I Switched My Apartment – Waiting for the Weekend – Tuesday Cut

It’s Tuesday… of every other Tuesday. Which means I get to send an email asking for payment… except this time I have nothing to ask for :(

I still have to send a few emails and figure out what to do this week. So far, I know of one thing. I have to wait till the weekend comes to try and find the Tijuana Shrek. I’ve been reading some articles about him which facilitates the whole thing, and like every personality in Tijuana, he has been interviewed a bunch of times already.

Yesterday was a good day. Highly unproductive. But a good day. I moved everything in my apartment! Well, not quite everything, but the bookshelf and the altar. Basically.. the altar is now a coffee table. It was the only furniture the house had when I first moved in. A table with tons of crap that people left. There was so much garbage on top of it…

Then I slowly started moving in furniture. The altar remained dirty, I cleaned and moved it. Put the stereo on top, but still remained a table for garbage offering as an altar. While the bookshelf remained vertical just containing random stuff and not looking that pretty.

So fuck it! The altar is now officially a coffee table. The two small tables that worked as coffee tables always shook and spilled everything on the floor. They are now side tables. And the bookshelf went from vertical to horizontal, giving me so much more space to put crap on top.

It looks something like this (potato quality iPad pic):


There still a lot of shit that needs to be properly fitted. Especially all the camera gear and the “studio” I am trying to build. Instruments are not ordered and I want them to be. But the stereo looks and sounds great. Also… GETTING rid of all the magazines. I realize now that my life will be in magazines, and I’ve been carrying them with me for a while. I haven’t even gotten any of the news of the past month… but the point is. I’m done with them. I am clipping my stories and putting them in a memory book of sorts. It’s a lot of work as I discovered yesterday. I did like 20 clippings and it took me nearly 2 hours.

So I did that.

I changed my apartment.

It feels better.

Bisho is confused and ran around the whole place when I was done. He sleeps on his bed right now like almost always.

Let’s see what the roommate thinks of it. He might want the altar back as it was… but it was such a waste of space. This is better.

So I get to wait for the weekend while at the same time look for a place to eat to write a reviews on it. I’ve been wanting to do one of Burger King because of their shit silly commercials… but that might have to wait. For now I think I’m going to work in alternative articles in hopes of finally expanding past the Reader and getting my work published somewhere else. I mean… if I’m not getting a real job soon, might as well get shit tons of freelancing jobs, though inspiration doesn’t always come.

I also finally finished Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze yesterday (all the secret levels). And ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! After that… you unlock hard mode. Which is ridiculously hard. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to beat the game hard mode (after all, I’m already done). But I’m glad Nintendo pulls that shit. I still haven’t collected everything in StarFox either. I’ve only bought 4 games and they have been months of entertainment.

My iMac is asking to restart for a new OS Sierra… so I guess I’ll do that for now. Look for some food as well. Probably finally buy some gas so I can cook my own meals. Thinking about buying an electric water heater so I don’t have to suffer cold showers no more…

Ok Tuesday.. Here we go!

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