s cover is my cover:

That’s Lil Pike. He wrote a great story about his experiences moving to San Diego. He also raped me on Smash Bros.

I played Smash Bros yesterday with some bros. They also beat the fuck out of me. And neither of them have the game. I want to use the excuse that I was a bit tired and drunk (and I was), but plain and simple, I’m not that good at smashing bros, bro.

This post was supposed to be promoting my book more… but nah. I want to do a photoshoot with my book, but my hair is a shitty mess and doing all the workout pictures makes me feel fat. I’m almost 200 lbs, just a few years ago I was 155 lbs. I know I’m still skinny, but I’m skinny fat.

I need to work out… and play more tennis.


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