Talking Nerdy Music with Bobby at Mamut – Photo Gig Today with Chad – The End of the Blogging Year is Near

I saw Bobby again yesterday.

We talked about music and other nerdy things.

It reminded me how disconnected I’ve been from the scene.

Luis. The guy from Los Yepa Yepa walked by. I always see him carrying instruments. On their way to rehearse.

Young spirit with a young band having fun.

I miss it.

Not being young. Just jamming with friends. I miss it a lot.

My favorite song by Tera Melos came up on shuffle.

The tapping break on the 00:17 second cemented my love for math rock more than a decade ago and since then math rock has been what I listen too.

And yep yep yep.

Pretentious jazz and classical guitar because is the shit that I like.

I want to play jazz.

I want to play more classical guitar. I’ve been playing and holy fucking hell… It’s hard as fuck! Especially when it’s cold. But songs have slowly coming back to me. The more I play them, the more I remember.

I need to set practice hours so I can do it daily and remember more. And actually take the sheet music out. My music reading skills are probably shit now.

Lead sheets.

Lead sheets work.

And speaking of music…

I have photo gig today! That is about music!

A story about jam sessions to run at some point early next year and they need the pictures by next week. Taking care of it all tonight. Emailed people. Talked to people. Got a picture from a saxophone player who will not be playing live (and his pictures were already amazing). I sort of still want to meet him. Maybe I did.

He played in the Charles Mingus Big Band.

I had a master class with them in college.


Who would’ve guessed I would see Mingus again. I mean… listen.

And I did yesterday. I like playing Mingus at Nelson Bar.

It’s the time of the year people start posting their top 10 music of the year.

I’m going to that soon. Before the blog ends. But I need time to prepare.

I haven’t heard much new stuff this year.

Tera Melos indeed has a new album.

And the only band I remember seeing live was Delta Sleep.

I believe I mentioned both in the past. And they will probably be mentioned again.

Oh no…

I think I hit that age.

I don’t listen to new music anymore. I’m not discovering anything. I can’t remember any new bands. Or going to shows…

Oh fuck…

Bobby and I drank pints at Mamut. Their beers are more than decent now and in Pasaje, they are only 40 pesos… which is a ridiculous steal. I’ll go back every day if I have too.

And they also owe me ten beers… I should claim those.

Bobby was planning to go to the premiere of Star Wars.

That’s something I need to do as well. And yes. Need to.

I’m not huge on Star Wars, but I enjoy it. So at some point… I’ll go to Cinepolis VIP and watch it. But with who?

Who knows.

Last year was with Chad and his girlfriend.



Bacon and eggs.

Then work.

And work out.

I still haven’t written dick for the cover story I have in mind. But I’m getting there. I think I know what to do. I’m building it in my mind. Let’s hope it actually works out.

Back from breakfast and stupid shit. Already noon. I leave my apartment at around 6 pm to go do the photo shoot. Meet with Chad. See some live bands. Pictures pictures pictures.

I’ll be back home in Tijuana around 11 pm or so.

Let’s see what happens.




And what not.

I still like that gig a lot, but need more. Student loans are on my ass again (I didn’t fix it). It would be nice to pay them. $200+ a month to get rid of those fuckers. If only I could afford them.

And I could.

Regular job + Tijuana cheat code living, and I could afford it.

Or you know… more gigs. Higher paying gigs.

Yesterday wasn’t much.

Didn’t work like always. Just analyzed the empty pages.

Got hungry. Played some guitar.

I was supposed to go out with a girl and she canceled on me (that’s fine). So I went out for a burger to Indie Burgers. Not even 6:00 pm and they were already closed.

Food plans ruined.

I got tacos de lengua instead because I’m a bit broke and I should be saving money.

Then Mamut where I saw Bobby. A chubby couple was making out heavily on our same table. Dude was grabbing full titty. They needed a room. They just kept making out while Bobby and I talked nerdy.

Then Nelson.


To continue watching Lord of the Rings.

Fell asleep when they were leaving Rivendell.

Today I’ll whip an article out of my ass. One that I pitched forever ago. One that I had a draft for months. It finally hit me in how I want to do it.

So I’ll do that.

Finish it by 5 pm.

And I should be getting to cross the border by then.

Friday I have nothing. Work on the cover story in my mind.

Saturday. Same.

Rebound girl wants to come over for one last time before she leaves for vacation and maybe won’t see her again.


And decisions need to be made.

My mom will be my roommate by the end of this year. And I really need to figure out what to do for 2018. This was a great exercise. I know I will miss it. But at the same time, I’ll be happy to stop writing 1,000 words of nothing daily.

Just 50 more to go on this post!

And I guess like 6,000+ words to be done with it.

Word vomited for a total of over 300,000 words about nothing and everything. Relationships and life. What an odyssey. ODDyssey.

Oh fuck.

This post needs a picture.

Tijuana Te Sorprende shared my picture of tacos and finally gave me the right credit. Over 900 likes for an iPhone picture of tacos. The Tijuana Adventure Instagram grows by itself. People tag me and message me believing I’m some sort of corporation… I’ve gotten messages asking for a job.

Dudes. I can barely make any money for myself. What makes you think I can pay you?!

But I have hopes for Tijuana Adventure becoming something more and bigger than before. If you like my food posts or whenever I talk about new food/drinks/beer places in Tijuana, I plan to keep on doing that over in the TJ Adventure blog still in a word vomity fashion.

I mean… one of the reasons I have to stop blogging here is because I’m 97% full of memory space and I don’t want to pay for any more!

There’s like 6 to 10 more posts to do.


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