(Paris Hilton) Oh yeah.. I also saw her on the summer of 2007

I’m not done talking about the summer of 2007 just yet…I forgot that I also saw Paris Hilton and her jail drama.

Back in June 2007 when I was still an amateur paparazzo and only worked doing video I covered the Paris Hilton story with my brother and so did a million others. Paris lived in Kings road a block after Sunset boulevard and she just violated her probation from a DUI and had to face jail time. The media, hundreds of paparazzi and fans sat outside her house hoping to get some footage of her going to jail crying. We waited all of Thursday June 7th from early morning to late at night and she didn’t come out. Though my brother and I left, the agency sent some people to stay overnight if she came out.

Next morning we headed to her house again and now more people were there, even news vans (E!news, ABC news, CNN). Midway through the day I started to feel sick and left the story to go home and rest, my brother stayed and worked with other partners. She came out in a cop car a couple of hours after I left and no one got a good picture of her outside her house… except one lucky photographer (it wasn’t me). The photographer who worked for a different agency took a short break from being at her house and walked down sunset boulevard for a snack. On his way back he saw the cop car stopped at the red-light with Paris Hilton crying her eyes out in the back of the car. He quickly dropped his snack and took of one of the most memorable pictures of Paris Hilton ever (the story in JustJared here).

25 days later she was out of jail and heading to CNN to get interviewed by Larry King. It was her first public appearance after she got out of jail and everyone knew about it. Again hundreds of paparazzi flooded her house and the CNN building which was only a short drive away. I was amongst the hundreds, or even thousands outside of CNN to get pictures Paris. Before her limousine arrived to the CNN building they laid out barricades on the street to prevent photographers from going in. A lot of them got pictures with long lens cameras, but I only had a short lens with a flash and a video camera, I didn’t get anything, yet I managed to break my flash.

When she came out after her interview and her limousine was slowly moving amongst the crowd of people on the street Paris rolled down the window to say something to the cameras, I was close to the car behind 3 people. The paparazzi and the crowd were so desperate to take a picture or get a soundbite that they pushed everyone into the car that she rolled the window back up and left. In the process of all the pushing my camera’s flash got crushed amongst the crowd and broke.

I obviously saw Paris Hilton a million more times through out my career and she was always wonderful person to take pictures off. She made it so easy and turned everything into a runway, though most of the time a lot of people were on the scene. I saw her departing and arriving flights over and over and over that my best of Paris Hilton is a rather large collection. I’m sure I still took more pictures of her but I can’t find them, I remember seeing her on Hollywood a number of times always causing a scene. Anyway, my best of…..

Paris Hilton:

1BG 9-28-08
This was on September 28, 2008 arriving on terminal 1 at LAX. Back when she was dating Benji Madden and I’ve been working as a paparazzo officially for only a couple of months.

2BG 10-6-08 a 2BG 10-6-08 b 2BG 10-6-08 c 2BG 10-6-08 d
These were taken on October 6th, 2008 at the International Terminal. A lot of photographers and people were around and she caused a scene and pretended to go shopping (didn’t buy anything).

BG 2-2-09 a BG 2-2-09 b BG 2-2-09 c
Arriving late at night on February 2nd, 2009.

BG 3-18-9
March 18, 2009  arriving on terminal 1 and by then she started dating that dude. I never knew who he was until just now that I searched his name on google. I just knew he was dating Paris and got famous by association. This is probably my only picture of Paris where I had no competition or partner, I covered it solo.
BG 3-25-09 a BG 3-25-09 b
March 25th, 2009. Just one week later departing with that dude again at night time. I remember a lot of my pictures on this set made a lot of blogs and magazines. The story was also on TMZ, you can see the TMZ videographer on the background of the first picture. I was often on the background of the show.

BG 8-26-09 a BG 8-26-09 b
August 26th, 2009 on an arriving flight on terminal 3. A lot of people were there for her. You can see the same TMZ videographer on the background of the first picture.
BG 9-10-09 a BG 9-10-09 b
Departing on September 10th, 2009 with Doug on the International Terminal. Like always, a lot of people were there and she caused a scene and went fake shopping.

BG 10-16-09
Arriving late at night on October 16, 2009.
NPG 2-8-10 a NPG 2-8-10 b NPG 2-8-10 c
Departing on February 8th, 2010 with Doug and them kissing once they passed the security check point.

NPG 6-12-11
Arriving night time on June 12th, 2010. I had bad luck that day and my flash wouldn’t go off, had to fix it halfway through the shoot and only got a couple pictures in.
NPG 11-11-10
Arriving on an early flight November 11th, 2010 on terminal 6. That day she covered up and hid behind her sister Nicky and told us she wasn’t feeling very well. It was just me and my partner that day, one of the few times I saw her exclusive.

NPG 12-13-10
There she is arriving with her daddy, Mister Hilton, on December 13th, 2010 (her mom was also there). I shot Richard Hilton a number of times with Nicky Hilton or randomly by himself and he has always been really nice to the camera (wouldn’t you be when you are worth millions?)

NPG 2-2-11 a NPG 2-2-11 b NPG 2-2-11 d NPG 2-2-11 e
Departing on February 2nd, 2011. She checked herself on the reflection of her limousine before she walked towards all the paparazzi waiting for her. She kinda looks like Bret Michaels in this set (who I’ve also shot).

NPG 2-5-2011NPG 2-5-2011 b
And finally the last time I ever saw her. She went to the bathroom right away after arriving on the international terminal on February 5th, 2011 (I also saw Brad Pitt that day).

There you have it, tons and tons of pictures of Paris Hilton (and I know I took more that I can’t find). I bet that most paparazzi that live in Los Angeles have hundreds or even thousands of pictures of Paris. She is really easy to shoot, has always been famous for no reason and her pictures give you a decent amount of money.

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