Mazunte in 2 Months, Girlfriend’s Birthday Soon, Weekend Now – Boring Post and Random Visitor Spike – Lethargic and Fighting It

My blog spiked with viewers yesterday.

Actually, a single viewer.

Well, more like 25 visitors and 156 clicks.

One of those visitors read through a lot of my crap.

And this morning it’s been 14 visitors and 47 views. Who is reading this crap?

I’m not inspired at all.

I was tired all of yesterday I’m not sure why. I even took a two-hour nap in the middle of the day of doing nothing.

When things don’t happen like I want, I get stuck. But I still have to finish this article today. In a little bit preferably.


Just opened the document to see how much I’ve written so far.

Only one word.


That means I supposedly know what I’m supposed to do and get the story done.

I’ll word vomit first.

I need to work out, but I’m feeling lethargic. I got to fight against it.

Alright. I started the story.

Let’s see how it goes.

Shitty coffee! Shitty coffee!

I bought my girlfriend one present for her birthday already (I’m not sure how many more I can afford). She is already trying to guess what it is and said she was going to search the whole apartment to find it. She’s bad at surprises.


Unnecessary Reddit distractions.

Yesterday was pretty tame. My girlfriend got home and assumed I was mad at her even though I wasn’t. I was just lethargic and tired. I told her I was going to nap. She said she was going to do the same. But because she assumed I was mad, she napped on the couch. Weird.

We both woke up around 6 pm and went out for food.

Same place that we’ve been going for the past couple of weeks. Colectivo 9.

No tacos this time, I got a burger, she got a salad. We got some beers. The Stingray Imperial IPA by Coronado which is amazing for an IPA with that much alcohol. And the “Watermelon Dorado” IPA by Ballast Point, that tastes like a good IPA with a watermelon Jolly Rancher thrown in the mix. I did not like it very much.

After that, we went to Teorema/Lúdica because I like their Gose and I got her the Super Mash Pale Ale.

Then we simply went home.

My brother prints the shirts for that brewery. They look like this:

I really like the gray one and want my own. I really like the rest a lot as well (except top left) and I tell my brother to make me an extra each time. He just told me to simply buy it from the place…

Nonetheless. My brother’s workshop does magnificent stuff. Check out his Instagram and his business Serijuana.

I need new shirts.

Coffee coffee coffee.

Workout. I should do a little bit of it.

Finish this shit so I can force myself to go back to work and finish the other article. And after that, I am not sure what to do next.

Shit. Thursday already.

The weekend is tomorrow.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

There. Workout semi-complete.

100 sit-ups. Half of that in push-ups.

I have to do some more and then shower.

I’ve been sweating balls. More than the usual. It’s still hot out. I still have a headache.

I don’t have much to say in this post.

It’s one of those shitty posts that nothing happens. I just have to type 500 words more to reach 1000 and be satisfied with my shitty daily goal. And then I have to finish that other article which is around 500 words but of actual writing.

Not word vomit.

Downvoted on Reddit. That’s fine. My latest post was not to reach karma.

That reminds me, I have to reach someone out on Reddit to talk more about some other things…

Ahhh Reddit.

I haven’t had any front page material in ages. And my food pictures get deleted because that subreddit is super picky. Foodporn subreddit might be a better fit.

I’ll post a bunch when that Feast article and picture comes out.

“Hola que tal buenos dias!”

Someone just called me. I just answer, put it on speaker, and turn the music way up.

They just hung up.

I’m pretty sure it was Telcel trying to sell me shit. If it wasn’t them, sorry for whoever I just answered the phone and blasted music instead of saying hello. But Telcel keeps calling me. Fucking assholes.

It’s days like these that made me wish I had a real job instead of freelancing my life.

That part time job hasn’t hit me up again for the second round of interviews. I might have jinxed myself already.

Looking Airbnb places for the wedding in Mazunte for October.

Nice places for cheap. A small cabin for 300 pesos a night. That’s less than $20 for a beach cabin. I think that’s the winner.

We still have no idea what will happen after Oaxaca. Two weeks after we return my girlfriend needs to go to Monterrey. And then stay there for the holidays.

I get worried about money and I get a bit stressed. We have way too many fantasies of traveling everywhere and absolutely no money or jobs.

Coffee Coffee Coffee. Workout.



Finish work. Work work work.

Look! No emails.


Yep. Still very lethargic. Still have to fight it.

Onwards with the day!

And the weekend!

And the month of August.

5 days until my girlfriend’s birthday. More days to pick-up presents. Also, work to do.

And clean my keyboard.

She said that one of the things she wanted for her birthday was for me to clean my keyboard. I shall do that soon.

It’s not even that dirty… She’s just obsessed with cleaning.

Water my plants. Pluck the flowers from the basil plant. The spearmint is looking healthy and happy. Plants are loving this weather.


Not 1000 words still!?!


By the way, I rescued that article that was lost. Yep. My fall back plan. It shouldn’t be, but it is. So it will get published soon. Let’s see how the people react to that article. It took me a lot of work.


1000 words.






Not sure what I want for breakfast. Not sure at all.


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