Week 30 of 52, Post 355 Total – Chester Suicide, Missing Yowie – Celebrity Monday = Caca Fun

Oh god.

What a horrible choice I made this morning.

I was looking for a celebrity to post on this celebrity Monday and started reading about Chester Bennington.

I decided to “fuck it, I hate Linkin Park, but let’s listen to their latest album.” It’s seriously worse than I could have imagined. I would have never thought this was even Linkin Park.

It’s called Heavy. And it features “Kiiara.” I don’t even know who the fuck that is.

It’s just straight up pop.

I mean… it’s shitty to say. But I would have killed myself as well. I always wanted to sell out. Because $$$. But holy shit. Not to this level. How can you hear yourself or the music that you “made” and be like “yeah, I’ll release that.”?!

5 million dollars? Maybe like 50 would do.


Speaking of music and shows. There’s a show tonight and I’m going to miss it.

The main reason to miss it is I don’t have a place to crash and I’m shy to ask friends for that favor on a Monday night.

I also hate leaving the girlfriend behind on a Monday night so I can go have fun.

I don’t even deserve it.

I’m missing Yowie. That’s a better band.

Listen to Yowie to cleanse your ears:

Yep. Missing that.

And my roommate’s band INUS. Which is also fantastic and I haven’t seen in a while. I wanted to take pictures as well. But it just doesn’t seem possible. I have work to do this week.

Yet here I am, about to go back to play Diablo 3 after I finish the word vomit.

Yep. I skipped the blog yesterday. Sundays are the most skippable so I did.

Gallos Blancos beat America 1-0 in the first game of the season. I should have placed a bet. I walked into the casino thinking about it. But I didn’t. Regrets.


Mexico lost against Jamaica 1-0. What a fucking embarrassment. I should have placed a bet on Jamaica. Except, I didn’t walk into the casino or even thought about it. Mexico should have won. But they suck and believe they are amazing. Mexico played better, but fuckers don’t know that the point of the game is score goals, not just get close to the opposite end of the field and give a few passes.

Sunday we cleaned the whole apartment.

Well. The girlfriend cleaned the whole apartment and I tried to help. But instead, we just argued. She just throws shit away without asking and that pisses me off…

The good news is that the vacuum works. And that makes her happy.

It’s a huge fucking vacuum.

And the apartment hasn’t been this clean… basically… ever.

And we moved everything in the room in a mirrored fashion. I’m not sure if I like it. It feels like there’s a bit more space. But I have my back to the door and that makes me feel weird.

That was the weekend.

Saturday, Gallos won, we went out, over ate, drank some beers, came home, and passed out early.

Sunday, we cleaned, laundry, fought, resolved, Mexico lost, ordered pizza, police drama outside my balcony, and passed out early.

Welp. Just read the rest of Chester’s Wikipedia. Can’t help but feel bad for the dude. But fuck did his music fucking sucked.

Shitty coffee.

Work out.

Organize the photo shoots for the week. Plan ahead. Making shit tons of phone calls and emails to schedule everything. Spend a couple of days in San Diego. Interview some people. Get to work.

Shitty coffee.

Work out.


I still need a celebrity for celebrity throwback Monday!

Everyone was at Comic Con this weekend. I wasn’t there.

We really need to fix my girlfriend’s VISA status soon. It sucks.

This post sucks. I’m aware of that.

It was a meh weekend that ended way too fast. This morning seems shitty, but the week should pick up.

Man. I did not care what I named my folders before 2010. A lot of folders have wrong or funny names. I just found a folder called “caca fun,” guess what’s in it?!

You guessed wrong.

The folder has pictures of Zac Efron.

One of those pictures sold to TMZ because supposedly he had uncleaned ears. I didn’t even notice when I took it. Here’s that picture.

This is what it looks like exiting the door.

Pictures are from March 27, 2009.

So let’s have some caca fun?! Shall we?!

My friend and I started calling him Caca Fun after a misunderstanding on the radio where his boss was yelling at him that Zac Efron was landing at the international airport. He understood “caca fun” through the radio and couldn’t figure out who he is.

If you say Zac Efron fast and muddled, you get Caca Fun.

I saw Zac Efron shit tons.

I saw Vanessa Hudgens more and I liked her way more. That post is here.

Zac Efron lived on Woodrow Wilson Drive, off of Mulholland Dr. Vanessa Hudgens lived down the hill in Studio City, next to Dakota Fanning. Hudgens’ parents lived a few blocks from her.


I knew all of this.

And knew the exact address.

And I waited outside Efron’s house several times. It was easier to wait outside Hudgens house so I did that more. The neighborhood had other Disney kids. Miley wasn’t far from there. Around the corner was Hilary Duff. Her sister lived two doors down. Ashley Tisdale lived on the same block. Jennifer Love-Hewitt lived around there, as well as Steve Carell.

Yep. All of those celebrities lived in close proximity.

Caca Fun was a really tough follow.

Asshole would gas his car full blast from stop sign to stop sign. Fucking pointless. I had a 2008 GTI back when I did follows. That car was fast enough to keep up.

He would do other tricks like going into a studio, where you can’t follow, and where it has multiple exits.

Basically, Caca Fun was no fun.

As a person. I’m sure he is alright. He was just always a moving expressionless mannequin.

Alright. Let’s edit some pics of Caca Fun.

Here are some quick screen caps.


I regret picking Caca Fun.

I have a dozen + folders of him. The dude sold. It was never an easy shoot.

I wanted to do a quick edit.

But here it goes!

Tons and tons of pictures of Zac Efron.

Reduced the edit to just 10 pictures instead of the hundreds that I have. You get the gist of it. I saw him a lot at LAX. I followed him in town a bunch, but most of those were unsuccessful attempts because he is rough. There are a few sets of pictures missing, but meh. It’s Caca Fun!

These two are from March 9, 2009.

They are not the best pictures.

March 22, 2009. Again. Meh.

This was on June 11, 2009. I remember the follow. Then the shitty shoot where he turned around as soon as he saw me and then ran to the elevator.

November 25, 2009. This one seems to be exclusive.

July 27, 2010 at LAX. But yep. Standard Zac = shit tons of people.

Always a shit show.

February 4th, 2011. Also seems to be exclusive. Do not remember that day at all. I was already burnt out from the job.

And finally. February 12, 2011. Again. It seems exclusive.

There you go!

Caca Fun.

Or Zac Efron.

However you like it.

The expressionless mannequin that somehow is an actor.

I never really seen him in a movie. I don’t really ever want to see a movie with him. I don’t think he has ever done something that would intrigue me. I saw a scene of High School Musical back in the day. That was shit.

It’s all shit.

It’s all Caca Fun!

Now time to Diablo 3 with the primo.

Then organizing emails, calls, and the rest of the week.

And more work.






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