I Met Jesus at Teléfonica – New Tijuana Museum (pics) – Valle Glamping Tonight

Yesterday was full of twists and surprises.

Girlfriend left early to go to work. I did the daily routine of word vomiting.

At around noon I headed to the new Tijuana museum with my camera and the borrowed super wide angle lens. I bumped into Josh and his friend Marc right away. Haydee and Sylvia were there as well (artist friends).

The new museum is awesome. I put on my press pass for the first time ever, because Mexican authorities are dicks and with the press pass they don’t say shit. I took shit tons of pictures. And yes. I’m going to try to get some Reddit karma with this album. Not only that, I also will write a short article about it and try to make money. Money > Karma?

For now….

Here’s the album.

Phew. That took forever to upload.

And to write… and to arrange.

My girlfriend got off work after 1 pm. I waited for her at the same spot as always… then I heard someone call my name.

It was Andrea Noel, a great writer currently contributing to the Daily Beast. She was waiting for a friend from New York City, I was waiting for my girlfriend. So we ended up catching up for a bit talking about journalism and what not (my girlfriend joined).

I should write more.

That was pretty much my conclusion of the conversation.That’s always my conclusion when I speak to other writers.

Even Josh (the museum critic according to the Beauty and the Geek) says I should get my writings some place else.

Writing for Playboy would be amazing. Or maybe for the Washington Post. I learned that those publications still pay nicely to writers.

But then I get lazy. And get way too over my head. And do nothing.

I have missions to do for the Reader next week. I like working for them.

After that, my girlfriend and I went to Teléfonica and I told Andrea we’ll catch up later.

Teléfonica was fantastic.

There are already some photos on the album. So yeah. You know how it went.

And in Teléfonica weird things happened.

We met up with Josh and Marc there that also happened to go at the same time. Turns out that Marc was a Trump voter and this pissed of Josh. Hilarity ensued.

We bumped unto Andrea again as well.

And …. then my old boss from the soccer store was there.

He was a cool boss. He is younger than me, which always felt a tad weird. But nonetheless, he hired me, it was a chill sales job, it was always fine. I always knew the family was religious… but apparently, I was wrong.

Turns out my boss was an atheist (though his mom was always super Christian). But not that long ago he had a revelation.

A Jesus revelation.

He asked if he could pray for me. I said why not. It doesn’t matter.

And like an evangelical Christian, he prayed for me. Held his hand near my heart and talked to Jesus for me.

I didn’t want to disrespect… but my tuna tostada was waiting for me.

I mean… look at it.

That thing was staring at me while my previous boss was rambling about Jesus…

And when he was done he asked if I felt something…

I felt bad.. but I was like… “Nope… sorry… and… I want to eat? Do you mind if I eat?”

It was a tad awkward. I never expected it from him.

And the weird thing is that it left me thinking later that night…

What if that happened to me?

What if I had a revelation?

He was so convinced he saw Jesus. From what I know he never really does drugs. He just said he was driving, and then he had a revelation and god entered his life. He used to be an atheist but no longer is. He never stroke me as a preachy type of guy…

How strong does the revelation have to be for you to be convinced about god’s existence? Not only that… that now you feel the need to service him. And tell people that you found god.


Gallos are playing right now. I missed the game. They are tied 1-1 but Toluca just got a Penalty Kick.


Shitty PK by Sinha.


We had two craft beers each and then shared a caguama.

We then walked back downtown, checked out the museum to see if my brother was there, didn’t see him there. Had one more beer at Lúdica/Teorema, and came home before 7 pm.

Peach IPA by Teorema. Good, but overpriced.

Supermash by Lúdica. Good and at the right price.

This is us after a few beers…


Gol de Sanvezzo! Great! Gallos finally wins a pointless game! But great!

The first goal was really good.

And today…

Today we are actually going to Valle!


My brother is lending me his car… though I feel guilty because he works tomorrow…

I feel really guilty about it…

Point is… we are getting ready to go to Valle. I’m really excited to take wide angle landscape astro pics. Moon should be waxing crescent at 25%.

And obviously to be with my girlfriend in the middle of nowhere.


Gallos won the game!

Now that is worthless. And to one of the top teams this season…. Gallos. You weird.

Shower. Breakfast. Get ready. Get car. Go to Valle. Glamp.

That’s the plan.


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