46 Weeks, 2 (5) Days: Last Cover of the Year (and Last Gigs) – Broke, which Finally Inspires Me – NFL Fantasy PLAYOFFS

46 Weeks, 2 Days.

Almost a full year.

It still always feels like I’m just going to see her soon. It still feels so weird to know that I never will.

Different life.

I finally did it!

I did a thing!

I’m going to say what I always say that it is obvious. Life is weird.

I feel weird.

But I finally did a thing!

I feel weird because I went to therapy yesterday, Monday, instead of my usual Fridays.

I feel weird because it has been a couple of weeks of heavy drinking and my sleep schedule is all over the place.

I feel weird because I wake up at 11 a.m. and by the time I get out of the house, it’s late afternoon even though it is still early.

I feel weird because I always feel weird.

It’s not a bad weird. In fact, I’ve been feeling way better since the LSD a couple of weeks back. I haven’t done it again and I have no desire to do so. I took a few Ritalin as well but felt nothing, so I have no desire to do those either.

And I haven’t drunk anything in two days!

That’s a new record!

Two days of not drinking!

I need a beer to celebrate.

Perhaps later.

Let’s go back to today. To the thing I just did.

I have MANY story ideas.

LIKE WAY TOO MANY story ideas.

I never do anything with them.

Today, I decided I was going to do some. I decided I was going to get a haircute, and on my way there, I was going to see if Tío Bob was there because the story of Tío Bob could be very interesting, the details are lovely, and I told my editor about it. All I need to do now is to interview Tío Bob. I was decided to interview Tío Bob and get a haircute (either before or after).

On my way there, I had the shittiest chile relleno taco from a tacos varios I’ve ever had. That’s the only thing I’ve eaten today and it was bad.

Besides that, a lot of coffee, and I sort of want some more.

After that horrible shitty taco, it was time to do some work if Tío Bob was there.

But instead…

Michael Jackson of Tijuana was there.

Another character that I’ve always wanted to interview. And it’s always the same thing. I see him. I give him some money. I think of interviewing him. And I don’t.

I just move on.

And imagine what great article it could be and the great pictures of Michael Jackson in Tijuana.

And I don’t interview him.

Instead of looking for Tío Bob, I gave Michael Jackson the usual 10 pesos and instead of quietly walking away, I asked if him if he was going to be around for a minute.

After that, I waited for him on the sidewalk and talked to me. I told him I wanted to do an interview, he asked me where the camera was.

So I ran back to my apartment with interview questions boiling in my mind and ready to take pictures of Michael Jackson and perhaps a video. Then I ran back to talk to him.

I didn’t even need to ask him a question.

He rambled on for 15 minutes with me barely asking a thing.

It’s great audio.


Transcribe the fuck out of it. Translate the fuck out of it. Then work the magic and make this thing a great article around 2,000 words.

Make money.

Feels good.

Because I have NO OTHER gigs this week and I haven’t done shit for real work!

I’ve been publishing my Tijuana Adventure book like I mentioned before. You know where to find it.

That’s almost done. A few chapters left and done.

I got a message from a fan a while ago. One of the nicest messages I’ve gotten to the day.

“You deserve to be on the shelves of bookstores, totally worth it.”

He said more. But the other more is so much praise that it inflates my ego too much that I just see it as incredulous…

He is my friend in PoGo. I didn’t even know that PoGo friend read anything I ever wrote.

I also applied for a job that seems perfect for me. Only 15 hours a week, $18 an hour, and exactly on my field… journalistic research assistant on border and migrant issues.

I got a reply to that today. She got a lot of overqualified applicants so…


It’s not looking that great for me.

Besides that… the year is virtually over.

The magazine has almost everything set for the end of the year. My last cover picture of the year comes out tomorrow!

I’m out of gigs.

I’m also out of gigas!

More like Terras…

My iMac is again telling me she is too full. And I got my new 12 TB to unload everything on. So I shall delete many years of pictures from the main hard drive. Back up my other two hard drives and the 12 TB disk I just got will be halfway full just like that.

That’s going to take SOOOO long to transfer that I’ve been dreading it. But before the year is over… all my shit should be backed up and neatly organized.

I took some selfies before Michael Jackson because I was going to get a haircute and I was going to do a before and after.

I have to edit those. And Michael Jackson. I’m going to make some coffee.. and come back to finish this shit.

46 Weeks, 5 Days.

My intention was to come back to this, read the NFL in review, and publish it.

It obviously didn’t happen.

This is the last cover of 2019!

… well… Last cover that is my picture!

Chicken Sandwich!

Delicious chicken sandwich!

I want it now… That’s from Firebirds Chicken in San Diego! I just sent them the pictures, they just uploaded one on Instagram and tagged me.

42 pictures of Michael Jackson impersonator and a 20-minute interview about many many things about his crazy life.

I have to work on that now.

I was going to work on it on Wednesday.

I didn’t.

I was going to work on it yesterday.

I didn’t.

I’m going to work it all today. I am sure of it.

I also have three photo GIGS instead of just one before the year ends. I will take care of them all next week. It should be okay.

I did get a haircute yesterday. And took more photo studio shots. And was going to post the before and after here, but now that the last cover of the year is out… let’s just leave that as the picture.

Flash is better than the studio lights. I’m going to give those back.

$200 flash is better than $50 continuos lights.

Oh… and everything got sort of fucky. Because on Tuesday I met a Bumble girl. I didn’t sleep much. The third one I meet after the original Bumble girl.

She’s younger than me. And intense.

I’m sort of afraid of her. But she cute and smart.

The youngest girl I’ve gone out with actually… I usually date older women. Weird.

And my sleep has been all fucky. I sleep way too much in the morning and go to bed close to 2 a.m. playing fucking Starcraft. I’ve been playing a lot of fucking Starcraft. Gold Tier 2, 1st place of my league. I have beat a bunch of platinum players by now…

It’s 1:08 pm and I’m on my third cup of coffee, no breakfast because I woke up just an hour ago… and I want to play Starcraft…

I got bacon and eggs in my fridge, but sort of want shrimp giant tacos for breakfast because it’s Friday.

They run out quick though.

It’s Friday. Fuck the world. I’m going to stay at home and work. Clean my house. And work some more.

NFL Playoff Weeks en Español.

Los Mongooses hizo 153.26 puntos…

Estilos Sánchez hizo 138.08 puntos…



Los dos en su semana Bye de ser perdedores. Ya el Fantasy vale madres. Solo quedán cuatro. Y ya empezó y apenas hago el review de la semana pasada.

Miami Dolphlundgrens 140.00 vs 101.38 Queretaroosters

El Pelón despierta para no ser Shiruk y manda a Kirby a la final de los Losers Losers (su tercera consecutiva). Pero el Gallito estaba picoso y no se estaba dejando. Esa batalla ya empezó y va bien contra Mora.

Don Bacardi’s Team 118.04 vs 121.12 MyBeerAndMe

Hablando de Mora, primer año en la liga y se encuentra en la batalla por no ser el último lugar. El otro nuevo en la liga y en un clásico de alcoholicos, el cuñado de Pablo se salva de ser último lugar y ahora batalla contra su propio cuñado para ser el mejor de los losers.

Pero basta con los que ya ni importan.

Tijuana Hookers 132.00 vs 101.80 Guarren Luna

Amarga victoria contra mi propio hermano que realmente ni sumo. Hasta parece que se dejo. Un partido de Lamar Jackson solamente hizo 20.80 puntos, muy bajo para el mejor QB de Fantasy. Y todo lo demás no le funciono mas que Roberto Maderas que hizo lo mismo que mi flex Robbie Anderson. Primer temporada para Guarren, llego a los playoffs, pero hasta ahí… Yo nunca había llegado a la semifinal y me espera un imponente Thunders y tengo meyito.

The Lion King 123.98 vs CDMX Ocelopilli 101.42

Mario ocupaba de un gigante milagro el Lunes con Shepard le hiciera unos 30+ puntos… el gigante milagro se fue para el Pelón ya que Eli Manning le dio todos los pases a Slayton. En el primer TD pensé que Slayton era de Mario que hasta ya le iba mandar mensaje, pero no, el ya estaba desilusionado y ni le importo el partido y su milagro que si era posible. Lion King, sorpresa de el Fantasy, empezó horrendo y ahora se coló a las semifinales contra el Jaiba Brava que ha sido BRAVISIMA todo el puto año que ya me huele a que se lo lleva todo. Pero si recordamos que paso en los años pasados… el Lion King puede ser la sorpresa y llevarse el premio mayor.


Penúltimo Domingo. Y tengo hambre de la final (y de tacos).




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