Fuck This Fever – Fuck the Broncos – Fuck Tom Brady (Gisele Bündchen Freebie)

The week was somewhat wasteful.

My roommate came back home on Tuesday (he has been gone most of the year). I went out with him and his dad for lunch. I had an octopus and cricket taco. It was bad.


After that, we went early day drinking (at 3:00 pm). We met some strangers at Nelsons Bar. There was talk about going to La Nueva Pachanga, which was my favorite bar a couple years ago and I haven’t been back in a while. It was a horrible idea. Caguamon, after caguamon, after caguamon. Between my roommate, myself and the two other strangers, we drank more than 20 caguamones (that translates roughly to 26 liters of beer). Maybe we had less or maybe it was more, but it was a bad choice. Wednesday was wasted on recovering from such a heavy gross night of drinking cheap beer.

Thursday I worked. I barely remember the day. But I worked a bit.

Friday was a good day. I placed a bet on my team, Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, that they would score more than 2 goals. There 2nd goal came in almost as the game was ending. Not only a victory for the only sports team I actually care about, I won some money!! It was also my friend Mike’s birthday. We had some drinks at Plaza Fiesta. I took some pictures. Roommate said I shouldn’t use the flash on my camera, so I took some frames at 4000 ISO. Not to shabby. Considering that back in the day I would never shoot over 1600 ISO, much less on a Canon body.
Flash picture:

4000 ISO picture on warmth light:

Didn’t edit either because I’m sick and I already been editing too many pictures.

Super Bowl Sunday, couldn’t have gone any worse. I was sick as a fucking dog the whole day. My body ached, I felt nauseous, I only ate one apple and some lentils and the FUCKING BRONCOS won the Super Bowl. At least it wasn’t the fucking Pats, but I also hate the Broncos (I hate the Pats more and also the Cowboys). I am not sure why I have such disdain for those teams, but I just do. At least I got published.

It was my mistake that I got that sick on Sunday. I felt like I was getting super sick on Saturday, but I decided to go to a punk show anyway (Pesadilla, Calafia Puta, Damages and Fumigados). The guys from Calafia Puta practiced a song just for me, so I had to go to the show. I also got really got a bunch of cool pictures that day, check em out:

But fuck was I sick the morning after. I’m still sick as I am typing this. Really sick.

I realized that when I’m sick I say fuck a lot.

In fact, every step I take is somewhat painful because my eyes feel sore and it feels like my brain is bouncing inside my skull. So each step I murmur to myself, fuck, fuck, fuck.


Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen

I remember seeing Tom Brady once, but I cannot find the pictures in my hard drive. Instead, here are some pictures of his wife, Gisele Bündchen. I don’t really understand how this is supposed to be the “top paid supermodel,” I don’t find her that attractive. Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr are way prettier than Gisele, but oh well. Gisele is not the type that likes the paparazzi, but at least I made her smile once. I don’t really remember any of the pics except that day that I made her smile (I spoke to her in Portuguese).

This picture is of June 24, 2008. I was less than a month into the job, so I don’t remember this day at all.
june 24 08
This day she was already through security, so there’s only a few shitty pictures of her (October 13, 2008).

Giselle Bundchen leaves Los Angeles

This is from April 13, 2009. Also barely remember this day.

And finally, the day I made her smile, February 10, 2009.

That policeman checking her out…


And now… to continue being sick as fuck. The fever is not bad anymore, acetaminophen helps to relieve the pain, but I am coughing like a dog and can’t do much but sleep. I can’t even eat. Fuck, fuck, fuck….

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