Coachella Lollipop Thoughts – Top 10 Music of 2017 – Got Drunk and Published

I got published today.

Starting the year with a feature story about Haitian chicken and more.

I wrote that story a few months back. Finally got published. Getting used to it. Cover story. Feature story. Next story. Shitty blog.

Yesterday I finally started working on a story I did not query and I’m just writing for myself (and hopefully selling). It’s missing something. More accuracy. So I went to the historical archive to look up writings of Sor Abeja and… Well some kid was there and he said to try the next day.

That day is today. But the historical archive is next to Nelson bar. I stopped by for one beer and to talk to Erika the bartender about the story. A friend texted me that she will meet me there in 20 minutes. I waited for more than an hour and I didn’t have any food. One beer turned into two beers. That turned into more drinks and no food. Then some tacos de cabeza in Zona Norte. And Zacazonapan until past midnight. With only 3 tacos in my stomach (can’t eat that much cabeza).

I woke up drunk.

Fed Bisho.

Went back to bed.

And now it’s 1 pm and I’m hungover. No headache at all. Just very lethargic. A proper hangover.

I should go to the historical archive after I shower.


But first, let me shit all over Coachella.


Look at that shit. I recognize less than 22% of it. I like Future Islands, Bon Iver, and Radiohead (and Crystal Castles for some dancey dance time like it’s 2008). That’s about it. That’s all I would go see. And I would obviously just prefer to see them in small settings.

Actually. I have seen Future Islands. It was FYF 2009 or 2010. They were fucking cool. They played real early too, so there were still very unknown. Even FYF was relatively unknown.

I’ll shit on FYF as well. FYF used to be so fucking awesome. But now it’s just another Coachella.

I’ve also seen Los Blenders. It was a free show at Mous Tache I believe. I think I opened… because for some reason I was following them on Instagram and I didn’t really like their music very much. But that I was following them means I talked to them. This was probably two or three years ago.

Some bands in the lineup sounded interesting. I listen to a few and they all seem to have the same dynamic. Keyboards are definitely back. Every band had at least one keyboard. Keyboards are dominating modern music. They weren’t bad. They also weren’t very good.

I liked Chicano Batman, but again, not crazy enough to go see them in Coachella.

Coachella. Lol. It’s shitty. But if you have the money and ignore that the line-up is shitty, then go enjoy it. I would just for that. Pretty girls. Drinks. Drugs. Okay music. That should be there selling point. The line-up is the last thing I would go to Coachella for.


I’m a sourpuss.

And I’ve been thinking about this for far too long. Finally I’ll write it.

TOP 10 MUSIC OF 2017.

#1 Monobody


They are so good and I am so happy I discovered them this year.

Everything done by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya is pretty fucking good (that’s the drummer). Even his weird ass hip-hop project. If you don’t know him, he was also on The Para-Medics.

#2 Charles Mingus Tijuana Moods

Yes. I’m fucking aware Charles Mingus is dead and this album is from 1957 (released in 62). But I have been hearing a shit ton of Mingus lately. This album is fucktastic. This album means that Charles Mingus lived in Tijuana 60 years ago. Went to the same places. Drank especiales. Charles fucking Mingus. What a legend. Don’t read his autobiography though. It reads like porn. So I guess… do read his autobiography. Talk about a fucking ego. Well deserved fucking ego.


That’s Innerds. INUS is new and they still don’t have any videos up or any good recordings (despite they telling me it would be ready by November). Chad (my roommate) joined these fuckers early this year as their bass player. They were GRRRRRRRREEEEAAAT live. The added bass, theremin, and yells add a level that Innerds was missing and well… FUCK RELEASE THE ALBUM ALREADY cuz it was really that fucking great.

#4 Sleeping People

Ohhhhh yeah. Same drummer as Innerds. His old band. So fucking good.

#5 Covet and everything by Yvette Young

Step aside Marnie Stern, the spot for Math Rock queen now belongs to Yvette Young. NAY! You can keep your math rock queen status Marnie Stern. Yvette Young is the math rock goddess. Yes. I have a huge crush on her and hit like on every single Instagram status she posts.

Extra video, Mermaid by a very young Yvette. I love the way she smiles at the end of the video.

#6 Chon

HAH! These fuckers are from San Diego and I haven’t seen them still. It’s a bit proggy, but it’s so fantastic. I hate the violin bass if you are not McCartney, but hey, he is the one that plays the fewest notes, so I’ll let it slide. I played those fuckers before, strings are way too close to each other. Not for me, just for McCartney.

#7 Enemies

Yes. Great video. Great song. I love to pretend to drum to this song. I should play drums.

#8 Delta Sleep

A rare mention, because I disliked them at first listen. But Delta Sleep is great and catchy. Math rock pop easy for everyone to listen too.

#9 Totorro

Check check check it out! These fuckers are French! And phresh! Yep yep yep yep yep. They deserve a spot on this top 10.

#10 Elephant Gym

Oh shit! From France we jump to Taiwan. Asians man. They know how to math rock correctly.



TOP 10 Music of 2016 that’s not even about the year, its just the music I’ve been listening to A LOT in 2016.

If you haven’t seen my previous top 10s of the year, you are not missing much. But it is a yearly tradition that I do for shits and giggles and to remind my ego that I have a superior music taste than all you fuckers. I’m kidding. Music taste is subjective. Most of you might dislike all the crap I just posted. TOO MANY NOTES.

Post from October 20, 2014, the first top 10.

Post from December 7, 2015, second top 10.


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  1. “I would just for that. Pretty girls. Drinks. Drugs. Okay music.” 3 out of 4 is still a go!

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