Monterrey Girls Tour Tijuana – Oaxaca Shakes and the World Worlds – Character Stories and Work (Getting Published)

It’s weird to word vomit with guests in the house. More because they aren’t my guests, but my girlfriend’s. I don’t have the trust/confidence I usually do. And I can’t coffee coffee coffee workout.

And it’s really early.

Well… 9 am now.

I woke up to an email canceling the one gig I had to do today.

I got nothing now. I guess try to be a good host till my girlfriend gets off work. She’s going to be tired.

I got published yesterday.

Here’s the article. Or click the picture.

I sent five pictures. They used this one above.

The editor did some editing. Made me realize my mistakes and how much editing I truly need.

And yesterday, I sent him a query, then decided to write an article and send it to him. Poor dude. He must be swamped. He didn’t even tell me he was going to publish this one or anything. He usually either tells me he will publish the next day or after publishing sends me a reminder.


This time no reply.

He is probably getting a million emails.

And getting articles by a dude that can’t grammar must be frustrating.

They like my writing though.

People in general.

And I have another character story brewing. I already did all the legwork. This time, I even did a video. But this one has a lot of information. So I’m probably going long. Let’s see what happens.

Now that I got canceled on, I’ll work on it if I have time and inspiration.

I also have to be a host.

But chyeaaah. I’ll figure it out.

About Miguel Ángel. The guy in the wheelchair. One thing was left out because I didn’t know how to add it to the story because it was not really relevant. But I’ve given the guy a few beers when coming back with a six pack of craft beer. It would have been just a humble brag to add that…


They are gone (the guests).

I took them to eat tacos de camarón enchilado like I do with all my guests. They really liked them! Who doesn’t!?

If you follow me, you know what tacos I’m tacoing about.

If you don’t follow me. Well. You are in for some taco porn.

I’m still in coffee mode.

Coffee coffee coffee.

I got one of those to go. So it’s sitting happily in my kitchen until I feel like eating it.

The girls are on their way to the border and then to go shopping just across the wall.

I just realized I have no way to communicate with them except via my girlfriend. I should add them on Whatsapp or Facebook…

There’s no border wait. They should be fine.

And now that they are gone, I can do some workout!

Coffee coffee coffee.


Got distracted with Reddit, the shrimp taco, and the Colbert Report. It’s nice to hear Bernie Sanders speak. World is a bit crazy right now. We might all die soon.

When were you when the earthquake happened?

Baja obviously didn’t feel anything.

I was at a gay strip club when I was barely finding out what happened.


The girls arrived around 6 pm. Earlier than they were supposed too. My girlfriend is excited to have friends over (though one is a stranger). This is their last vacation for those girls in a while. Tijuana. And some shopping in San Diego. Vacation = an extra day off a week. Damn.

We walked them through downtown Tijuana. The usual walk. I suggested Plaza Fiesta, girlfriend was against it. We ended up in Cine Tonalá. Despite being burgered out from all the burgers I ate two weeks ago… I ordered the burger.

It was the best burger I had in Tijuana and it’s one of their best things on the menu and it’s not that expensive like other things!

Girlfriend got the portobello burger but didn’t eat the bread… she just wanted the portobello.

Guests got the marlin burrito and the beet and goat cheese salad.


Cine Tonalá did well.

Norte for more beers after that and because it is the usual stop.

One beer and gone.

There was talk about going back. There was talk about one more beer in Zona Norte.

I took them to Zacas. It was strangely quiet in there. One beer and walk around Zona Norte. They wanted to go into Hong Kong… but I don’t want to be in Hong Kong with my girlfriend and two other girls. So I refused. And most likely the bar wouldn’t want three curious girls. They want people to spend money. They would have just look at it for a second and leave.

And I really don’t like going into Hong Kong. I’ve been burnt out. I only go if I’m making money. And even then, I want to bounce quickly.

So instead of Hong Kong…. we went to the gay and transsexual strip club named Hawaii.

I’ve only been there once with my roommate and it was something to experience.

Girls said one more beer before we go, and I wanted to show something different instead of another cantina where I usually take my girlfriend. They liked it.

As soon as we got in, there was a drag imitator show. No idea who she was imitating. And then a male stripper in military uniform (which he obviously took off… completely).  Yeah….. The girls were making fun of him because he wasn’t getting any tips. I sort of wanted to force one of them to tip the dude, but I didn’t have a dollar with me. I could have thrown 20 pesos. Didn’t think of it.

This is where I heard that there was an earthquake. But I shrugged it off. As if nothing major had happened.

One more beer.

Last drag queen imitator of Jenni Rivera.

Beer done. Walked home. Not even midnight. Girlfriend went immediately to bed because work early morning. Didn’t even noticed her when she left in the morning…


I went online and started reading all about the earthquake and checking on friends who lived near the epicenter… How could I sleep after that?!

In an odd turn of events… An ex-girlfriend from over four years ago who I had deleted from Facebook and social media…. turns out is taking refuge with my friends in Oaxaca…

I found out through her that everyone is fine. But yeah. The devastation is real.

The Reddit thread for the earthquake had a comment with this twitter video:

I translated it because I felt people of Reddit needed to know what he was saying. This is my transcription/translation.


Verga guey esta temblando.

A la madre esta temblando bien fuerte guey.

Su puta madre. Su puta madre gue.


A la verga




Guey ya tardo un chingo gue.

Eh ya paso. VERGA yapaso ya paso.

Madres guey.


Estan bien?

Translation approx.

Shit dude it’s shaking (earthquake).

Fuck dude it’s shaking really hard dude.

Fuck shit. Fuck shit dude.

Shiiiit (cock)

OHHH Shitttt (oh cock)

whatfart?ohshit OH SHIT!!!!

Dude, it already took too fucking long dude.

Hey, it’s over. SHIT it’sover it’s over.

Fuck dude.


Everyone okay?

And I’ve been talking about Oaxaca for months.

I feel extremely selfish when I think “fuck, my Airbnb might be gone.”

But now who knows what will happen. I still don’t know the gravity of the situation in Huatulco or Mazunte, but cities in the vicinity got fucked. Mexico City shook hard but from what I gather in the news, not much happened. Just scared the fuck out of everyone.

And now I feel extremely selfish thinking “when us?”

When California?!

Aren’t we more prone to disaster?

One little quake in Tijuana would devastate this city.

Then what?!

I don’t even know where I’m going to be living soon….

2017 is reaching its conclusion. It’s been a disastrous year for the world.

What will 2018 bring?

The world keeps on worlding.

I keep word vomiting.



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