Photography is All I Want To Do – Writing is What I Should Do – Music is What I Studied

I’ve spent my whole morning editing photos.

Photos from Wednesday. Photos from yesterday.

I took so many photos. I could have taken so many more.

I want to only work in photography for now…

But I know I must write to survive.

That sounded shitty.

Writing on my iPhone was fun yesterday. It was like “taking my blog” with me for a ride instead of just reminiscing of what I did the day before the morning after.

Does that make sense?

Does anything actually make sense?

I’m still editing photos.

Ok. Done for now.

Now I am not sure what to do for the rest of the day.

It’s cloudy and shitty out. It’s supposed to rain this weekend. More rain. The most rain I have ever witnessed in California in my decade living here.


I’m 31 soon.

I feel old and nostalgic.

Time goes by very fucking fast sometimes.

Editing through pics, I had the mission of finding old pics I took of a taco place three years ago. I couldn’t find them. But instead, I went through folders and hundreds of old pics. Of just 3 years ago. Thousands of pictures per month. Dozens of thousands per year. Each documented in carefully executed folders.

If someone steals my computer and my hard-drive, I’m pretty fucked.

Two things about yesterday that have me thinking constantly.


More like four….


Going to the dealership was unfruitful. I’m more confused on what to do about a car than before. I sort of want to go to that car auction and drop $1,000 in an auction and test my luck. They sell cars from $200-$2000 I think… so yeah. That’s a good option.

I go back and forth deciding about Uber. I might test the waters driving my neighbor’s car and see if I like it.

So I have no idea what to do about a car yet.


At the camera store… I couldn’t decide either.

They have the 50mm/1.4f for $275. That’s a very good price (Amazon has it for $300+). It’s a used lens so I could do Amazon… I still have that $200 gift card I got from the office for Christmas. That is definitely going to a lens.

Right now I have three lenses. None which really belong to me. Andy let me borrow the 80mm/1.8f which on a crop sensor is basically 100mm. Way too tight. But excited to play with it for a bit.

Still enjoying the Tokina 11-16mm/2.8f way too much. I always had a thing for wide angles so I’m loving it. Though it obviously distorts a lot and not the best for portraits or food.

This is what a friend’s gear (who I used to work with) look like.

He is the absolute best shooter I know and it was an honor to work next to him in several jobs. That gear would be a dream to have.


Picked up my brother’s best friend from the airport and a really good friend of mine as well. We acted like nothing happened. He hasn’t been cool online for over a year now, but who knows. I’m sure a serious talk will happen sometime along this week. I’ve missed him. He is a difficult guy, but one of the smartest I know.



I only want to work with photography… I divorced cameras after Los Angeles because fuck being a paparazzi. But now that I’m back in the game… I just want to make money this way. I enjoy taking pictures, editing, sending, etc way too much.

Shooting a Nikon D3 with the 70-200mm/2.8f was my daily work. It was really tough work. Some days I shot over 1,000 pictures.

Work now is different.

It’s just a few pictures. Get a few free tacos. And as soon as you are happy, you are done. It takes me a while to be content, but I’m putting way too much effort into it. Taking pictures of something that doesn’t move is very simple.

I was not really content with yesterday’s shoot. Andy was. So he is probably getting the cover shot.

Now. I don’t know what to do.

Next photo missions will have to wait until next week when I can borrow my brother’s car again. More tacos. More trying to find the homeless guy.

I want more work. I could write for work, but I don’t feel like it. I’ve waited way too long on stories I pitched forever ago. I waited too long on stories that I didn’t pitch but could have been news stories. I’m waiting way too long to start working.

And it’s Friday.

Reddit on Fridays is usually dumb. So no surprise. It’s acting dumb again today.

I just want to go somewhere and take pictures for money.

Other than that. I’m not sure what I’m doing.

I should brew some fresh coffee. Play some Zelda. And force myself to write. That sounds like a plan.

I’ll probably end up playing Zelda for hours and not doing any work.

Tomorrow I have a Tijuana Adventure. And a kid’s birthday party. Tomorrow will be busy.

Oh yeah. This post needs a picture.

What could be good?

Oh yeah.

I took a panoramic picture in Pacific Beach to turn into a Little Planet photo.

This took me like 22 seconds to create. Well… + the time it takes Photoshop on my computer to load, which is like 3 minutes.

It was made with almost no effort. Both on the Photoshop and the panoramic. Basically… the panoramic didn’t line up, so there wasn’t much point on Photoshopping it much. Or maybe I’m not that good. Point being is… it’s not a great picture and it’s not doing good on Reddit.

I already wrote a blog explaining how to achieve those photos. Look it up kids. Here’s the unsuccessful Reddit post. Some stoner kid seemed to like it though. I am taking my downvotes like a man. It feels like this:

Photography is all I want to do. And not as a hobby. For the $$$. I made tons of $$$ before (and they stole way more) and I can do it again. There are tons of kids and other people trying to make money in photography. It’s an enjoyable gig. But I have the experience. I’ve done this before. I just got to be confident on my work.

I guess that goes for writing as well….


And playing guitar…

I chose three jobs that either pay shit or pay a lot if you are really good at them. I’m mediocre/good at all of them at the same time.




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