Baby Face Gringo Face – Cover Tomorrow, Risk Tomorrow – RIP Carrie Fisher

“Hey man! Where do you get your art?” Random dude in Avenida Revolución.

“Venice Beach brother!” I replied.

“Yes, but where at? I know a tattoo artist over there with that style. Look I’m from LA too.” He proceeded to show me his LA tattoo.

“Cool man, I just lived there, I’m from Querétaro.” I seriously gave 0 fucks, but was just being friendly.

“Querétaro? Where is that? Hey. You need anything from the pharmacy? I can get it for you.” Oh fuck. This idiot thinks he can sell me drugs.

“Chido carnal, pero vivo aquí desde hace rato. Y Querétaro esta por el DF.” Fuck you man. Why did I even stop to talk to this fool.

“Hey. That’s cool! But hey. If you need anything from the pharmacy you can let me know.” Wow. This fucker didn’t get it even after I spoke perfect Spanish to him…

Sometimes Tijuana annoys the fuck out of me.

I get the Gringo treatment frequently. Everyone does. But since I got the shave and a haircut, I look WHITER than ever. More people approach me speaking English. It feels like I attract more shady people that they think I’m just a white boy that they can rob. It’s a weird reverse racism that is fucking skewed. Spanish is my only deflection against them. I speak better Spanish than them. It catches them by surprise. They wonder where I am from, even though I tell them, they don’t get it. Sigh.

It’s funny how people treat me different just because I got a haircut and shaved. Someone told me I look more “respectable.” Beard and long hair apparently made me look dirty and unprofessional. But now baby face and a haircut I feel like I’m 22 and without experience.

I regret it a little bit. My narcissistic ego is affected by it. I get treated different. Ever so slightly. But more than enough to think of myself as almost a different person. It’s fucking weird.

I’m still undecided. I like shaving, but I miss the beard. It starts to get itchy when it grows. So I shave again. And maybe having a baby face will land me a job somewhere if I try harder. After all, I look more “professional.”

Speaking of professional. My second text cover comes out tomorrow on the Reader (third cover, since I got a picture cover before). I’m excited for it to come out. Because it lingers in my mind and it blocks me from working. It’s like getting it over with. And tomorrow it’s over. I’ll be celebrating by playing RISK the board game with some friends (they don’t even know I’ll be celebrating… ). I haven’t played RISK in ages, so I’m excited for that…

Thursday I will be going up to San Diego to pick-up a stack of magazines.

And another feature story will come out the week after! This one I wrote forever ago. It’s one of my favorite articles I’ve ever written. I re-read and still have no idea how I wrote it. It just happened. Everything landed exactly how it was supposed too.

Not like the one I’m working on right now. It’s not going very well. But it’s not bad at all. I gathered all the material. I’m done. I should finish it today. I’ve been working on it for days and come back to the beginning.

Fuck you Reddit as well.

Again today there was another thread of creep shit that has happened.

————– Carrie Fisher, more celebrity deaths for 2016.

I’m not sure if I ever saw her. I don’t remember seeing her. But maybe I do have pictures of her in my hard-drive. Next week I’ll look to make sure if I had pics of her or not. Celebrities are dying like flies. People seem to make a huge regard of it. It is weird. I watched HOOK yesterday and realized that two of the main people in there are dead (Robin Williams and Bob Hoskins). I also looked it up and HOOK has horrible ratings in Rotten Tomatoes and other movie sites. Shit. This is one of my favorite childhood movies. But yeah. It is decent at best. I still enjoyed it. Despite of it being silly as fuck

Thud Butt, the fat ass that gets to be in charge after Rufio never gets thrown down ramps. It clearly is a mannequin. As a child I never noticed. I always thought that the poor kid got thrown down the ramp. Nope. Just a fat bulk of something gets thrown as a cannonball. That kid was a good actor. He grew up to not act.


My blog is stupid and it doesn’t go anywhere. Hi roommate (apparently he reads this stupid shit every once in a while).

Back to work! After some reheated Carne en Su Jugo!

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