Trump, Reddit, Trump – Movie Date Ditched – Mandy Moore

Trump TRUMP Trump!

Trump is everywhere. And the Mad Man is doing everything he said. God Emperor can never be wrong. He is doing everything he can to protect America and MAGA. All he does is MAGA. So much winning that I can’t handle it.

I don’t understand this fucking concept. Even if Bernie have won, I would have still criticize him in some aspects. It’s always good to criticize and not accept everything just because. But nope. Not with Trump supporters. No matter what he does. It’s great. It’s all great. Because he is like a god to them. Infallible. And no matter how many shitty things he does, people believe it’s great.


The wall?

People claim that it worked for China thousands of years ago. It didn’t. Mongols were still able to break the wall. And that was thousands of years ago!

Then the Germans did it.

Umm… that wall is not there either.

And okay now… USA wants to spend shit tons on building a gigantic as wall. Like if a wall would be like “OH SHIT a wall! How will we ever manage?” By … uhh… doing what Mexicans (and many Latin Americans) have been doing for years. Build a tunnel, go over it, or just blow it the fuck up. Imagine Trumps precious wall. No matter the price. Let’s say even Mexico paid for it. Who is it going to stop?

I met illegal crossers. They say they can cross no matter what. You can swim around the wall. You can go over it. You can go under it. OR you can just build bomb and blast through it.

And it’s 2017!

I imagine that in just a few years there will be drones big enough to carry a human. How easy would it be to go over the wall holding on to a drone. Drugs are already smuggled with drones.

But nooooo

On REDDIT. There are still a lot of people that believe that a wall will fix all their problems. No matter how many times people explain it to them, they are like “but wall?” It’s really sad to see that a lot of redditors can’t grasp reality. I guess it’s people in general. The people that have the mentality that the US is the greatest country in the world and that everyone has to bow down to them.

Yeah. Sure. You have the strongest military. But Trump is alienating the whole world with his shenanigans. Maybe everything is just an overreaction. Maybe it’s all an act. After all, it feels like we are living in a reality show of a world.

And every morning I wake up hungry for the news and the drama.

Lately. I haven’t been able to contain myself. I have to write reddit comments. And with my real account. I should start using my alternates for some of this crap (at least I get upvoted).

So just like people in the past were addicted to watching news for every single update. I’m like that watching reddit. Obsessing over every thread. Reading each article. Even over at /r/the_donald. Which always amazes me that people can think that way. I want to have a beer with them. Try to reason. I know it would be fruitless. But I just want to comprehend. I guess it’s not possible to comprehend racism. It’s funny that they deny they are racists, but do everything a racist would.

“I’m not racist, I’m selfish and I’m doing what is best for my family. 1% of refugees can be terrorists and I rather have them all out.” UHHHHHH SIGH!


All you fuckers get in a car, get on a highway, and drive to work every single day. Chances of dying in that car are way much bigger than a random terrorist attack. I suppose terrorist attack sounds way more dangerous and horrible way to go. But seriously? That’s like someone telling you “all food is poisonous 1% except this red apples which is also 1% poisonous.” And then you go the rest of your life eating red apples because you are too afraid to try anything else outside your comfort zone.

That’s how it looks like to me.

Trump rant over.

It’s easy to blog daily with Trump in office. I don’t know what comes of it for me except a release of all my thoughts into a word vomit.

I woke up a bit hungover yesterday. Though it wasn’t  a heavy hungover, there was some hangover. It hit me when I was eating breakfast. I felt my hands getting extra sweaty and the food looking kinda gross. If I find food gross, it means I’m hungover.

I haven’t visited Vodoo Stu’s restaurant in two weeks because I have been busy. Sundays are the best days to eat there. So I went to eat there. And it was fantastic. Grillades. It’s creole food from New Orleans. Not grilled or anything. It was just two big slops of chewy meat (in a good way) over rice, tomatoes, garlic, chiles, etc. Almost like a gumbo but with huge pieces of meat. OHHH and roasted zucchini as a side. I love zucchini.

That is one mother fucking hard word to smell. Zucchini. Thanks red squiggly line!

Not my picture. Taken from Voodoo Stu’s IG account. Follow it here.

Instead of downing my food with beer or whisky like I usually do at Stu’s, I had some of that sweet sweet SWEET tea. That Southerners simply call tea.

I didn’t want to be home, but didn’t want to be at a bar. So I texted a girl to see if she wanted to go to the movies. The last time I went to the movies was with her (to see Deadpool). It was fun. I rarely go to the movies. But fuck it. Didn’t wanna drink.

She said yes immediately. That she was already at the mall by the Cinepolis VIP. So I told her to wait for me, I’ll be over soon. Called an Uber and headed her way.

Got there.

She was gone.

She stop replying either.

I thought about going into the theater by myself, but fuck that shit. It was Sunday. The mall was packed.

She replied later that “she got picked up.” … humm.. great.

I got me some ice cream instead. And walked over to Plaza Fiesta for beer.

Teorema had run out of the sour IPA by Lúdica/Kaminari, but not El Tigre bar. So I had a sour IPA despite feeling way too full and not wanting to drink. Then Fauna for another really light beer. Their Berliner Guayaba Weisser at 2.9%. It was meh. It was like water flavored beer with a hint of fruit to it. Fauna has way better beers. I guess this is a great beer for light beer drinkers (and I wanted something light) so it was fine. But I wished it had more flavor to it.

Walked home.

Didn’t find Little Sumpin’s on my way. So I grabbed a couple of Green Flash’s Fruit Passion Wheat. They are okay. Not my favorite either. Reminds me of Lambic’s but short from quality. I drank them beers while playing pirates. And I got married!


The chick I asked to be my wife was a brunette. The daughter of the governor of Tortuga. A French island. Though I am Dutch. Currently fighting the Spanish and English at the same time. I’m such an idiot for playing the slowest 1994 game. But I’m learning so much of shitty old games. (still talking about Sid Meier’s Pirates! Gold!)

And now Monday.

This week I need to finish the long ass article I’ve been working on. I am sure of it. That’s all I’m doing this week. Editor should be back today as well. So I need to email him what I wrote last week as well. If that gets accepted. Then YAY!

Mandy Moore

One of the first girls that I met in college in the international house was posting about Mandy Moore. Mandy was great. I remember seeing her a couple of times. But the memory I remember the most is one time she was waiting at baggage claim. There were at least 6 paparazzi with me shooting (eww competition). Because other paps are fucking relentless, we had to follow her all the way to the parking lot. Shooting the whole time (though parking lot pics are rarely a sell). On the way to the parking lot I told Mandy I was a huge fan when I was a teenager.

So I started singing:


Hah. It was great. She started blushing and shying away. Said something along the lines “I can’t believe he just sang that.”

I mean… I think she was probably 16 when that came out. And I was 14. I had a bigger crush on Mandy than on Britney.

Wow. I just watched the Candy video. It’s so cringeworthy bad. No wonder she got super shy. Hah. The 90s.

Oh shit. And I just googled her. Her name is Leigh! Like my brother. Weird. She’s also my brother’s age.

The other memory I have of her is very early in my paparazzo career. So early, that Kim Kardashian wasn’t famous yet.

It was a horrible day when my brother was obsessed with the job that we followed Mandy into some shit club. We waited until like 1 am. My brother shot Kim Kardashian, I asked him who she was, and he replied “Paris Hilton’s best friend.” Kim didn’t even do the porn yet.

Anyway, Mandy ended up sneaking out. Apparently right in front of me. The bouncer made fun of me. And told my brother that he has to watch and keep me awake. My brother was pissed. But oh well. It was just fucking Mandy Moore at a club. I doubt it would have been worth much…

Ok. Plugging in my hard-drive to see how much Mandy I have.


I’m surprised. I only have two folders.

I remember shooting her at Air France and United as well.

Two folders. Both when I was shooting Canon. And I remember shooting her with Nikon. And in the wrong order… hummmm

First time I saw her according to my hard-drive, October 8, 2008. In reality I saw her in the summer of 2007 for the first time, but them pics are lost.

I wasn’t a very good shooter….

I remember this one. She arrived with her new husband. No idea who he really is. Ryan Adams I guess…?

Pics are from March 22, 2009.

I remember them pics sold.

But they were non-exclusive. I also remember being jealous of the dude. Mandy is so pretty!

See. It sold.


I wonder if there are any more Mandy pics in my hard drive. I was bad at organizing. I wish I had the filing system I do now. Even though that is still probably not the best.

My friend Willie is waiting in the living room because I’m finishing this stupid post. He brought me a coffee mug from Mexico City. How nice. Coffee is good. I still have one whole cup left. And no time to bucket shower. Gonna do it cold.


Whoa. Edited this post a few hours early. My word vomit is hella bad.

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