Beer Beer Beer and NFL – Video Games Like a Little Kid – A Good Roommate to Have

It’s NFL Sunday.

I’m an idiot and I’ve been waiting for this.

Again, I’m last in my Fantasy league. And this round is no different. I’m going to lose the week. At least it seems like I won’t be the worst one of them all.

It still does me no good.

I had messages from my friends at 4 am talking about the football games. I woke up at 9 am and went directly to the TV.

That’s all I’ve been doing. That’s all I want to do.

I’m probably going to go to Nelson just to get out of the apartment later.

The fridge is full of beer.

It looks like this:

And to quote the new roommate.

“You’ll be doing me a favor if you drink them. I’m supposed to be on a diet.”

So yep.

That’s a good roommate to have.

Yesterday was supposedly going to be his first night here. He came early in the afternoon with two six packs of regular beer (Barrilitos and Superior). He also brought two out of his three kids with him.

Problems with the ex-wife I suppose.

The kids went directly to the Wii U in my living room.

The new roommate went to buy shrimp cocktails and we drank some beers.

Then I played Super Smash Bros with the younglings for a while. It was fun. Them two against me. I won.

But then them two plus a level 8 computer. I couldn’t do anything. They won.

I let the kids play Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze after.

I can’t wait for my nephew to be of video game age capacity. I mean, he could definitely start now. I started when I was like 2 years-old. But I’m sure my brother and sister-in-law won’t think it’s a good idea.

I could start him with easy kid games on the regular Wii. Or anything that is superhero-related will have him captivated.

He needs to at least be 10+ so we can play Street Fighter or Marvel Vs Capcom crap. That’s a few years from now. I’ll be like 38 and like a little kid playing video games with my nephew.

Always a kid.

After video games with the younglings and some beers with the new roommate, we headed out to BCB for a special charity event. Buy beers and shirts and all proceeds went to Sarah, the daughter of one of the brewers who is sick (I believe with cancer).

So it was a good chance to try new beers and see brewers all collected in one room.

Like I said before, my new roommate is all about beer and he knows more brewers than I do.

He ordered pizza, mac and cheese, and hot wings for the kids and us.

And obviously, the kids weren’t eating it all. So I started eating a lot. I could have finished everything by myself. But after overeating, I get really tired. Especially while drinking craft beer.

By 7 pm I was pooped out and wanted to go home. But I decided to stay there for a while. Why not.

The shirts were selling. The place was getting full. Some brewers I knew were there. Beers were only 50 pesos. And hey. It was all for a good cause.

I got a bit bored. BCB is not my favorite. Though this time the beers were cheap, the scene is just not my thing. Somewhat pretentious. That whole area is a bit like that.

Not the brewers. The brewers are cool as fuck. I meant the people that go out in that area…

People love to take selfies in the bathroom of that bar.

Sort of like this.


My pants were down for that picture. I thought it would be hilarious to make fun of that selfie.

But I cropped it out. Edited the fuck out of it. And apply drama effects. Because I don’t have the balls.

Oh yeah. I was wearing my fancy coat.

I should not overuse it. But it’s so comfy. Compared to my simple black hoodie. I need a new hoodie. My old hoodies were thrown out…

At least I have a new shirt.

The kids were bored as well. I played classic Sonic on one of the kid’s cellphone. He had an X-Box controller plugged into the phone to play classic games. It reminded me of myself at that age.

Like the time I played F-Zero 64 in Mazamitla, Jalisco.

It was Christmas of ’97 and all I cared about was playing video games. I took my fucking N64 to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

To my dismay, there was no TV in the cabin. No 64 for me.

And Santa Claus came through (though obviously, I didn’t believe at that age). I got F-Zero 64 for Christmas.

I was desperate to play.

One of my cousins had a new boyfriend (or someone in the place) had a video camera. We figured out that we could plug in the 64 into the video camera.

And I played F-Zero for Christmas. On a tiny fucking camera screen.

I didn’t play that much. Neither that Christmas or last night. It’s hard to video game on a tiny screen and not comfy on the couch.

I sort of want to go play video games with Brozo now….

I tried around six beers. #2 was my favorite. They were all nameless, but it was pale ale by some brewer that I don’t remember his name. Didn’t meet him. Not sure if he has a brand.

The rest of the beers were okay. And very reasonable for 50 pesos.

After BCB, Joshua had to cross back the border and back to his other home. He dropped me off at the apartment.

And dropped off the beer as well.

I warned him that there is no guarantee the beers will stay…

And that’s when he said I can drink them.

That’s a good roommate to have.

It makes me feel sort of guilty. Because I’m just renting out an empty space. A glorified warehouse. But hey. If he is fine with it. So am I.

He left the beers and he also left the shirts.

These are the shirts:

I guess I could help him outselling them.

If anyone wants any, they are going for 250 pesos (or $15 USD). Sizes are L to up.

I should have chosen the doggie shirt. I didn’t. I chose the cream one.

It’s super comfy. And I like it a lot. I might buy another couple for myself.

Back to NFL.

And maybe I’ll try a beer soon. I’ve been craving the Sea Señor.

And more NFL.

And ready for a week with Thanksgiving in the middle so it might be a weird one.

Will figure it out. I finished my work. Have to finish some other. I shall be fine.



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