Oaxaca Day One, Almost No WiFi – Mosquitoes are Killing Me – Beach, Family, and Friends

WiFi is very limited.

I’m barely even going to write on my blog during this trip. Or well… that depends.

I’m also typing on my girlfriend’s computer. She’s showing me how her pinky toe got swollen because she hit herself last night. She claims she bumped into me. I don’t remember. I just say yes.

Mosquitoes are insane. That’s the only complaint so far. I wanted to be brave and say fuck it. Nope. Two hours after getting to our Airbnb and I grew a third nipple (a huge mosquito bite nearby my real nipple).

Coffee. Shitty coffee. And not the comforts of home. But the Airbnb is small and cute and cheap. One medium hard bed with a mosquito net in a small cabin. I’m sitting in the little patio. There’s only two rooms here and a big room upstairs where one of the Airbnb handlers live. The owner of the Airbnb lives in the city of Oaxaca, which is a good 4-6 hour drive away.

The flight was great. Well, as far as flights go.

It went smooth. No problems.

First flight from Tijuana to Mexico City was the long one. Couldn’t sleep. I can never sleep on flights. And I had a weird night before flying. The plane was big and it had a nice entertainment system in it. Girlfriend watched the movie Logan, I watched four episodes of Baskets because I’ve been wanting to watch it and I never could. After the four episodes were done, I listened to classical guitar music and some Rush live. And looked like an idiot while playing air guitar and drums.

0 fucks given.

From Mexico City to Huatulco is only a 50 minute flight. I slept cuddling with my girlfriend for like 10 of those minutes.

There was a very drunk guy in the plane talking to everyone, delivering the same joke constantly, and repeating himself a lot.

I asked the flight attendant for a tequila and orange juice. And holy shit. What a heavy hand. She poured so much in there. I got more orange juice and that drink was still heavy as fuck.

As we left the flight, we learned that people in the flight were also going to the wedding. The drunk guy turned out to be the father of the bride!


Turns out that he has a serious fear of flying that the only way he can get in the plane is by getting hammered.

Landed in Huatulco. Another plane landed next to us. My brother, his wife, and children were in that flight. As well as other people coming to the wedding. Including my childhood friend Marcos “el Killer” who I haven’t seen in almost a decade.

His older brother used to be a great friend and my doctor. I say used to be, because unfortunately he passed. I just remembered I dreamt about him and that I cried…

I had very vivid dreams in my first night in Mazunte, Oaxaca. Like seriously vivid dreams. I barely remember them. But I slept a lot. From 10 pm to 10 am and I wanted to sleep more if it wasn’t for my girlfriend waking me up and telling me it’s going to be late.

There’s sand everywhere.

We are steps away from the beach.

Next to my friend’s restaurant.

From the airport in Huatulco to Mazunte it’s a good one hour drive. The taxi was 500 pesos which I split with Killer and we drank a six pack of Heineken through the jungles of Oaxaca. I was hoping to see him last night after we parted ways from the taxi, but I didn’t.

In the restaurant, I met my old friend Samara and surprise surprise… another friend I knew from my childhood that I didn’t even know she was going to be here. Valeria. She was really good friends with my neighbor (who was one of my best friends). Crazy to see her here!

And then more Queretaro people arrived. New friends this time.

And we drank beers and mezcal. Walked on the beach. Shared stories. The usual fun time.

Got the fish tacos from my friend’s restaurant. Three for $3.75. The fish and the breading was really good, the taco shape of it, not so much. I rather eat the fish by itself as fish sticks with some tartar sauce.

Mosquito bites and coffee. Fuck working out. My girlfriend is doing that now. I don’t want too. I feel like I worked out a lot. I just swam a bit in the ocean who is not being nice. It’s really rough out there.

I’m not sure what today will entail. Pictures are going to be great, but I haven’t taken any. Exploring yesterday I had great ideas for pictures. So many great ones. Especially sunset. That will have to wait a long long time until I get back to edit.

Tomorrow is the wedding. And that will be hundreds of pictures. Probably close to the thousands.

And after that…

After that we have so much time in this little cabin with little to no WiFi.

Good. Fuck being an internet whore.

Though I still am. And have been posting on Instagram stories.


Mosquito bites.

And shitty coffee.

And no WiFi.

I typed this on a word document. Then I’ll post it on WordPress with a random picture of something.

Pictures posted will be iPhone pictures for now.

Wide angle awesome pictures will have to wait.

For a long long edit.

And work emails have been getting to me.

I don’t want to worry about it until I get back. I have a bunch of photo gigs for when I come back to the Tijuana/San Diego area.

For now.


The mosquito bites.

Shitty coffee.

Beautiful place. Truly fucking out there in nature.

At least the Airbnb has coffee and water. That’s a huge plus. No kitchen, but coffee and water is all I need to do my morning blog. And this might be the routine. If the WiFi worked, I would post this now. It doesn’t. It will have to wait.

It is time we go explore and find some breakfast.

I’ll take my camera with.

Posted that day after it was written because there was no WiFi almost the whole day. Here’s a picture of friends in San Agustinillo from yesterday. That blog post will have to wait till tomorrow.

So I’ll be writing… and posting the following day. Or it depends on the WiFi.

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