Hangover? Nah. Headache. – Spanglish Cover – Risk Tonight

I woke up early with a sharp headache.

I couldn’t concentrate.

Water, aspirin, shrimp tacos, coffee, more water… nothing helps it.

It’s almost gone now, but it’s still there. I didn’t even drink much yesterday (4 beers and an especial). But it’s like all that I drank on Sunday hit me like a train way way late.

I need to finish an article today. I’m almost done with it. Editor hit me up wondering about it. I got 80% done since yesterday. I got 80% done since this morning (… I’m gonna do right after finish this word vomit).

Cover is out!


This story I wrote thinking of a feature story. Got paid. Then later announced it was going to be a cover! Oh boy! Cover!

Click on it or HERE to read the story.


The last 500-800 words of the story got cut :(

Where I delved into Omar’s Spanglish poetry and Chicano art.

I’m going tomorrow to San Diego to grab a bunch. I exaggerated when I grabbed like 12 of the Jacumba cover… so I’m going to pick up way less. Maybe like 5. If you want me to grab you one, let me know.

But tonight.

Tonight is RISK.

I love RISK.

I haven’t played in forever. I have two unopened boards of RISK. I bought one when living in LA and could spend money whenever I want it. I mean. I remember I fucking bought it in a Santa Barbara toy shop. THATS HOW MUCH I CARED ABOUT MONEY. I didn’t. I just had it. And if there was something I liked, I bought it.

Well.. that reads like I was a fucking gazillionaire. I wasn’t. Compared to now it sure feels like I was. Nah. I was barely even breaking middle class. But for a single dude, with no kids, no responsibilities… Yep. I had cash to spend. And I spent it in RISK board games that I never played just because I wanted to have the board games.


Almost 6 years after buying them. I’m finally going to play.


Oh yeah. I have to work.

Headache almost completely gone.


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