Pot Brownies and Vodka Pasta – Jurassic World Movie Review – Celebrity Throwback: Bryce Dallas Howard

Monday, the middle of August and two-thirds done with the year.

I wake up a little bit depressed and not sure why. It is probably my lack of productivity and the lack of desire to do anything about it.

I was supposed to work on the weekend and I forgot about it. Didn’t get the interview I wanted. Didn’t get pictures I wanted. Didn’t do much of anything.

The whole week.

Except for the Tijuana Adventure that paid for 3/4 my rent.

That’s not nearly enough.

Back to Indeed.com

Jobs aren’t as plentiful as it seemed the first time I went in there.

I created a Patreon account.

I’m not sure if it’s the right choice for me. It has spaces for tailored products. I don’t have that. My spontaneous photo classes or explanations. But it’s mostly word vomit. Unsure if Patreon is fit for me. I still have to do a lot in that account to make it look real.

My girlfriend just emailed me.

A little love note.

Her schedule changed this week.

She gets in a little bit later, which is way better. Then halfway through, the same schedule as before. And on Saturdays, extra early.

I need to get to work. I have to make a bunch of phone calls later today to arrange photo shoots at several burger places.

That is going to be a fun gig.

And then I have all the time in the world to get inspired and actually do the work that is on my whiteboard. Which is not much. Just ideas that haven’t materialized.

And a lot of food articles that are in the back of my mind and I’m just waiting for the right moment to get it going.

Coffee Coffee Coffee.


Celebrity Throwback Monday.

I was going to choose Bryce Dallas Howard because we watched Jurassic World yesterday, but apparently, I never shot her. I confused her with Rachel Evan Wood. I’ll plug in my hard drive soon and look her up. But it doesn’t seem promising.

Jurassic World.


From the moment the classic music of Jurassic Park started playing, I got goosebumps. Jurassic Park was one of my favorite childhood movies.

First movie I saw in the theater twice.

Or was that Jumanji?

I think it was Jumanji.

The point is, Jurassic Park was fucking awesome. So my expectations for Jurassic World were that it was going to disappoint me.

It didn’t.

It’s a pretty good fucking movie.

Take away some of the cheesy lines and the super obvious product placement that made me think the movie had commercials in the middle, and it’s a fantastic movie.

The dinosaurs are awesome. The story about how they are stronger is good. The explanation of how they are fabricated thus not natural and have never really existed is powerful.

From little clickbaity articles I sometimes read, apparently, dinosaurs might have looked different. I’ve read that T-Rex was never carnivorous. And that many used to have feathers. So who the fuck knows? The movie explains that they don’t and that they created monsters.

It’s obviously packed with tons of action.

The kid acting was better in the original. The adult acting was overall great.

Bryce Dallas Howard looks great when she has gone through some shit. Similar to that episode of Black Mirror. But damn girl!!! Look at you run with them heels on like it’s nothing. Fucking take the heels off and get some running shoes! Seriously… you outran a fucking T-Rex with them heels?!

Oh yeah.

The final fight was really stupid as in it’s just way too incredible. But I guess the only way to resolve the complex situation.

Oh yeah.

A shit ton of people get attacked and killed by dinosaurs. Way more than before.

It’s worth it.

Go watch it if you haven’t.

It’s at the very least highly entertaining.

And at the very most, a great done rendition of a ‘member movie from the 90s that surpassed my expectations. I mean fuck… I would watch it again!

And that’s a high rating for me.

Coffee Coffee Coffee (on the 3rd cup).





Phone calls. Emails. Work?

Here’s something I rarely talk about publicly on my blog.


I attempted to make some pot brownies. My girlfriend doesn’t smoke, but if it’s in edible form, she will give it a try.

The double boiler with coconut oil and plenty of pot was on for more than 6 hours. We didn’t go bowling just so we could be home and check on that.

My girlfriend made some delicious fucking pasta.

I failed at making pot brownies.

The pasta was made with goat cheese, tomatoes, basil from the balcony, oregano, garlic, onions, and way more stuff. There is a ton of sauce leftover. It’s very Vodka like. As in Vodka sauce, not the drink.

Oh. Apparently, Vodka pasta does involve the sauce and the sauce.

I’m going to have some more of that pasta for lunch. Well… make my own pasta and add that sauce. Now that I read Vodka sauce has actual vodka, I sort of want to buy some to add it. But it already tastes great.

The pot brownies…

Well.. they are super gooey and they don’t taste very strong. I had a few to no effect. My girlfriend decided against having any because they were really sweet and they didn’t do much.

Here’s the thing.

They did.

It just took almost three full hours for them to kick in.

My girlfriend was already asleep when they started acting on me.

Again, not strong at all, but it was more of a cerebral introverted high.

That’s what made me depressed.

The news in the United States of the shit that is going on. And how shit Mexico is as a country and how Tijuana is again murder capital of the world.

A robber tried to break-in the apartments. I didn’t hear him. The upstairs neighbors informed the neighbor Facebook chat group of the incident. Apparently, someone tried to break-in the empty apartment that was left behind a month ago.

Crime is rampant in Mexico and it goes unchecked.

Racism is rampant in the United States and the president doesn’t condemn it.

Way to go 2017!

All of this scares me…

I tried going to bed at around 1:00 am and dark thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind. I started to get worried and anxious about everything. About living here. About YOLOing and choosing Tijuana and the border life. The world is big. Life is short.

What if my life ended tomorrow?

I pretend that it wouldn’t matter, but it would suck. I mean, I would already be dead, so fuck it. But… what a waste.

I’ll go back to wasting it.

And playing Mario 64. Reliving my childhood.

There’s not much to it.

Alright. Let’s find a celebrity throwback Monday shit and get the week started.



I do have Bryce Dallas Howard and from the pictures, it seems like she was really nice. I am sure I had no idea who she was back then. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t even that famous, just the daughter of Ron Howard.


I got pictures to edit.

Not that many.

Only one folder.

August 7, 2009. So holy shit… 8 years ago.


Time does fucking fly.

That day I also shot Chris Hemsworth, Kellan Lutz, Megan Fox with Brian Austin Green, Morris Chestnut, Ryan Phillippe, and Taylor Lautner.

The pics are better than I expected. It’s a weird shoot and I’m in one of the pictures. So I was definitely working with someone but I have no idea who. Also, the files have my name in how I used to shoot, so some are definitely mine. I chose the ones that had my file name.

A lot of great pictures for only seeing her that one time.

Bryce Dallas Howard at LAX, August 7, 2009.

She was all smiles.

Horizontal shots.

And more smiles.

And smiling down the escalator, the reflection is cool.

And somehow, below her in the escalator.

This actually makes sense and I know how I did this.

She was on the third floor, then to go all the way to arrivals level, there is yet another escalator and I could have easily get in front of her.

Waiting for her taxi.

Smiling more and more.

More great horizontal shots.

And more smiles.

Bye Bryce Dallas Howard!

I really don’t remember that night. But you were great in Jurassic World and especially great in that Black Mirror episode!

Word vomit complete.

No more coffee.

Workout. Shower. Breakfast.

Get to work.

For serious this time.



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