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  • Looking for a Job – Netflix – Phoebe Price

    I got kinda lucky at work this past week. Because of being sick, I barely worked. Also, they rejected two stories :( sad face. So I was worried I had no money coming in and I was on the verge of broke, spending a lot of money in doctors and dentists. I ended up doing […]

  • Music Top 10 of the Year /r/mathrock – Tijuana Rumble Fest Weekend – Scott Weiland

    What a great weekend and what a great Monday morning. I am still recovering from Tijuana Rumble Fest and I stank like the music festival until this morning. My stench wasn’t like last year’s, when I bathed in the sweat of dozens of drummers and other musicians as I hugged them out of stage. Friday […]

  • I have been avoiding my computer…

    New years resolution was a fail. The idea was to write more than ever before, but I have been avoiding my computer like if it wasn’t working. I was going to post more frequently in this blog and on Tijuana Adventure about all the tours I’ve been having. At least the San Diego Reader keeps […]