Queries Accepted = Work Time – Bus Ride + Interview – Pokémon Go Addict

“Hey babe, mind walking with me to go get a Pokémon?” I never thought I would utter these words to a girl, until last night. There was an Ursaring in the park and I was curious to go catch it. Yep. My girlfriend said yes and we went to the park to catch me a fucking Pokémon. Guess what?! She also played Magic the Gathering at some point in her life.

What… in the actual fuck?!

More things to add to the list of her insane awesomeness. Smart, pretty, speaks 5 languages, well traveled, awesome taste in everything (well most things because she browses 9gag), listens to jazz and likes my math rock, plays video games and board games, listens to stand-up and philosophy, at some point played MtG, and now joins me to go collect a fucking Pokémon at night!?

And add to all that, she loves me?!

There is no way she should exist. But she does. And she is with me. Yep. I’m a lucky guy.

But back to my Pokémon Go addiction.

Dammit Andy! Why did you make me download this shit?!

It’s only been a couple of days, I’m level 13 and a half, I battled some enemy gyms and friendly gyms, giving my team some “prestige,” for whatever that is for… and this is only the beginning.

Right now my best Pokémon are all fat bastards except Arbok. Fun stupid little fact that I’ve known since a little kid. Arbok is Kobra backwards (and Ekans is Snake)… OOOOOOO… also Alucard from Castlevania… Dracula!

Strongest pokeys: the one I got last night Ursaring with CP 924, followed by Sandslash CP 642, Miltank CP 554, Machop CP 550, Rhyhorn CP 440, and Arbok CP 474.

And I’m such a nerd. I want to evolve my favorite Pokémons. I want to take over a gym. I want to play the shit out of this game. In fact, I even thought about doing silly micro-transactions. Yes. I’m liking Pokémon Go this much.



Yesterday was a good day in general. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing for work, but 4 out of 6 ideas got accepted. So I have tons of work to do. Best part of it, the easiest idea is also the one that will be paying the most. It’s funny how sometimes things depend in the circumstances and are out of my control.

Today. I have two things, interview a friend, and ride the new Tijuana rapid bus named SITT. This will take me go all over town. Excellent opportunity to catch them fuckers (Pokémon). New bus also has WiFi, so I’m not going to use my data (like it matters). But that’s one of the new thingy. It has WiFi and it’s supposed to be a complete new awesome transportation system in Tijuana.

The other two ideas that got accepted can wait for next week. They are also very plausible and fun ideas I pitched.

So today is gathering material and the rest of the week is typing all of the material.

And in two weeks… tour with Minnesotan guys!

Things are picking up!


I guess that’s all I have for today.

Wait. No.

I am enjoying Snapchat as well. Not the whole app to like look at other people’s shit or try to get points. I’m still horrible at using it and don’t quite understand it. Just the damn filters are so much fun. Especially face swap.


I face swapped with the mural that has my face on it that my neighbor painted on Pasaje Rodríguez. Cool result. Other filters are also crazy good. I used them with the family and saved the pictures. It’s like I have been behind in technology and all it’s insanity because I didn’t have a nice phone.

Ohhh you iPhone SE, you came to change all of that.

My iPad has become sorta obsolete. It still works wonders, and it is more comfortable to read and edit pics on it, but it’s a bit slow and the iPhone SE is just so much better. I shall fix the screen and gift it to my mom who only has a shitty tablet (hi mom, let me make money and you’ll have an iPad mini).

We also watched Black Mirror on Netflix last night.

Holy fuck intense insanity!

I liked the first episode better than the second, but holy fuck, this is a good show that shouldn’t go ignored. It is more like a series of mini-movies because episodes don’t follow each other.

And just like the name says, it’s about a dark reflection of todays world. A very dark, solemn, intense, dystopia. At least the first two episodes.

That first one. Holy fuck.

There are tiny things I would change to make the narrative a bit better. But in general, really great fucking show. (why do I always have to be a dick).

So if you haven’t seen Black Mirror and want some intense scary dystopia of what todays moderno society might become, watch it. It gets my seal of approval.

The Matingas Seal of Approval:

Coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Then time to ride the bus. Tap Tuesday for interviews and beers. It seems like today is going to be a great day.

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