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  • Hangover? Nah. Headache. – Spanglish Cover – Risk Tonight

    Hangover? Nah. Headache. – Spanglish Cover – Risk Tonight

    I woke up early with a sharp headache. I couldn’t concentrate. Water, aspirin, shrimp tacos, coffee, more water… nothing helps it. It’s almost gone now, but it’s still there. I didn’t even drink much yesterday (4 beers and an especial). But it’s like all that I drank on Sunday hit me like a train way […]

  • Story Sent – TJ Adventure Today – … Still Coughing

    I absolutely fail at bucket showering. Again, the water ended just lukewarm because it started very hot, then I waited too long, and I should have just showered with cold water. But I’m still sick! It’s been a week! And I’m coughing and spewing bigger loogies! It’s fucking gross. But each huge loogie, makes me […]

  • Spanglish Obsession – HP Not Fully Recovered – Bucket Shower

    At some point last night… I felt like I recovered all my HP. Suddenly, I wasn’t coughing, sneezing, or blowing my nose. Didn’t have a headache. I wasn’t ridiculously cold. I felt healthy. Just out of nowhere. Sometime after Jeopardy. I was coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose throughout the day (three TPs already). […]