27 Weeks, 6 Days: Limping Cuz of Bowling – Rumble Fest Gig Job Thing – The Fanciest of Chocolates

27 Weeks, 6 Days.

I’m limping.

I fell while bowling my 6th game and landed on my right knee and stubbed my big toe. They are both swollen. I’m also sore from bowling that much. So I’m walking like an old man.

It sucks. At least I scored a 169 in one of those.

My mom’s toe was bad :(

She couldn’t walk on her final days.

It was gangrene.

I don’t have gangrene. I just hit my toe.

She hated to be taken care of.

She hated that I had to clean her underwear just a couple of times.

She hates it that I’m sharing this.

She just didn’t want anyone to take care of her.

Didn’t even let us know about her toe.

My toe is fine.

It’s just a little bit swollen.

I’ll be fine. Though I’ve been down lately.

Emails emails emails.

I feel like I’m busy. Then I find myself doing nothing. And suddenly. EMAILS.

I got a new job.

Sort of.

New gig.

Gig life.

Rumble Fest again.

Except… this time is an actual festival, with money and a venue to back it up, and a lot of organizers and experienced people.

And again…

Most importantly.


And big bands.

So not quite Rumble Fest. This ain’t going to be a Fyre Fest.

I just joined not that long ago.

It looks promising.

I’m replying social media that’s in Spanish.

Cuz it’s a Latin/Reggae Festival in San Diego mostly in Español.

And I’m the only one in the team that speaks Spanish.

For now… Easy gig.

I feel like my responsibilities might grow. And closer to the fest, the more hectic it will get.

And oh yeah.

I’m getting paid.

Not much. But it’s alright.

So yeah. It’s like Rumble Fest in a way. Except I don’t have to do FUCKING EVERYTHING. And again. It will work. And again. Money!

My delivery gig didn’t want to pay.

Instead of an actual check, I got a printed letter from the guy that signs my checks telling me I have to go pick up the checks instead of just having one with the pile of stuff I have to deliver.

And on a different day.


Oh yeah.

And more Reader work.

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.

I went to therapy earlier this morning.

It sort of felt like a waste this time. I know it wasn’t. But I looked at the time and I was like… uhh I only talked about my paparazzi days!

How is this helpful?!

Again, it was like Matingas 101.

Yes. I was a paparazzo.

Yes. I saw a lot of celebrities.

Yes. I have a lot of stories to tell about that (that’s how the blog started).

One nice thing came from that.

I need to know my own value. That I can do very good photography work. But it’s tough…

It feels like I’ve been working a lot for less pay… Because I’ve been working on trying to be more independent…

So it feels like I’ve been working for free.

Like with this blog.

That’s not even work. Yet it feels like I accomplished something. Except no money.


Fucking money.

I have a few missions ahead.

And a new cover comes out next week that I worked my ass off on.

And my TJ map is there.


Blogging as therapy also helps!

I still really recommend my therapist, except I don’t want to recommend her because she’s already REALLY busy and I barely even get to see her.

So I recommend her.

But I’m not giving you her name or contact info.

Also, hi Dra. Alicia if you are reading this!

So I guess you know her name now…

This post needs a picture.

I just ate two of the super fancy chocolates. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I usually don’t either. Or check the previous blog. I mentioned the chocolates there… I think…

I took pictures before I ate em.

Because they are some of the fanciest chocolates I’ve ever had.

My aunt used to own a chocolate store in Guadalajara back in the day. So much good fancy expensive chocolate.

Macro photo because I’m still enjoying playing with them rings though I’m not doing that great of a job compared to my tocayo.

The chocolates are very good (well, I’ve only had 2 so far). But they are not $5.25 (each) good. Yes. The box of 4 is $21.

My other tocayo just hit me up that he is in TJ. I’m going to join him for a beer after this.

So I should go out soon. Should take my camera. Though my legs still hurt and I’m still limping.


And finally.


I matched with a chick.

She called me sexy.

I don’t normally get sexy. Cute perhaps. Or something.

But sexy… Nah. I might see her tonight. But probably not… I have a thing to attend too so I can finish another thing that I haven’t been doing because I do a lot and at the same time do nothing at all and complain about life and whatnot.

It’s going well with her through text.

But the border has been killing me and she lives far up north.

Stay tuned kids.


Not really.



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