Fuck Twitter and Trump – REDDIT OBSESSED – 3 Weeks Together and Only One Issue

My Twitter feed is bullshit.

Here. Follow my bullshit.

Lately I’ve been obsessing with reading Trump’s tweets. It took Trump for me to start giving a shit about Twitter. Reading about him on Reddit is not enough. Reading dozens of articles a day is not enough. Watching the news is not enough. And by news of course I mean the Colbert show and other political newsy things.

Now it’s also his Twitter. And not only what he tweets, but the comments that follow. That’s where the juice is.

Most of the top comments are always smart/funny replies against him from popular twitter people/reporters or whatever. Then there’s the replies of the replies. And more replies. And it is amazing to see how many people are still supporting Trump. At least a good 30% still believes his shit.

Of course is the internet, and those supporters can come from anywhere. But just the idea that there are still people blindly thinking this is the dude that should be president is really fucked. I alienated those people early on. Before he was even president. If you were a Trump supporter I probably simply deleted you from my social media. Because they were mostly people from my past that I don’t give a fuck about. And because as a Mexican, it’s pretty fucking offensive if you supported Trump (and I understand there are Mexicans that like Trump as well). But you knew me. And basically said “well, you can go fuck off” by voting for Trump. So yep. It was easy to delete all them fuckers and not know anything about them anymore.

I can’t help but wonder if they are still in the Trump train though. I wonder if there is anyone I can call friend and respect that is still believing this bullshit.

Trump is the only reason I go on Twitter.

I still don’t know how to fucking use Twitter.

My feed is SAD!

It’s only my Instagram posts and my blog posts. No hashtags. No smarty tweets. Or retweets. Or replies.

My twitter. SAD!

Some of those comments that support Trump are way more SAD! though. Seriously. It’s insane that some people still cheer for him. It’s like covering your eyes and ears and start shouting “LALALA I DONT CARE TRUMP LALALALA TRUMP WINS LALALALALALA MAGA LALALALA TRUMP!!!” That’s what I imagine they do everyday to be able to live with themselves. An idiot supported by idiots. And I hate to call all of them idiots, but they are. They ignant and have no ragrets. They know they stupid and that’s the way it is. Because that’s the American way. Fuck everything. GUNS and TAX CUTS. And fuck everyone that stands in front of my truck! AMERICA!

AHH… fuck Twitter.

I rather have that sweet reddit karma anyway.

Speaking of Reddit. There was that controversial issue this week that reddit is being manipulated by mass marketing campaigns.

No shit!

Even the article that talked about it was a marketing campaign. Forbes, like most websites, survives on clicks. That was on the front page. It was a good article and reddit has been manipulated since the get go. It was the main reason I wanted to join reddit. To push my Soccerly articles. Of course now I’m part of the community and try to post quality OC for sweet karma. But I’ll be honest. I’ll still sneak in my own articles or cross promote other friend’s articles. Or the magazine I work for. Getting to the front page with OC would be awesome.

Here’s what the front page looked a second ago.


Also. That’s what my desktop looks like when I’m writing this blog. Sans the extra tab. If not in this blog, I usually have 8+ tabs open with stupid shit on each, Wikipedia, political articles, and stupid tips about Pokémon Go.


The point of it was to say. There are two things in the front page that are related to the new X-men movie (Logan). Which comes out fucking next week!

It’s not the first time Reddit does this shit. Admin and mods have even admitted it. Then there’s the famous GallowBoob, a man that gets paid to get sweet karma for bullshit top posts. He works for reddit. I fucking mod /r/Tijuana, in a way I work for reddit. In a way we are all reddit.


I’m still waiting to get that article about SITT (the bus) published… if it does.

I went out to eat yesterday and took that pretty picture. Yep. iPhone again. Dropped all highlights to give the sky that glow. Fucked with some levels. The usual.

If that article doesn’t get published, I’m a bit fucked. Well. Just a tad poor. Survival poor. Not being able to buy anything for my girlfriend poor. Not going glamping poor.

If I get published. And the other article also gets accepted. Then WOOHOO! I can go glamping or to Ensenada for a short weekend getaway with my girl.

And speaking of her.

(Warning: skip the rest if you don’t want to read cheesy shit)

It’s been three weeks together. That’s it.

It’s gone fast. And it’s so weird how used to each other we are. Or at least I feel that way.

What happened to my bachelor life? That careless I don’t give a fuck about anything life?!

I miss it. But I’m so much happier now.

Seriously. I like her way too much. Waking up next to her already makes my day a lot better. Being with her. Thinking about her. Everything.

It’s only been three weeks. And it couldn’t be going any better. I’ve never felt this way before.

We talk about future plans. This morning suddenly she mentioned a plan for next year. And I was like… whoa… next year. Hold on. What about today?! I don’t even know where to take her today!

Which by the way. She has a half day. And it’s her weekend.

But yes. I do see myself with her by next year (and beyond). And she said time will go fast. Who the fuck knows where we will be next year.

There’s only been one issue.

One fucking dumbass issue.

Her tourist visa got revoked. And she thinks she might not be able to get it back.

It’s not a huge issue. But I still have a life in the US. I wanted to visit my friends in Los Angeles. But I opted for Mérida instead. And then I didn’t go to Mérida because of her.

We’ll go to Mérida later together.

But to Los Angeles… well… for now we can’t. And it would be awesome to hang with Justin and his wife and drink beer.

And that’s just fucking dumb. I don’t really care much about LA except my friends, but San Diego is a big part of my life. Tacotopia is in a few months and she has no visa. I want to take her in general to San Diego places. But her fucking visa.

The dumb part is I want her to have a visa because I’m going to miss her so fucking much when I’m in another country and she is not. Even if it’s just a couple miles away. It makes it feel distant.


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