Good News and Too Much in My Head – Looking for Shrek – Blocked


I did nothing yesterday except play Meat Boy.

I played it all night as well. I’m actually a ranked player in many of those things. My highest ranking is 12… (this probably means nothing, but I like it).

I tried working. I did. I wrote the intro paragraph 5 times. And deleted it each time. Now it feels like I am trying to force this food review. While my mind wanders around and goes to other articles I want to write. Then it gets cluttered. My mind becomes a clusterfuck of ideas and I can’t push any of them out. I go back and force myself to do the easy write-up. The one that is easy cash. But I don’t. Nothing comes to me. And my mind goes back to other ideas that I haven’t queried to anyone, one that has already been written but I want to write my own version, many ideas that I just start and they sit on my desktop looking at me like “hey, remember this idea you had?”

But then I get distracted by Reddit. Many times that leads me to get distracted by Wikipedia. Suddenly I have 12 tabs open and is lost between them. Facebook, Reddit, Docs, 5 Reddit tabs, 5 Wikipedias. That’s usually how it looks. I occasionally open a new tab to check gmail. Checking gmail always gives me slight anxiety. It’s how I communicate with the people that pay me. How I find out if the lottery ticket that is freelance writing is a winner. If I win… then how much? When it’s more than expected, I run around the house and jump around excitedly. It’s never even that much, but more than enough and I can’t complain.

Speaking of. Good news everyone!

I know the professor says it with /s, but I mean it.

My 2nd cover is coming up in two weeks. This time it’s not my writing, but my pictures, support and somewhat of a role in the story. Basically what I was complaining about yesterday not getting any attention, well, it did. Now is waiting time until it comes out and see how people react to it. Two weeks waiting. Which also blocks my head because my mind gets wrapped up with anticipation and has no desire to write anything new.

In other smaller good news. The holiday party for the Reader is coming and I’m invited. I got excited because it said “Cruise,” but they meant “Short ride!” I’ve never been on a cruise. But I’ve been on a short ride.

It’s time to look for Shrek. If I don’t find him this weekend, time to find something else to do. Other good things are coming up this weekend. A new restaurant review that should be easy, not like the one I’m stuck on right now.

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