From Hopeless to Hopeful – Still Broke – Will Arnett

I’m an emo drama queen and I’m sorry.

Last week I did something I felt like doing before, but always held off. I posted in my blog in another day that wasn’t Monday. Most the time I want to post in the middle of the week is just because I had a thought that was longer than 140 characters, or sometimes about a celebrity that I saw but I really don’t have much to say, except… LOOK I saw them.

But this last post was different. I was utterly destroyed. I have given all hope to my writing career. I was ready to get a real job and slave myself away. And it’s true. I have big plans for this year, it started great, but it quickly went downhill in February. And when I was trying to recover, I got worse. Sometimes when I am at my lowest, I get truly inspired. 

It was a few hours after that Wednesday post, I decided that while looking for another job, I had to finish some articles for simple survival. When the editor messaged me that he will be buying a long ass article I wrote that took me more than a week’s effort. After feeling so hopeless, broke and destroyed, this bit of great news lifted my spirits to where they haven’t been in a while. I went from hopeless to hopeful. That same Wednesday I finished an article about a seafood stand near my apartment. Great story, hopefully it comes out soon.

The one that did come out was about goat birria being way better than beef birria.

I’m still broke. The finance office forgot to pay me. But I’ve been so frugal lately that I still have some cash to survive, though it would be nice to have the cash. I feel way better even without money. I wasn’t so depressed because I had no cash, it was more because my work was getting rejected. I didn’t feel productive despite working hard. The good news revived me and then I got more good news when they informed me they will be running a cover story I wrote and got paid in December.

So after my heavy decline in spirits and feeling extremely agoraphobic, a bit of good news changed it all and now I am ready to work! I have a bunch of this week and a bunch more for the rest of the year. I just have to keep going. I love writing for the Reader and I am enjoying the freelance life, I just wish it was more steady and not such a rollercoaster of finances and emotions.

Thursday I worked on a story with another writer, though the story might be killed. I spent the whole day with another writer going through clubs and investigating the story. He taught me a bunch of the do’s and dont’s in the writing world. Similar to when I was riding around with the best photographers in Los Angeles. Mentors are awesome.

Friday I had a tour with great people from Colorado. It was a couple, so I invited a friend with and it was a double date through the city of Tijuana having fun, eating great, drinking tons and sharing stories. I have to restructure the whole Tijuana Adventure website to make it more personal. Like I always say, I’m not a tour guide, I do it for fun and I just happen to know the city and the people better than most. I thoroughly enjoy touring people, but always feel guilty about charging, so I’m going to start doing it on donation basis. Or I’m not really sure what to do with it. I don’t get as many tours as everyone imagines….

Saturday was Voodoo Stu’s 1 year anniversary in Tijuana. Stu and his gal (Mael) organized a feast at a junkyard where they smoked a hog and invited tons of bands. It was the best party I attended in Tijuana so far this year… and I also took more than 400 pictures. I reduced that to a gallery of 104 pictures. Almost all pictures by me, with some included by Zophie Felina and a couple by Ale Uzarraga.

On Sunday I spent most of my day editing, then the rest resting. REST RESTING. Here’s the massive album of Saturday’s party:

Now Monday, and instead of posting near midnight, I’m getting rid of this responsibility at noon, because like I said, I have tons of work. And I am glad to say everything is MARCHing on the right path. More work, more money, to get more work, so I can get more money.


Will Arnett

I never really liked Will Arnett or Amy Poehler (now they are separated, I saw them together). I find Amy super annoying and not funny, while Arnett can be funny, but also was very annoying. Sure, he was awesome as GOB on Arrested Development, but that wasn’t enough for me to consider him a good actor, I actually just thought of him as annoying (which is what he was going for, so I get it). Then BoJack Horseman got on Netflix and I wasn’t impressed. I liked it, because I like dumb adult cartoons, but it wasn’t very memorable. Again it seemed like a classic Will Arnett character.

Flaked just came out on Netflix last week and again it seemed like a classic douchey Will Arnett character. It starts like that, but I was wrong. This show is amazing. But to be honest, I don’t think anyone that hasn’t lived or been in Venice would think it’s that amazing. There are so many inside Venice jokes…

So it hit me hard on the memories. Every time that I talk about LA and how much I hate it, I always say everything but Venice, or more like, I hate everything east of the 405 and north of the 10. That was my little corner in Los Angeles and it was great, though I technically lived in Marina del Rey (and they make fun of someone in the show for living in Mar Vista).

Venice, however, is expensive as fuck. And they make sure to mention it on the show. The only reason the main character is in there is because of some arrangement with his ex-wife who became a Hollywood star (Heather Graham who is great and she was really nice when I saw her).

So watch Flaked! Even if you didn’t live in Venice, it’s a pretty good show, though Rotten Tomatoes ranked it low and called it dull/pointless (it’s just so much better if you know Venice). First episode makes you believe that GOB moved to Venice, but after a while, you’ll get to know the characters better and it gets pretty damn intriguing. It also leaves you hanging at the end of the Season, so they better show me more soon!

Anyway, here is Will Arnett. Because I didn’t really like him before, I have little memory of this pictures. First set is with Amy Poehler from December 4, 2009, which means that the baby in the picture is Archibald. Second set is from August 2, 2010 and is Will solo, which you can see he was much more relaxed.

decdec 4

And of course, the baby pic between Will’s legs… (I have more of baby in the car, but I don’t want to feed the baby nonsense).
dec 4 09
Then this small series of Will departing and talking to some dude.
augh augut 2 2010aughs aughsss
Until next week! I believe I will be delivering more and more good news. Also, this has nothing to do with anything of what I have been saying…. but my hair is getting FUCKING LONG.

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