Stupid Stomach Virus – Sleeping and Cleaning is What She Does! – Reddit Karma and Article 99% Done


I definitely have a stomach virus.

It sucks.

I woke up at 3 am because I felt like puking. It was a false alarm. I barely even had food yesterday.

I’m too scared of eating. You can imagine what happens after I eat.

I talked to my friend Pedro and he has a similar virus going on. He has it even much worse.

Yep. Disgusting topic.

I still haven’t had food this morning. Yesterday, I only ate a breakfast burrito, three oysters and a piece of octopus. I should probably stop eating seafood and drinking that much beer.

For the first time in a while, I met up with my girlfriend at the usual place. She wanted oysters. So we went to Colectivo 9 for the place that seems to always be closed.

This place that has this shrimp taco:

I posted that picture to Reddit Mexico and it did more than good. It did just okay in /r/tacos. Funny how shit works.

Also, one comment on an askreddit that was on the front page got me almost 2,000 upvotes. I made some karma money yesterday.

And… probably made real money.

I finished the article to 99% done. All I got to do is email it. And hope that it gets accepted.

I don’t even want to read it again. I’m tired of writing and re-writing and editing and re-editing.

My girlfriend is forcing me to eat strawberries. I’ll get back to more of her soon.

Back to the article.

My roommate read it. And my roommate is sort of like my editor. I trust him. He was and continues to be my writing sensei. “Great story. Lots of strong quotes, data, and narrative.”

So damn. I take that as a really good sign. And I asked him how the grammar was, and he said it seemed fine.

So damn. I’ll be sending it tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best. And if it gets accepted, fucking great. Because I took the whole week writing it.

Another strawberry.

I’m not really hungry. I am. But I don’t want to eat.


And she just got mad at me because I want more coffee.

Yep. I know it’s not good for my stomach. But I need coffee.

And it’s shitty coffee. Tastes like mud.

She’s making breakfast, doing laundry, and already cleaned the whole house. She’s frustrated because she went to Calimax and bought shitty cheese. And I told her, that cheese tastes like flour. So she went back to exchange it. And in the process lost her keys. And then got more frustrated because of that. Until she finally found them (they were in the kitchen).

Soon we have to go pick-up the laundry.

She slept all of yesterday.

After having oysters in Colectivo 9 and a shrimp taco similar to the one posted above (it was the same + octopus). And also another Mocha IPA. We went to Mamut.

I was supposed to meet Furlong there with his friend from Massachusetts. I was waiting for him and my girlfriend was complaining that she wanted to go home. That she wanted to go home and take a nap. And I got mad at her because I told her that she can go. And then she got mad at me because she took it as if I didn’t want to be with her. But shit! I was waiting on someone.

She left.

As soon as she left.

Furlong arrived with his buddy.

And I took them to Colectivo 9 since they wanted great seafood and seriously, this new place is really good and cheaper than many others.

And they were happy. Furlong’s friend Joe is a cool guy. Those Eastern kids are funny. Much different than California kids and much different than Midwestern kids.

Oh, earth.

You silly.

When I was hanging out with them, checking out Tijuana, my girlfriend texted me that all is fine, that she just needed a nap.

We came back home. I went into the bedroom because I thought I heard her call me.

Nope. She was sleeping. I was trying to figure out if she was sleeping or not, and she woke up and screamed as if I had been watching her for minutes.

She asked me if we had company. And I said Furlong and his friend and told her to go back to bed.

She slept all day.

Furlong and his friend left.

She kept sleeping.

She woke up to make sushi for me and some for her:

It was just what I needed.

We went to bed after this.

She slept so much.

And I couldn’t sleep.

She also texted me pics of this car she saw for sale.

A Rav 4.

Okay car. Around $1,200.

Local plates. Good price.

I guess we could afford this.

But then again the problem becomes the parking, the insurance, and more. And that I couldn’t possibly drive Uber with that. But Uber driving seems more and more distant each time.

Just did a quick Kelley Blue Book search. A RAV 4 from 2004 in good conditions is over $2,000.

I have no details of the car above though.

But spending around 1k to 2k on a car seems more and more like a possiblity and the actual choice.

More gigs would be better.

A higher paying job for her would be better.

Last strawberry.

I don’t even want to eat it.

And… food is ready.

And I need to pick up the laundry with her.

YAY! Married life! Tis good.

There. Laundry picked up.

Bean and cheese burrito for breakfast eaten.

And yep. Still have a stomach virus. It sucks…

The rest of Sunday is open. Not even noon and we already did all the chores. I think bowling is the horizon. But my stomach hurts. It sucks. And there are no more Alka Seltzers because she drank them all. She’s usually the one with stomach pains because she eats chiles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s pretty warm outside.

And I’m owning on Jeopardy.

Tomorrow, new week starts, the last of June. Only one photo mission that I will probably do on Friday or Saturday. I finished my upcoming story that I didn’t pitch but I hope that they will take. I have many other articles to write, but those I’ll pitch before hand.





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