Shitty Day, Shitty Week – Matt LeBlanc

Sharp pains in my stomach woke me up at 5 a.m.

I got up, took some alka seltzer, and then immediately start puking. And puking a lot. It was horrible.

I wasn’t hungover, though I did drink, it wasn’t as much as a normal weekend. I got food poisoning.

This happened to me exactly a year ago, but this time it was more intense. Shitty Tijuana imitation cheese makes me sick. Even just thinking about it makes me want to puke again.

That’s how I begin my week. Completely feeling like shit. I spent all day in bed twitching, hallucinating, sweating, hating life.

Last week was pretty shitty as well. Though I did a bunch of work, I didn’t get published once. So I am broke as fuck (and behind on rent). It might be time to look for an actual job. The writing gig is too much of a gamble and I need some stability. I actually need to get my shit together. At some point in my young life I was making bank. Of course, I was taking pictures of celebrities in the airport and there is no way in hell I am going back to Los Angeles to do that again.

I have a friend that believes in me and helps me get more writing gigs. I am inspired to do more work this week and at the same time look for a job. I felt like shit all day, but when night fell, I started feeling better. All the food poisoning has left my system.

It’s past midnight and I failed to post on a Monday. But I had a valid excuse. I actually sat in front of my computer convinced I was going to be able to post in the early afternoon, but I got the shivers and my hands felt like they were burning. And now I am just rambling.

Because I am tired, it’s late and I spent all day being sick, I chose a celebrity I only saw once. Hence I do not have to edit a lot of pictures.

Matt LeBlanc.

I didn’t even have him on my list. I just spotted a car with someone that seemed famous inside of it. In fact, after taking the pictures, I wasn’t sure who he was, I thought it was George Michael. The pictures sold to People magazine for over $3,000. I don’t remember the exact payment, but I remember that it was one of the first times that Matt LeBlanc was spotted with grey hair. Matt was a dick, but who cares.

From the set of 38 pictures, only one is worth it. I believe is the one that People mag bought. YAY! No editing.

Picture is from February 19, 2010. I left in color because having it B&W defeats the purpose of talking about his grey hair. Also, because I am going to start posting more color pictures.

feb 19 2010 leblanc

I promise next post won’t be as shitty. I am near my post 50!
Until next week.

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