Book: Tj Tour Guide Stories

A bit over a year ago I set myself a task of writing a “book” in the style that I always write, word vomit.

The result was this:


Or this one?! LINK!


It is an unedited Google document that a couple of dozen people have read. Some liked it. Some didn’t say anything. Some didn’t finish it.

It’s a short read. Last time I read through it, it took me around 4 hours. They are all true stories of some of my Tijuana Adventures. Many stories were left untold because I didn’t remember at the time or because they weren’t that great. All my Tijuana Adventures seem like a blur from a really far past. In there, I apologized to my mom several times. I never wanted her to read this. Now she won’t.

I’m embarrassed by all of it in general. But I already wrote it. It’s just sitting in my empty Google Docs folder, so why not share it with the world. It’s not really complete work, maybe if I get some patronage behind it I can get an actual publisher and editor to work with me… SOOOOO

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