Gateway Between Worlds – Border Crossers Cover is Here – Doing Zelda Old School

Cover is here!

Click on the picture for the story.

Or click here.



Guh. Student loans are bothering me. I have to renew my deferment thingy. I knew it was by the end of March but forgot. And here we are.

Sorry loans. Still can’t afford to repay you right now. I don’t make mucho money. It’s my own fault. I haven’t really worked in the past few days because I still have no idea what to work on.

But it is time to get back to work. I do feel relief and time to move on because the cover came out. Yep. Just need a bit of symbolism in my life to keep me moving.

And Zelda.

It’s so good. I just played for a good 2 hours this morning and completely forgot why I was crossing the border. Oh yeah. Cover story. What I’ve been rambling on and on for the past week or so. It felt like when my birthday is about to hit. I think about it all week. And when the day comes…. I forget.

Cross the border I go. To pick up a story about crossing borders!


Interrupting this blog to send a little love note.

Yeah. We’re cheesy like that.

She’s at work. I see her at the same spot every afternoon after she’s done. Then we go eat. Yesterday was Mamut again. Their triple IPA for 40 pesos and their burgers for 85 are the best value. Two of those and we are pretty much done.

There was a crazy meth head lady this morning out on the street below me. She got arrested because she was yelling at everyone and being crazy aggressive. It was weird to witness that. Tijuana is getting really weird in not a good fashion. Violence is getting worse. The insecurity is sometimes palpable.

I made myself sad.

Fucking Spotify commercials.

I had more to write about…but forgot…

This blog post is not as vomity as the usual.

I guess the cover is still in my mind.

And Zelda….

Speaking of which. I’m fucking stuck.

I need to break these molten red rocks to rescue a Goron. I’ve done a lot of things and went around Death Mountain to train and shit, and no matter what I do. I can’t break them rocks. And I want to play Zelda old school style. Absolutely no help from the internet. It’s such a nice vast world.


I just googled the name of the Goron. His name is Yunobo. And next to that it said something about cannons. There are cannons all over the island things surrounded the rocks I cannot break. So it makes sense. At least I didn’t read how to activate them or anything. I knew it was something obvious like that.

I remember getting stuck in the N64 Ocarina of Time before the fire temple. Also in Goron land. The fucking door was behind a statue. It was SUPER obvious. But I couldn’t figure it out. A friend had to tell me.

Same with the Water Temple of A Link to the Past. The 5th crystal goddess I think… You had to check the map to figure out that the 5th waterfall had a secret door behind it. I had to call a friend to figure that out. I was like 9 years old….

I am already getting some congrats and posts for the cover on Facebook. I’m still nervous of what the response will be like. But fuck it. It’s out. There’s nothing I can do about it. Move on. Keep on writing. And if I get rejected, fuck it. I got rejected. I don’t know why I block myself and can’t focus until the sweet release of … well… the release. And I have two other stories that are still pending.


I mean. It’s all about them. I had fun writing it. I had fun annoying everyone that was interviewed. I hope they all like it. You know. There pictures in a magazine and stuff.

At least they didn’t use a picture of me with two of my friends. I didn’t like that picture. Or who knows. Maybe it is on paper. I gotta go find out. I’ll pick up a stack of mags.

I wonder if this will garner any reaction from Trump supporters and those who want to build a pointless wall….



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