Word Vomit and Drama on the Trolley – Feeding Brozo a Burger and Receiving Bryan – Got Invited to a Reddit Secret Party

No time to word vomit this morning. It’s 9:35 am and I’m sitting on the trolley. Going to be late for a photo shoot with a CEO of some bail bonds for a story that runs next week.

I’m just going to be a couple minutes late.

I’ve been eavesdropping a guy trying to hit on a woman. I typed the conversation as best as I could on Facebook.

“Cada sábado voy a las Pulgas a bailar, el sábado pasado llegaron 3 4 chavas. Mujeres. Y me dicen todas que soy bien coqueto. Y yo por qué? Pero por mi sonrisa. Y ahora estoy chateando con una de ellas y me manda la carita con sonrisa por mensaje. Y videos.”

– short old dude with a bike and decked out with bike gear on the trolley talking to an old lady after telling her a story about he almost beat someone up but he didn’t because he is nice.

“No es por nada, pero todas las veces que me he peleado he ganado.”

He said it twice. And now he is giving out his Facebook.

Not sure why I decided to type all this crap.


Or maybe because I didn’t have time to word vomit this morning.

Update: found the video of him fighting!

His game seems to be working. He just got a friend request. I tried looking him up just to see his social media. But I didn’t understand what he said to look him up. I heard “Pueyo Gatita,” which sounds weird. No results.
Damn. He just left. He was entertaining.

Palm Avenue. I still have like 20 more stops to go. I’ll be 15 minutes late.


The editor told me to re-write two burger entries. It must be the puritan definition of a burger, because he called the octopus burger and the pulled pork “sandwiches.” He is right. Editors are always right (I suppose).
But when I pitched the burgers I was going to write about, I specifically said octopus. And I also said portobello. He didn’t stop me then.

At least I didn’t write about the portobello.

So I went to research the meat burger instead of the octopus in La Justina. It was good, but octopus was better and way more interesting.

And today I’m going to take pictures of the CEO then grab a breakfast burger from a place I like and I need pictures. And after that, probably more burgers!

I met my girlfriend at La Justina at 4. She didn’t get food there, just a beer. And ate the avocado from my burger. She wanted that pizza that she always wants. The pizza joint was closed though they were supposed to be open. They probably closed because they are gentrifying the street some more.








Money laundering.

Call it what you will. They are changing Calle Sexta to look like the rest of the changes in Tijuana. Exposed brick and wood finishings. Industrial city touch. Looks like Denver 2007.

What they are doing:

What it’s supposed to look like:

She was disappointed with no pizza. Plan B, gorditas and Mamut beer.

Great. Mamut went from 40 pesos to 50 pesos in its original location.

Beer still pretty fucking good. But 40 pesos made it better.

I met an old gringo there named Randy. He told me he has been visiting Tijuana since 1967. We talked about changes and craft beer. He was hunting for great IPAs, so I obviously had a bunch to say.

Two beers. Gorditas. And back home.

Pretty standard day. I edited pics. She went to buy some beers. By 8 pm she was asleep and I had plans to write.

I didn’t.

I just played more PES. Hey!

Hey! The season is over. I got second place in Liga BBVA, first place in UEFA, and won the Spanish Super Cup. I also recently hire Romeyda, which is the fake Ronaldo.

My forwards are Totti, Owen, and Ronaldo. My #10 is Lon Barron, aka, Roberto Baggio. Buffon is my keeper.
Great fucking team. And is supposedly Rayo Vallecano.

Fun game.

At least I did do some writing.

The intro to my character story. It’s more of a location story as well. First 300 words done. Interview, transcript, and pictures done. It just needs to unfold and send.

And then more queries.

More work.

Oaxaca soon!

I forgot. Before my girlfriend passed out, we decided on the Airbnb in Oaxaca and confirmed it. A nice cabin by the beach for $17 a night.

YES! $17 a night for a small cabin for two on the beach. It looks nice. It has great reviews. And as soon as I booked it, I got a message from the host confirming and letting us know he will be waiting.
I already want to pack my bags….

OH SHIT. Some trolley drama is unfolding. Trolley drama is a must whenever you ride it.
Drama is way on the other side of the trolley. Didn’t know what it was about. Some chick just started yelling at the dude behind her.

They calmed down.

Pacific Fleet. 9:53 am.

I’m almost out of coffee.

I’m almost to the gig.

I’ll be home in Tijuana before my girlfriend gets off work… most likely.

Then I should do some more work. I always need to do more work.

12th and Imperial. 10:01 am. Already one minute late. Just a few more stops to go.

I ran out of coffee just meow.

A coffee Baristi that crossed the border.

I saw Yesenia by the border.

There was a lot of border line. SENTRI life is the only way.

I forgot to post the picture in Como Está la Línea. Should do that now.


Almost to my stop.

Three trashy white homeless women came on the trolley. One is wearing a summer dress and sits with her legs spread. It’s fucking gross. I can see her panties, and not because I want to.

Almost to my stop.

Almost job done.

And… gig done.

Told you it would only be a minute. Pictures of the CEO complete. Now I wait for this burger joint to open so I can have a burger for breakfast. And then back to the border.

And then work out? I haven’t. I didn’t even shower.


And the first thing I did was shower (it’s so hot out and I was all sweaty).

I had that breakfast burger and it was great. Paid $8.

And there was another burger joint that I didn’t plan to go, but was nearby. I said fuck it and asked for the manager. BAM! Took care of that as well.


I wasn’t hungry at all for the second burger, and I told Brozo if I had a chance I was going to bring him one this week. So I went to Brozo’s place to give him some brunch, talk life, video games, work, etc.

We played Undertale for a while.

Interesting game.

I sort of want to buy it.

It’s a bit slow, but it looks fun and short.

It was really funny. And the music is real fucking good. Battle system is unique.

All the reviews praise the game.

I should probably get it.

And yep. Home.

Girlfriend is on her phone. I bought a six pack of Arrogant Bastard 16oz cans from Duty Free ($9). I gave one of the cans to the man with one leg that hangs out on the bridge of doom. He seemed excited about it. I wonder if he liked it. That beer is tough to drink if you don’t like hops.

This post needs a featured picture.

A good one.

A picture of Bisho yesterday.

But that’s already posted on my Instagram.

I wish I could post burger porn.

That will have to wait.


And I got a message from a Reddit Admin.

I’m invited to a secret Reddit party!


Of course, I can’t share details of that either….

Here’s a different picture of Bisho.

Which reminds me… I need to clean his ears.

Fucker knows now when I’m supposed to give his meds and he makes it so much more difficult :(

He is looking good though. So I’m hoping he will be fine after the week ends.


And Bryan is coming to Tijuana for the weekend. Fucker gets here around midnight and he is coming straight to my apartment…

Should be a fun weekend.

And I should get some more work done…


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