Music Top 10 of the Year /r/mathrock – Tijuana Rumble Fest Weekend – Scott Weiland

What a great weekend and what a great Monday morning.

I am still recovering from Tijuana Rumble Fest and I stank like the music festival until this morning. My stench wasn’t like last year’s, when I bathed in the sweat of dozens of drummers and other musicians as I hugged them out of stage. Friday was the San Diego Reader party and I got to talk to my editors in person, the people I usually only deal with through email. It ended up being a really cool party and that extended until 2 am with my friend Justin. We ended up hanging out in Plaza Fiesta. The guitarist of The Growlers (never even heard the band) ended up talking to us. He said he was too scared to bring his fiance to Tijuana because she was too hot for this city. He also thought we were a gay couple…

Rumble Fest on Saturday went better than I expected in most of everything, except that not that many people showed up. Tijuana is still a city that is too cheap to pay for great music. Radio Moscow was a great closer and played one of the best shows I’ve seen live. Other great bands included Furcast, Angel Peralta Project, La Venganza de San Carlos and more. Only a couple of bands were pretty bland (I won’t name them).
Here are pics by Andy Reader of the festival:


Speaking about music… I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time.

My top 10 of the year. This is music I discovered throughout the year, not that it necessarily came out in 2015. A lot of the bands I post on /r/mathrock to great reception, some of the bands I get from there, many others come from Spotify recommendations and some are ones I’ve seen live this year. The order is from #10 to the best #1 of the year:
#10 Radio Moscow

I don’t really listen to psychedelic rock that much. I feel like its a super megajam that would be more fun to play than to listen, but holy fuck did this guys rocked live. I got too hang out with them after the show at Tropics and they were all really cool guys.

Definitely the best of Tijuana’s Rumble Fest.
#9 Angel Peralta Project
Though Angel himself refers to his trio as post bop, I pretty much hear a lot of mathy elements to call it my favorite genre, mathrock. This promising trio hails from Tijuana and they are all 18 years old. They were great at Tijuana Rumble Fest and they have nothing but a great future ahead.

#8 Fistfights With Wolves

My band already opened for a couple of shows of these guys from San Diego. They are fucking amazing.

#7 The Redneck Manifesto

This happens to be an old super band from Ireland that I was never aware off. They are amazing. I’ve been listening to a lot of Irish rock…

#6 Tricot

But of course I’ve also been listening to Japanese music. This band is not new, but new for me and its fucking fantastic.

#5 Battles

The new Battles is pretty good and catchy. Way better than their second album, but nowhere near their first.

#4 Piglet

Technically a defunct band from Chicago from 2005, they released a recording from last year that I just discovered recently.

#3 Brontide

Another Irish band that I wasn’t aware until very recently. It takes a while for all their songs to start (kinda like Russian Circles) but these guys rock it to another level, even though they all look like A&F preppy assholes.

#2 Floral

Who knew Michael Cera’s older brother was an amazing guitarist?! This shit is so sick and it just came out this year. These guys became my favorite as soon as I watched that video and I would love to bring them to Tijuana o see them live in San Diego. Fuck it, I’ll even go up to LA to see them.

#1 100 Onces

These guys have been my favorite for a couple of years now and I got to hang out with them last year. Unfortunately, they announced that the band is no more. So in their honor, they are this year’s #1.

Scott Weiland

Speaking of other tragic news, Scott Weiland passed away. Everyone is sharing the sad news and sharing their favorite Stone Temple Pilot songs. To be honest, I don’t really like STP that much. I respect their legacy and I admit that they have good songs, but nothing ever stuck with me or really struck me in a major kind. However, I did see Scott Weiland one day. I don’t remember much of the encounter except that my TMZ friend told me he has him on the list and wanted the support to shoot him. I agreed and took a few pictures. The pictures are from April 4th of 2010. That same day I also saw James Franco, Keri Russell, Kristin Kreuk, and Zoe Saldana.

MAT_0450 (1)

MAT_0467 (1)

MAT_0479 (1)

I will be busy this upcoming week with a lot of writing, a tour that I am building for after Christmas with Tijuana Adventure and more music gigs!

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