Working on Burger Research and Pictures – Random Hang Out at Mamut with Andy and Carlos – Random Late Hang Out with The Neighbors Video Games and Beer

Oh man!

I’m suffering a case of writer’s block!


Writing about writer’s block is supposed to help….


For starters, I don’t even want to do the word vomit. It’s already 1:10 pm and I have wasted my morning avoiding the word vomit.

I went on Reddit for hours, then played PES for a couple more hours. And yep. Drank coffee and did my workout during that instead of during the word vomit.

Now I word vomit with meh coffee and I am still working out. More than usual.

Coffee coffee coffee. Workout.

My girlfriend went to work real early because that’s what happens on Saturdays. So she’s off work already and on her way home. I’m defrosting the tuna because she wants to cook the tuna my brother gave me. Apparently, my brother’s boss likes to fish so he is always getting free fish.

I’m excited.

I haven’t had breakfast and I’m very hungry and fresh tuna sounds delicious.

Let’s see what happens.

Let’s see what it is.

I’m supposed to be writing about burgers. After taking so many pictures of burgers, I have to write about it now. I have done nothing. I tried starting, but nothing came to be. I know I’ll get it done. But the deadline is coming soon.

Yesterday, I also tried writing that character story. Nothing came. It might be that there isn’t enough in there.

The other character story is going to get long and maybe a feature. Shitty that I didn’t pitch any of these… and the ones I pitch, I don’t do.

I’ll do them.

At least the pictures with the deadlines are done. I’m just missing my burger text contribution and more pictures. Just a couple more. Both in downtown San Diego. MORE BURGERS!


Coffee coffee coffee.

Yesterday was great. Despite not being able to write.

After I gave up on the piece… I went to do some burger research.

My girlfriend got the octopus burger in La Justina before and I remembered we both liked it. So I went to check it out and to get better pictures of it.

Pictures are for the Reader. So I’ll post them later…

But yes.

The burger was delicious.

The fries were also really great.

The sauce that accompanies it… not that much. It’s like a sweeter ketchup with chiles (that have no spice). It’s like ketchup jam.


It did work. While word vomit I actually got inspired to complete three sentences!

I described the burger in an easy and understandable manner.

Great job me!

Now I only need three more sentences for a small intro about the place.

And then write the other four places.

AHH the pictures look great and I made myself hungrier.

After eating the octopus burger and fries….


I just remembered the fries and there might be another sentence in there worth mentioning. But these articles need to be really short and simple.

Which many times is way harder than writing a lot…

And I accompanied the burger and fries with a Pacifico michelada mixed with mango and coconut that tasted like Boing fruit juice.

Girlfriend drank Astillero IPA by Agua Mala that supposedly has over 120+ IBUs. It’s damn good.

So fucking hungry.

After that, we stopped by Mamut because the brewer owed me some beers.

He gave me 10 cards for an 8 oz beer each.


I spent more than half the cards.

The rye IPA and the pale ale are both in really good at Mamut.

The new brew in collaboration with the other brews… I didn’t like so much. A double IPA with lactose. I tried the flavor ones (peach and coconut) and I could barely drink them.

Rye IPA and pale ale for sure. Those are standard, delicious, and cheap as fuck (in this case, free in exchange for pictures).

That’s the new beer.

Picture from the shoot like a week ago.

I still have a couple of more free beers to claim.

And beer in Mamut is so cheap, that it doesn’t matter.

Oh. And I am also writing about the burgers there.

So I need to go get a burger….

While at Mamut… I defeated a Blastoise with two different other Pokemon Go players!

HOW EXCITING! I defeated my second Pokemon boss (and the first real hard one).

Girlfriend just got home.

She texted me to open the door for her and I ran down the stairs without my phone.

Just got back to my room and I have so many other texts from her complaining that I’m not answering…

And she’s complaining that my keyboard is not clean enough though I just cleaned it recently… SIGH!

EMAIL! keeps sending me emails about jobs.

There was one about Chief of Photography. That would be cool. But it mostly sends me jobs that aren’t for me.

And it’s not the right timing.

I’m busy with freelance stuff right now!

I don’t need a job right now, I need to finish the gigs I have on the whiteboard!

Then a full time job would be nice.

While drinking at Mamut, my friend Carlos hit me up that he was in downtown and had time to waste before his job at the karaoke bar. I told him to come join us.

Look at this picture of him looking all serious while smoking a cigarette during magic hour.

I should take my girlfriend to that karaoke bar… After all, we are friends with the DJ.

It was magic hour. I had my camera. I took pictures of Carlos and of my girlfriend separately. My girlfriend didn’t like any of her pics.

And while I was hanging out with Carlos and my girlfriend, Andy hit me up that he was on his way to Tijuana. His girlfriend had some medical issues and he needed to stop by the pharmacy. A guy that was drinking by himself nearby joined us for no reason but to be chatty. He was cool. So it was suddenly a small party at Mamut.

Andy got some buffalo chicken wings and bought a round of beers. He also showed off his new Sony camera with a couple of lenses. “I ran out of things to buy, so I just decided to buy a new camera,” that was one of the first things he said. Yep. Andy is a show-off. But a real nice one. So it’s always a pleasure to see him.

It was a very nice camera. I need a mirrorless. They are so fucking practical and they take amazing pictures if you don’t have to do events or more serious stuff.

The small party disbanded early after a few beers.

Once at home, the girlfriend went immediately to bed. Not even 9 pm.

I started playing PES.

My neighbor, not David, he is gone. The other neighbor, the bass player for San Pedro el Cortez. He. He hit me up to grab some beers. He joined me and we played some video games while drinking beers. Street Fighter and UMvC3.

Then his roommate, Carolina, the beer knowledge master joined us and drank more beers. And played some old school video games. Some Mario Kart. Some Mortal Kombat.

That went on for a while. Till almost 2 am. My girlfriend wakes up on Saturdays at 4 am to go to work…

I went to bed, she was getting up. She Ubered to work and now she’s here. Cooking some tuna and vegetables.

And because I was SUPER fucking hungry. She made me two soy vegan tacos that were fucking delicious. Not sure if it was the hunger or that they are really good. They tasted between marlin and beef, like marlin mouthfeel with somewhat of a beef taste. Two small complaints. The tortilla again. And that it was extremely juicy.

Damn. I’m a bitch.

Them tacos were delicious and I still complain.

Now she’s making some sort of salsa.

And the tuna and veggies will come later.

And she leaves tomorrow early to a Temazcal.

We have no plans for today or tonight. Just some cleaning. I don’t have plans for tomorrow.

I have shit to finish. So I’ll be trying to do some work. I’m going to go get another burger for research later today.

And Gallos plays at 7 pm against Chivas. That’s the plan.

A friend just invited me to play DnD in San Diego on Wednesday nights. I haven’t played since over a decade ago. I want to check it out. I really want to do it. But all I can think of is the painful trolley ride back.

I need a car.

That’s definitely a top priority goal for the beginning of 2018.


Before hitting publish here, done with another burger entry. Word vomit does help with writer’s block!


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