Addicted to Candy Crush – Girlfriend is Dead (Clickbait Worked) – Slow Days Means I’m Depressed

I’m addicted to Candy Crush. I can’t stop playing. I woke up at 4:22 am to play Candy Crush….

Except it’s not Candy Crush. It’s the Jeopardy World Tour mobile app.

It’s fucking great. Not a true Jeopardy because… well… it’s a mobile app. So it’s like Candy Crush and Jeopardy. It’s colorful. It’s addicting. You level up. And if you run out of money, you have the option to buy some more.

I ran out of money.

I have to wait four hours until my bank has money and I can claim my 20k.

I’m talking about fake Jeopardy money, of course…

And I don’t plan to do any microtransactions. But goddamn. It’s so fucking good.

It’s multiple choice, so not a true Jeopardy at all. The time pressure is not a concern, you can google the questions and still have enough time to respond. You don’t have to be faster than other players (at first I was trying to answer as fast as possible). There are power-ups. And there are tons of different games and leaderboards.

I’m in the top 10,000 of this week. I have ranked like $200,000. The first player has $50.4 million or some shit like that.

So yep. Not really even close.

But it’s so much fun.

My friend and beertender master, Lex, told me about the app. I didn’t know about it because I haven’t been watching Jeopardy. It’s only a week old.

I challenged him a few times. He beat me in the first game, I owned him on the rest.

If you want to challenge me… uhh look me up!? If I invite friends, I get extra cash, so yeah. Join me. I have 2/3 for extra gold bars things.

Fuck. It’s seriously Candy Crush on Jeopardy form.

Yesterday, the roommate did come home!

Look at that. It has been months.

He is happy to be in the land where things are cheap and it doesn’t have to cost so much money to eat and drink.

And the clickbait worked.

Good job!

I had over 200 visitors. I thought it was pretty funny. Sorry for click baiting you.

So yes. Obviously we are fine. But no one would read this stupid shit if I just wrote “things are the same and boring as fuck.” So she ded. Girlfriend is ded.

I joke around about how if she died, I could squeeze so many visitors for months to come. Or even if we break-up. This daily blogging is fucking weird.

Anyway. This is us in Querétaro a few days back.

Querétaro the street. Not my hometown.

That’s back when we were walking around La Cacho after eating at C-Biche.

The girlfriend is at Calimax buying stuff for breakfast right now.

Breakfast now. Though it’s already the afternoon.

Hey. I woke up really early. Played Jeopardy. Then some Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Then I passed out again. And woke up at it was already afternoon. And the days are weird. And I’m sort of depressed.

I haven’t been productive at all in the past three days. I haven’t written anything. It’s hard to work when the girlfriend is around.

And yesterday, the roommate came home, and we all chilled in the kitchen for awhile. Ate and drank. Drank and ate. Everyone on their devices. Girlfriend and the roommate each on their laptops. And I… I played Jeopardy on the phone.


I thought of work. Did nothing.

I’m thinking of work. I’m doing nothing.

Girlfriend got the job.

She starts this Monday at 8 am. After that, she is going to have to go to work at 5 am. I don’t want her walking around downtown Tijuana that early to catch a taxi to go to work. It scares me. It makes me feel shitty. I feel like I’m going to have to walk her to her taxi every morning.

What I need to buy her is a pepper spray. I would feel more comfortable if she had that with her….

Not sure what she would do… but I would just feel a tad better.

And she’s convinced about buying a bike. And biking to work everyday. Her new job its just a short bike ride away. 5 am to 1 pm. Weird hours.

Other option is to find a co-worker that goes near the apartment and get rides on the daily.

And she has to work on Saturdays again. La vida Godínez. And it doesn’t pay much. It makes me feel so fucking guilty.

We have a lot of shit to solve. And ironically enough, is not about our relationship, it’s about doing more.

And again. I do nothing but hangout. Then I feel guilty. Followed by sadness. Worthlessness.

She’s making chilaquiles for breakfast.

I’m excited and I’m hungry and I already want to eat and do something productive.

I’ll probably do nothing.

And this weekend there will be a lot of more nothingness.

Gringo friends are coming down. Two couples. They rented a house by the beach. And we going to party. It’s Memorial Day weekend, so the border is going to be a bit crazy.

I hate not having clear missions.

I know I have to write. I’m just not sure what to do…

I’m going to force myself to word vomit in actual stuff that pays. Doing this is stupid. I could be writing about restaurants, the travel adventure of last year, more about beer, what is going on the city, two cover stories I mentioned forever ago, and continue covering Tijuana Street characters.

And I should also reply to the Letters people sent about my story….


Tacotopia version #2 is going to happen around September.

One of the taco places I helped hiring won second place. So I’m sure they will want to do it again. I get to help hire taco places again, but this time in northern San Diego and I get some cash for signing people up.

Burger party is also happening sometime this summer. I shall go to that one as well. Or help get more vendors… I just thought of that.

Tomorrow you’ll get to read about how I did nothing again.

Because in all honesty… all I want to do is go bowling with my girlfriend right now and not work.

She has a new job. She will go back to her Godínez life. And when she’s not around, I work better. Though her schedule is going to be weird as fuck.

Breakfast is ready! And it smells great!




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