Gardening 101: Killing my Mint Plant – Material Luckily Gathered – Not My Cover: Burt Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds Instead)

I beat the fuck out of my mint plant…

I hope it recovers. It already looks like it is recovering. The expensive soil I bought is much better than the shitty soil that I got in Mexico. The basil plant also looks much nicer. It looks like a little basil tree. The leaves are short and the trunk is pretty big. Is not bushy as it should be.

The mint plant was heavily rootbound. I made a mess in the kitchen while removing roots and trying to better the plant. Got the new Happy Frog by Fox Farm soil for the little mint plant. But in the process, I beat the poor thing really hard. Removed many roots. Removed many branches.

I wished I took before and after pictures. I should take more pictures of my plants to see progress.

I made a couple pots from the five liters of water plastic containers, filled them with the potting soil, planted some catnip, basil, and cat grass.

The seeds for the basil and catnip were tiny black speckles. I hope I followed the instructions correctly. I was supposed to only plant two or three seeds, but they were so tiny that I just threw a bunch. The bag that cost me $1 has more than a dozen seeds… so no harm in seeding several, right? It’s not like I threw the whole bag.

For the grass, the seeds are much bigger. The instructions did say to plant a bunch, so I did. They are supposed to sprout in a week or two.

Basil and catnip were supposed to be planted the last day of spring. And I’m planting them during mid-autumn. They’ll be fine.

Grass could be planted at any time.

If they don’t sprout, I’m just learning gardening. And I like it. I want more plants. I’m buying more water jugs just to make more pots…

A house would be really nice. Or a big apartment where I could grow my own food.

That penthouse is starting to sound nice again… It has nice spacious balconies. The balcony here is pretty slim. Only plants fit. And it’s not ideal.

I still love this apartment.

The roommate’s door which usually remained close because it’s his room is now open. It sort of allows air to better flow through the apartment. But it’s weird. He is still paying rent, but he has been out for so long that it doesn’t feel like his room anymore.

I could be Airbnbing his place. I could get another roommate. This apartment is not so bad.

But it’s probably time to move on.

Material gathered.

After doing mostly nothing all morning except research and prepping for work… I went out.

Girlfriend was reluctant to go out, but she eventually did.

I got a torta de lomo by “Rica Tortas” which are just okay and pricey.

Went to Norte.

Girlfriend doesn’t want to drink beer anymore. She wanted wine. No wine there.

So I had one and half beers. She drank half. Less than that really. And I ate the torta.


I made my girlfriend hold my torta while interviewed a dude.

My editor sent me to get more details. I wasn’t prepared or thinking about it. But the subject that I needed to interview was right there.

So why not. Took the chance and talked to him for a while.

I believe I have what I need.

Now I need to transcript again. And expand an article that I felt like it was done already.

Material gathered.

I did more research and just fucked around with my phone while in Norte. Took a picture of the sunset. It was okay. Xolos fans were at Norte. Made me remember there were games on.

The spot on the top right is a reflection of the window. There were people sitting on the tables that I wanted where I enjoy the sunset at Norte best.

Non-edited for a change. And because I don’t care right now.

Coffee Coffee Coffee.


After sunset, we came home. Bought the jug of water and found a store that was selling the two-liter 7-ups.

Those are supposed to be laced with meth.

I made two quesadillas for dinner… and why not. A glass of meth 7up. I haven’t had 7-up in a while… I thought it tasted funny. But that’s probably my mind playing tricks on me.

That’s another article I’m working on. The poisoned soda and the recall.

So I’ll drink more poisoned meth 7-up today. If I die, you know what happened to me.

If I become a cricoso… you can blame 7-up.

The girlfriend went to bed. I watched Xolos lose 0-1 against Tigres.

Gallos plays today against Necaxa. I fear they will share a similar fate. Defeat.

I just saw my friend Chris running with his dog outside my balcony. His dog, Wamo, got gigantic. I should have another photoshoot with him and his dog.

Coffee coffee coffee.




A new San Diego Reader came out today. I think in this one I did nothing.

Yep. It’s the Burt Reynolds one. I never saw Burt Reynolds. I only saw Ryan Reynolds.

It’s sad when it’s not my cover. It’s not going to be my cover for a while.

You know what?

Fuck it. Plugging in my hard drive and throwing a picture of Ryan Reynolds up here instead of the shitty sunset picture.

I have three folders of Ryan Reynolds.

They are all the same set. Here’s the screen cap:

The pictures are from November 11th, 2010. That same day I also shot Cindy Crawford and Paris Hilton with Nicky.

The set has 100 pictures and it’s just Ryan Reynolds walking to his car. I could tell there was no interaction with me or the other guy that was there (who was my friend working for TMZ).

Just Ryan Reynolds.

Not a memorable shot. I don’t really remember shooting it.

I do remember the Paris Hilton shoot though!

This goes back to a post from 2012 when I just blogged about celebrities. Here is Paris Hilton’s post.

I remember that day because it was the only day Paris actually tried hiding from me. She was in her pijamas. Not looking glam like Paris usually does.

Oh yeah. Back then I did B&W pictures because I was concerned about copyright.

I like color now. Though some B&Ws do look nice.

Now. Work!


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