35 Weeks, 3 Days: THANKS to My First Two Patreon Contributors – More Cover Pictures – NFL Fantasy Week #3

35 Weeks, 3 Days.

Another cover last week, another cover tomorrow, another cover the week after. Then probably an illustration.

And after that, probably another cover.

Thus my life continues taking pictures of covers for an alt-weekly in the year 2019.

Here’s the latest:

It was a great shoot…!!

And a great night! Got free drinks. The music was great. The people were awesome. Got paid. Got great pics. Got the cover!

I should post more pictures on my Instagram.

And Rosie O’ Grady’s also became a spot to go in San Diego whenever I’m in the area.

35 weeks, 3 days. It starts to fade and feel like forever ago. And the memories are nice. And I miss her so much. But I don’t break out in tears anymore.

That’s a lie.

I did on Friday…

I drink mostly out of boredom.

But slow down September has been working fairly well. I drank yesterday, but not as much. Had two Lagunitas IPAs at Dandy’s, had one regular (not caguama) Tecate at Nelson, bought one 12 oz can of Tecate for home while I played Starcraft with my buddies.

That’s… 4 beers.

That’s okay.

Sunday I drank none.

And Saturday… I drank like 5…



Friday I drank a lot.

I went out again.. OUT OF BOREDOM.

Mostly because I put pants on. I showered. I put pants on. What do I do now? Well… fucking go out.

And what does downtown Tijuana offer?


And restaurants (which are also bars).

Oh. And I went out with my last 200 pesos. So I bummed money. I owe some money to my brother and some money to Beto. That’s about it.


It’s not because I don’t have any money… it’s cuz of the fucking card.

And it stresses me out because I haven’t been able to pay for Netflix, my cellphone, Lightroom, my student loans, Geico, and other fucking bills.


The Buffalo Bills.

I have two players of them on my fantasy, Frank Gore and John Brown. I won in fantasy this week. Fantasy really dominates my week.

But also work…

Work that I have been reluctantly doing, but I have shaken that off and I want to do a better job now. The border hasn’t been bad and I should get my Global Entry soon… I hope.



Fantasy does dominate my whole week. It’s only Tuesday. There’s still a long time for Sunday Night Football (with their respective 2/16 of a Sunday on Thursday and Monday). And I obsessed over it.

I’m doing alright. My brother is doing alright but with low points and he needs a TE. And it’s all I think about now… I even dream about it.

Speaking of dreams… I’ve been having those.

I told my therapist this. She wants me to write them down. And… well… that would be like writing an erotic novel, because… they have been very sexual.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m lonely.

And now I’m going to go bowling.

I just got an email about a clicker I lost. I think I owe my office $20.

I lost it a few months ago.

I like to say I never lose anything. Yet here I am. Talking about how I lost my debit card and the clicker to the gate to the office. And I lost my SENTRI a few years back… and my phone at some point.

I hate losing shit. I feel like I rarely do… and when I do… it fucking bothers me beyond belief.

At least I figured out what happened to my phone (cops stole it). At least I figured out what happened to the SENTRI (left it at Balboa Park). But about the clicker for the gate and my debit card… FUCK !!! No idea…


Welp. That was that. They are just looking for other two lost clickers beside my clicker.

I wonder where that fucker is…

I still discover shit in my car that I didn’t know was there. It has plastic treys under the seats… Which explains the random plastic tray that was in the trunk and I found an umbrella under the passenger tray.

So… woo!! Free umbrella with my car.


I got two donations.

First donation:

My friend Kevin who brews mead and beer somewhere in New Mexico but soon he will be in Washington, or perhaps back in California, or maybe someplace else. He moves around and pops around San Diego or Tijuana once a year or so and gives me mead and we talk about math-rock and beer.


He also recorded the only one good Donkichow video:

I still use this video as the main thing when people ask me what my band sounded like…


I just noticed. Turn it up at the beginning. A man yells “can I swing dance to it?” Right?


I always heard that part.

But if you turn it up, you can hear a woman’s voice saying “please don’t swing dance.”


At the beginning of that shit, we also pretend to debate on the count until Luis yells “Son Cuatro” and we start.

The inside joke here is that we used to start this song with a four-count though it is not really on four so what was the point of the four-count it can just be a hit… And… that’s why we do that.

Dumb. I know.

Second donation: My little cousin Joe.

Not really so little anymore. Dude is my size, but yeah, I’m still 10+ years older than him? Dude is a genius. Always has. Always will be. And it’s a trip to see him transform into an adult. He also reads this shit. No idea why, but hey, that’s cool. I’ll probably see you for Christmas, dude. I’m debating between Guadalajara or H-town but I am inclining on my Gringo family more…

Is that Patreon?

Am I doing it right? Give me money and I’ll say your name!

I’m kidding. I’ll push the Patreon later. It was created more to see who ends up reading the book and thinking “hah, that was alright, let me give this dude some cash.”

Which means, I also need to push the book a bit. I will do that later.

In the meantime, it’s out there. Well… here.

Ahh yes…

My drunk day Friday.



Thursday… ?

Thursday I went bowling. I didn’t drink, go me!

That’s a lie. I played three games without drinking. It went average. Then I just wanted a beer and play three more games. So I did… though I had to go to work.

After bowling, went home, showered and ran to the border. It was busier than I thought, still made it across in 30 minutes and just at the nick of time to get the pictures I needed. Except, that one person wasn’t there, she would be until two hours from then. Took my time to walk around downtown and take long exposure pictures of San Diego and then hit one of my two bars in downtown SD, Star Club.

I had a couple of beers while watching the NFL and talking to the bartender. Cute girl and we hit it off quite well. Even exchanged Instagrams. But that seems to be the end of it. I tried hitting her up (cuz she was supposed to come to TJ), but she was just like “nah.”

So… there it goes.

Took more pictures. Went home.

Forgot about that Thursday.

Forgot about Wednesday too… drove all the way to La Jolla to take pictures of comedians. It was fun. I also tried not to drink, but I had to wait almost 2 hours for the comedian I needed to go on stage.

That’s the cover that comes out tomorrow.

Stand-up comedy in San Diego.

I also took pictures of the sunset. They were killer. They got there likes in my personal IG and the other one that uses my pictures. That’s nice. Photos are still nice. I’m getting a bit burned out but is still the best gig to have.

And I need to get out and get the Milky Way before it’s too late… so… next week.

And Friday… Friday I drank…

Mostly out of boredom. Friday night. Woo. But then, I talked to one of my best friends through IG messaging. He had a fight with his wife that was really bad. And he was wondering about life and how shitty he felt. Which in turn make me feel shitty. Because I understand having a wife and kids is difficult as fuck… at least it’s something.

While I have nothing. No reason to do anything. It would be depressing to be fighting with your wife and think about separation and then custody of kids and all that shit (which btw… I really really doubt it will happen) but at least… it’s like something that happens.

I just… have nothing. Just wake up to nothing still. And that feels shitty. So I ended up crying at the bar. Which won me a free drink. But still… not my ideal Friday night…



That was all my shit. I can do fantasy football in Español now. The part that no one cares except the 11 people in my league and even for them… this is too much work.

SEMANA 3 de ENEFELE en Español.


Bueno, primero deja me chingo un mollete que no he desayunado.

Ahora si… El que se tardo hasta el último minuto de el Lunes.

Jaiba Brava 143.24 vs 143.66 CDMX Ocelopilli

Que partidaso! Acabando el domingo, las probabilidades de los dos favorecían por poco a Mario, pero un corredor anciano contra la defensa de los Osos se veía difícil. Del otro lado, una ofensiva débil de los mismos Osos no parecía ser buena opción para un WR2 con Robinson II. Los dos hicieron menos de lo prometido pero le pusieron emoción al juego que se acabo resolviendo en los últimos minutos de el último partido de el último cuarto. Era la pelea por el primer lugar y vaya batalla. Con eso Mariobot y sus Ocelopillis liderean el torneo y Jaiba cae con el resto que están en 2-1. Los dos con equipos bastante fuertes, serán muy difíciles a futuro.

Queretaro F.C. 104.28 vs 127.04 Miami DolphLundgrens

Gallos cambia de nombre a F.C. para no caer en la segunda división y poder regresar y tener esperanza, pero… no le funciona y las esperanzas caen. Tan siquiera por fin rompió 100 puntos que es un avance y una pequeña mejora y no todo esta perdido, apenas es la tercer semana. Ha tenido muchos errores pero todo se puede arreglar como lo demuestra un poco el Pelón ya que también anda en por los suelos. Cambio de QB para ambos, no dio resultados. WR1 los dos son volado, lo gano DolphLundgrens con un WR estrella pero con QB suplente. WR2, el Diggs anda muy mal y anda lastimando a cualquiera que lo tiene. Dice que ya no es feliz con los Vikingos. Del otro lado, Juju con QB suplente saco para hacer de las suyas. De ahí ya no destaca nada mas que el RB de Queretaro F.C. que es lo unico que luce de todo su equipo y el TE de los DolphLundgrens que fue la delantera de las Panteras.

Los dos necesitan mejorar y rápido, que tienen semana difícil adelante. También, de ahora en adelante se llaman FC y DL. Esos nombres están muy largos.

SanchezStyle 130.54 vs 119.44 MyBeerAndMe

SanchezStyle ya se lo había embolsado para el domingo mientras que Z ya se iba a Zzzz en Europa todo decepcionado con su equipo y su Rookie year en el fantasy. Pero su equipo no esta para zzz, MyBeerAndMe trae, pero esta ves no le cumplieron todos. Conner, Godwin, Hollywood Brown y OBJ todos son low floor – super high ceiling, osea, te va super bien o te va mal (vaya Fantasy como siempre). Esta ves, no le fue tan mal, especialmente con una defensa de los Osos que amenazo con llevarselo todo el lunes, pero no lo suficiente. SanchezStyle siempre ha sido una fuerza, pero esta ves salió muy lastimado. Saquon Barkley, la estrella #1 de todo el Fantasy salió lesionado en la primera mitad del partido y no regreso, dejandoló con 7.70 puntos y dejando a los Giants con QB novato. Ni SanchezStyle ni los Giants necesitaron a Barkley para ganar, pero eso si, a los dos les va a afectar mucho en las siguientes semanas. No solo perdió a Barkley, pero gran parte de su equipo tiene la peligrosa Q. Aún así, SanchezStyle trae equipo ganador, mientras que ya no se lesionen mas…

The Mongooses 118.16 vs 126.24 Don Bacardi’s Team

El sabor de la dulce victoria después de dos derrotas que ya tenían a Don Bacardi preocupado en su año de novato. El que siempre debió estar en el Fantasy desde que empezó, por fin juega, y juega bien, quitandole el liderazgo a un Simbos que confió en sus Steelers como siempre y perdió por poco sin Big Ben y con su QB novato (en la banca dejo uno que le pudo dar el gane). Un partido parejo en lo que los dos hicieron su prometido excepto el WR2 Ridley de Simbos y el RB2 de Don B Carson que Mariobot se lo dio por basura y resulta que el vato simplemente no puede retener el balón dando un par de fumbles por partido. Con eso, Don Bacardi sabe lo que es la victoria y las esperanzas de llevarse el campeonato, mientras que a Simbos le bajan su aire de grandeza.

Queretaro Thunders 112.82 vs 118.48 Guarren Luna

La suerte de novato le pertenece a mi carnal, aunque también trata de hacer trades de novato que nadie acepta. Primer año y se hizo tan adicto al Fantasy que ya tiene liga de Basketball y de UEFA… Con pocos puntos, pero gana como buen novato. Eso si, le ha tocado partidos fáciles. Aquí Thunders se la chispoteo tuvo tres jugadores que hicieron un tercio de lo esperado. Sanders que mato la semana pasada no hizo nada esta, quién iba adivinar. Eso si, Kamara se vuelve el mejor RB de la liga (junto con McC) ya que Barkley esta fuera. Y en una temporada donde los RBs no se ven tan sólidos como antes, tener uno de los mejores es algo que agradecer. Guarren Luna hizo muchos cambios antes de su partido, y continua haciendo muchos cambios con un equipo que se ve bien en papel pero hay varios lugares que pueden mejorar (especialmente su TE). Si la suerte de novato continúa todo pinta bien, mientras que Thunders tendrá que hacer pequeños ajustes mientras que espera a que dos de sus estrellas salgan de la banca con una O que puede durar hasta a fines de temporada.


Tijuana Hookers 167.66 vs 93.46 The Lion King

MUAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA DESTRUCCIÓN!!! No solo me toco contra el peor de la semana, todos los demás también la hubieran pelado. POR FIN!!! Un equipo sano y destructivo. Me hace falta un buen RB2 pero todo lo demás pinta bien. Minshew II de la suerte decora mi banca namás para verse bonito y darle un poquito de huevos a Goff que le hacen falta. Solo por que firma un contrato de mas de $110 millones de dólares y el cabron empieza a chafear. No importa. Tengo a McC. Tengo a Evans (que no mames, tres touchdowns en un partido + 190 yardas en solo 8 recepciones…). Engram, el mejor TE de la liga y en mi banca… el tercer mejor de la liga con Waller. Hasta tengo el lujo de poner a Boyd en la banca por que tengo a SCARY TERRY que le hizo el finishing move a The Lion King… ya iba ganando por más de 50, pero por que no, 19 puntos más gracias Terry. Lion King… Lion King tiene buen equipo que no hace nada. Sony Michel se vuelve basura. LeVeon Campana no puede hacer todo por los Jets. Hockenson le robaron un Touchdown. Gurley II se puso de mamón con su coach que McVay lo esta castigando.

Yo.. yo soy feliz con mi equipo. Y espero que me vaya así cada semana… por que fantasy es lo unico que tengo. Fantasy y boliche. Y un Starcho de ves en cuando.


That ends stupid word vomit and I shall move on with my day.

I have a couple of phone calls (FUCK) and a couple of emails. I don’t understand why people like phone calling better… but here we go!

Then I want to go bowling even though it’s not Thursday. And I have a meeting at night for some photography gallery.

I work tomorrow through Saturday. I have a bunch of late gigs. So I shall be crossing when there is no line.

My car needs some work… so mechanic soon as well.


I have $120 in my pocket. That’s good enough for the week… I hope.

It sounds like I’m doing better…


This feels like an every Tuesday thing now because of NFL. That’s fine.

The count is gone… I wonder when I would wake up not thinking about how many days it has been. It already happened a few weeks ago… I thought it would never end. Three weeks definitely felt too short. A year definitely feels too short. But I think a good half a year is enough to start moving on. I mean… I know I never will. But it’s more like getting used to living with the pain.




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