Tour Time! – Incredibly, Still Sick – Ok. Not Much To Say

This is going to be a forced blog post.

One that I’m just posting for posting.

Because I decided to blog post everyday even when I don’t have much to say, but I want to keep my record of posting everyday.

I haven’t missed a day in a while.

And it’s Saturday.

I need to run to the border. Pick up some guys from Minnesota. Bring them down to Tijuana. And do a bachelor party tour.

So I will most likely have way more to say tomorrow than today.

I’m still sick.

My lips are incredibly chapped. I woke up to my lips bleeding.

That’s how fucking dry they are.

My nose is still filled with mucus.

And I’m still coughing.

But yeah.

It’s tour time soon.

It shall be a fun tour. Despite my sickness. I have to go soon and do this!

There is some reddit drama over someone I banned. Don’t have time to deal with it. Who knew reddit and modding a subreddit would warrant drama?

It was a dumb post. She was unnecessarily rude and offensive. And very ignorant. And I have to apologize?

Fuck this shit.

I have a good 15 minutes before I go. Everything ready?

SENTRI. Check.

Mexican passport. Check.

Stuff my pockets with toilet paper to blow my nose. Check.

Cellphone full battery. Uncheck.

Goddammit does Pokémon Go drain the battery. But I couldn’t help it. Got me some more festive Pikachus. And more thingys. And I’m almost level 23.

It will be a challenge to not check for Pokémons at all today. Or my phone will die. Then I’ll be phoneless for the tour. And that’s not a good look.

I hope the border is not a mess. Though I am pretty sure it will be.

Wish me luck!

Still waiting for the phone to charge all the way.

I don’t have much to say.

Blog post needs a picture.


That’s a pretty cool one.

My brother asked me for one of my most popular pictures of Tijuana. I sent him the super moon rising over the border. He converted it to that. Which kinda looks like my tattoo in a way (which, yes, it is based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night).

I liked it a lot.

It was meant to be turned into a shirt. He didn’t get the green light. So it just stayed as that image.

It’s my cover photo on my Facebook.

Battery 82%.

Tour today. Sigh. Like always. Before a tour, I’m nervous and I’m not sure what to expect, and I’m not really feeling confident. But once it starts. It’s all fun times! And it will be decent money….

So… yeah!

Oh. I haven’t worked in the article I said I was going too. I used sick days as an excuse. But I’m dumb. I should have finished it by now. Fuck.


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