Youngest Tijuana Adventurer – Danny Boy! – Border Wall Pics Published

What a busy Friday and Frinight.

In the morning I went to Playas with San Francisco Chilanga girl, Cat. We went to investigate what was up with the border wall. Just a day after Trump signed the executive order… a flimsy (not to say shitty) chain-link fence was imposed over the already existing barrier. Waves already were destroying the new fence.

Cat writes for an online magazine based in San Francisco called 48hills. Her article is great. It’s actually way better than what I wrote. But I kept short and simple and saved myself the explanation of the beach barrier wall that most of San Diegans already know it exists.


Here are the pics with short redactions.

I crossed my foot illegally. Hope they don’t take my SENTRI for this blasphemy!


I sent my own version of the story yesterday. Let’s see what happens. I wait. And I wait.

Danny boy!!

I did not expect this. Danny contacted me on reddit but I didn’t see the message until way later. We exchanged emails for a while and he was determined to come on a Friday night (yesterday). The border is a FUCKING mess. I can see the traffic from my balcony. Facebook groups said that it was slow/closing it bullshit. I told Danny that this weekend might not be the best to visit. He didn’t care. He drove from Riverside after class against my warnings, against his parents warnings, and against all his scurdy friends who think he was going to die in Tijuana.

Somehow, I timed perfectly. I met him outside of the Mexican border by chance. My first thought was “whoa! A kid!” And yes. Danny boy is only 19 years old.

I usually meet people in the US side of the border, but it seemed like a mess and I was in a rush from finishing work. Also. Danny boy is a very smart kid. He saw that in my website I charge $25 per person when in reality I have a minimum of $100 (I still haven’t fixed that and I should). The lower cost for the tour made me a bit lazy… I was actually like always, nervous and not really wanting to do a tour.

But Danny boy is a delight of a kid to hang out with. Very well traveled. With Russian family. He brought me a Russian chocolate as a gift! He can also drink without a problem. I was worried. You know. 19 year old kid. He might get super drunk. But nah. The dude drank 3 craft beers like a champ. Drinking them faster than me. He had two session IPAs at first at around 4.5% and he drank em like water. Then he had a double IPA at around 8.5%. After that one, I could tell he was a bit drunk. And he knew it too, because he stopped drinking.

It was a fun night. Friends met up with us. His couchsurfing host was drinking nearby and we met up with him. And the transfer of Danny boy was smooth and successful. Now he is somewhere around Tijuana and I’m going to meet up with him for round 2.

This is nothing like the South Africans. Those guys could outdrink me like nothing. Danny boy is a chill kid, full of wonder, adventure, intelligence. Seriously. 19 years old and he is already a freelance architect and studying engineering. That kid is going to be one successful millennial motherfucker.

I just checked the Reader’s website.

I was also published.

Short and sweet like I said. Thanks editor!

And the Trump administration keeps making this a crazy fucking world!

Let’s see what happens next!

Tune in.

Or don’t.

By the way. Danny boy read my blog before meeting me. Shit! People do read this!

I hope I don’t sound like such a madman. But in general people think I’m honest and entertaining. SO BAM!

I shall take Danny boy to the beach and to other adventures that don’t involve much drinking. Or I dunno. Let’s see what happens.

Push ups. Shower. Breakfast. Danny boy adventure up next. Life is swell. My coffee is great. Blog out.

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