Victim of 4 Hour Nap – Excited About Tacos – That Block Button

A few beers kick my ass now.

This time it was just three IPAs.

I mean, it’s not like a week without drinking lower my tolerance… or did it? Or maybe it’s the winter.

Point is. I went out today at 3ish pm to meet up with a friend for an interview on an article, had a three beers, came back home supposedly to work… passed the fuck out.

Before Jeopardy.

I got home 6ish. Sat on the couch. Sitting became laying down. Laying down became a 4 hour nap. And now it’s past 10 pm and I’m wide awake and hungry. But there’s almost no food in the house and I have no desire to go out this late to rummage.

Yesterday, which basically I considered a waste of a day… turned out not to be a complete waste. It got late early. It gets really late early this winter. So I decided to cut my work day short. But I still had a desire to do something productive. Productive like eating.

I went to a new Korean tacos place. I haven’t been this excited about tacos in Tijuana in a long time. I haven’t had Korean tacos in ages. And they were pretty fucking decent Korean tacos. Fun stuff. The owner of the restaurant recognized (my name) so I set-up an interview for later. I don’t really need to interview someone when writing about food. There’s just not that many words and it’s not necessary. But this is definitely interesting. I’m really excited about trying them again, and again. It’s not like the city needed more intriguing food, but this is an import I definitely enjoyed. It was very well done. I was happily surprised.

So yep. Discovering new food was work. And it truly was. I keep thinking about how I will approach the article. I will be visiting again on Thursday and finishing the work on Friday morning

Not tacos, but burritos, I finished some other work this morning. It’s about Burritos La Cuarta, a burrito stop that has been there for 33 years. I probably had these burritos at least once a month for the past four years.

I had this this morning:

Whenever I don’t know what to eat, and I don’t feel like cooking, I default to these burritos. There are other burritos that I like that I go to, but these ones have a great salsa. It’s pretty fucking basic, but I love that motherfucking salsa.

I ate burritos and finished the article today. I’ll send it tomorrow morning. Also. It was SUPER TUESDAY. Meaning it’s pay request day. I sent pay request. Haven’t heard back. Probably will tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a nice busy day. It’s the Reader’s Holiday party. So I’ll be crossing to San Diego. I got to be there at 3:45, so I’ll be leaving around noonish. I will get there early, but I might rummage for some food to whisk another food article while there. It also depends if I feel like carrying my camera. And I also have a bunch of stuff to finish in the morning. Stuff I didn’t do today.


Also. I saw this kitty on my way back from getting burritos. I would get so many pictures like this one if I had my camera at all times. That’s a good reason to want an iPhone, I know many photographers use it as a second or alt body. I would definitely shoot the fuck out of my iPhone if I had one.

And okay.

This has nothing to do with anything.

But I like the block button on social media.

It’s dickish. It reminds me of a American Dad episode where Stan just snaps his finger and says “GONE” and his mind people disappear. I kinda block people on social media like that. Sometimes I get trigger happy. And just start blocking shit tons of people. “GONE!”

I woke up from my nap and blocked another one. And it wasn’t because I was mad/angry. Or because I hate that person. Quite the opposite. I like that person a lot. But we are not on the same page and we will never be. It’s just much easier to block and forget than try to make something work.

I know I wrote about it in a previous blog. People care too strongly about social media. If someone gets deleted it or blocked or whatever. It’s just life. Before when you stopped talking to someone, you stopped founding about that person every single day. I blocked a girl that broke my heart 3 years ago, and now I rarely think about her. If I still had her, I would still know sup with her. So why wouldn’t I do the same thing again if I want to stop thinking about someone?

Oh. Hi again.

I got distracted.

It’s silly. But that simple block button helps me move on.

Speaking of moving on. Blog done. It’s nearing midnight and I didn’t do as much as I wanted too. I was productive, but like 30% of what I could get done in one day. Shit. If I was running 100% and had several sources that published me, then shittttttt. Freelance would actually be a plausible job.

Only one answer.

I have to work way more.

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