Whiteboard Full of Missions – Early Hospital Photo Work (and Much More Work) – Birthday Depressed Word Vomit

My girlfriend woke me up and surprised me with a cake and four lit candles.

How cute.

But I didn’t eat cake for breakfast. And those candles were the fuckers that light up by themselves after blowing on them.

It looks delicious. I want some later on when I’m drunk and wanting some sweets.

She was humming happy birthday to me since yesterday. And trying to pamper me.

The thing is…

I don’t really enjoy or care about my birthday.

It’s similar to New Years. It’s just another day with pressure to have fun.

It sort of gets me down.

We didn’t do anything yesterday. We ordered pizza, grab beers, and watch Netflix. So the usual.

The new season of Master of None is up. And what a coincidence. First episode is about Aziz Ansari’s birthday. And how he doesn’t enjoy it either.

I don’t.

I appreciate the birthday love on Facebook. That’s always fun.

Woke up to many notifications. And it took me a second to realize what was going. Why are all these people that I haven’t talked to in years posting on my timeline!? Oh yeah. Birthday.


Let’s go back and give them all likes.

And if anyone wrote a funny or interesting message. I’ll reply.

I’m on my third beer.

I worked this morning.

Early this morning.

I was at SIMNSA hospital on the border at 9:30 am to take pictures for an upcoming story. It’s odd to take pictures for a story that hasn’t even been written. But like always. Snap snap snap. Edit edit edit. Send send send.

What is cool is to shadow a journalist that has been doing it for many years. Writer I followed retired from the LA Times and also worked for the San Francisco Chronicle. Now he freelances for the San Diego Reader. He only writes cover stories.

Others make it seem so easy. Or maybe I just make it to complex for myself.

He got great quotes right away. It was almost way too easy. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

Tomorrow, the taco cover comes out. So there will be a bunch of pictures of the tacos I ate and somebody else wrote about. I’m excited to see that as well.

As for a birthday wish… I wished my girlfriend got a job that she wants and deserves.

Tijuana has a lot of jobs. But most of them are super shitty.

She went to a job interview early this morning to the middle of nowhere. Near to where my ex-girlfriend lives. I hated it over there. She might work all the way over there.

And now she is on her way to another job interview. This one is also in the middle of nowhere. Industrial city Tijuana.

I don’t like it.

I don’t want her working far.

I don’t want her suffering for a shitty paying job.

Tijuana might not be right for her…. She is just doing it for me. It makes me feel guilty.

I get depressed on my birthday.

I am sort of depressed right now.

And… also old.

Fuck it.

Nothing to do but keep on living. Keep on drinking. Keep on word vomiting.

My whiteboard is full of missions.

I wrote a calendar on the left. Wrote important things under it. Then divided into 5 sections.

Photo missions.

Writing missions.

Tijuana Adventure missions.

My web page.

Music missions.

It looks like there are shit tons of things to do. It looks nice. I don’t have the desire to do much of it. But seeing it right above my computer like right on my face, looks inspiring, or more like pressure. Like I should take care of all that crap so it doesn’t hover over me.

Ahh fuck, just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I don’t have to work.

I have a bunch of emails to send.

I had a bunch of emails to send.

Because I just did it. Now they are replying.

I should also call them. But the contact numbers are just restaurants. It will be fruitless to call. It will be easier to just contact them on email and hope for the best. If not. I’ll call them tomorrow. I have one more photo mission that the due date is approaching so I MUST DO IT SOON.

One of the three photoshoots done.

The other, emails are sent and I have to do it this week.

The other is still pending because it’s at the zoo and the zoo is a bit of a bitch to get photos at.

We’ll see what happens.

Next up is writing.

I have 7 things written down. I don’t want to do any of them. And one of them it’s almost done.

After that is Tijuana Adventure. The next one is this Thursday. Should be pretty straight forward. The rest of the missions there is to fix my web page and start pushing the social media.

This website is next.

It just says “Word vomit every day” which I’m currently doing. And to fix it some more. Come on. Let’s face it. This website could look MUCH MUCH nicer.

The last part is a treble clef. That represents music I need to work on. And concerts that I plan to attend. That’s the least serious part of the whiteboard. But still not to be disregarded.


A new email for another photo mission. Let’s add that to the whiteboard.

This post needs a picture.

I took 244 pictures this morning. Edit it down to 45.

But I can’t use any of those.

I took over 1,500 pictures this weekend. I already used a lot of them.

Pictures are starting to lose interest. Am I already getting burnt out?!

NAH! I’m loving getting paid for pictures. I just don’t really want to post as many as I used to do on IG. I used to post… EVERYTHING.

I still sort of do.

Shitty rambling.


I’m going to go back to the top of the post and post a picture of the cake.


And gave likes to all of those that said happy birthday.

Out of the 60+ people… I must say… one of them I was like.. who the fuck is this?!

The rest. The rest you cool.

And thanks.

And if wondering…. why not.

I’ll be at Norte Brewing Company because it’s Tap Tuesday and because it’s an excuse to get drunk.

I feel like I’m done with all my work for the day.

I have so much more work to do but no desire to do so.

I’ll do it all soon.

The whiteboard is full. Each mission represents my paycheck. Well… almost all of them.

I like the whiteboard. It makes everything a bit more clear.


And I might get a job job.

If that happens, the word vomit might end.


Might get a job.

Word vomit might end.




I like to play that shitty song in my birthday.

or Lagwagon’s May 16th. Because May 16th.

Norte Brewing if people want to join me for beers.



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  1. Your posts are always fun to read. I’d wish you a happy birthday, but……nah!

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