Got published a bit, played a show and more crushes! Vanessa Hudgens!

It was a busy busy week after coming back from Los Angeles. I had to catch up with work, so Monday and Tuesday all I did was write. I also worked all of Wednesday, interviewed the Chun Kun lady (which is my next article) and at night I had band practice with DONKICHOW. Thursday was the birthday of the most amazing person in the world (my mom), the family spent the afternoon together in the beach, but I had to dip out because of more band practice. I was supposed to have a Tijuana Adventure on Friday, but it fell through. It was going to be my strangest tour/request I had so far and I am still working on figuring out the situation…

But the result of all the week’s work is that I got published 4 times (still have one pending), and the show went great. You can read the articles by clicking here. We opened the night at Mous Tache bar for San Diego and Tijuana bands: Nicely, Fistfights with Wolves, PL DVNA and Sleeping People. Every band was awesome, but Sleeping People was fucking fantastic. I enjoyed being single once again, let myself go and partied hard. The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from the hangover, though I was supposed to do work.

Today I ran a bunch of errands in San Diego, got my paycheck, then got my cat a new flea collar, kitty litter and bought tons of food. I carried the 30 kilos of groceries from Food4Less in SD to my home in Tj (using the trolley and the 10 pesos taxi).

914450_926381264074898_1585404076_n – Bisho with his new collar.

Since I’ve been enjoying the single life and last post was about my biggest LA crush, I decided to continue the thematic. Another celebrity who I used to have a crush on, and this time somewhat of a real celebrity, was Vanessa Hudgens. Back then, she was supposedly dating Zac Efron, but I always tried being flirtatious and she responded. Vanessa was always super nice to me when I saw her at LAX (and I saw her a lot there). I also saw her a bunch around town, but could only find pictures of the one time she was not cool…. probably because it was a creepy scenario…

These pictures were taken January 22, 2009.
jan 22 09
This was right after I got demoted from my salary position into full freelance with no benefits. I used to go a lot to Burbank because there are like 20 celebrities living in the same 2 mile radius and one of them was Vanessa Hudgens (who at the time lived next to Dakota Fanning, two birds, one stone). I followed her one morning into a Baskin Robbins, desperate for pictures, I came up close to glass and started snapping. Right away, an employee told Vanessa what was happening that she instantly covered up.

She came out of the store like this:
jan 22 09 ic
And drove back to her own home like this:
jan 22 09 ice

After that, all my encounters with Vanessa were pleasant. She was always smiling and I was always courteous (and somewhat flirtatious). I don’t have detailed memory of any of the next set of pictures, except that one time she arrived with her family and I chatted briefly with her Vanessa and her mom.


April 13, 2009.

September 27, 2009.

October 24, 2009.

November 14, 2009, one of my favorite shoots with her and I was by myself… I had over 200 frames from that day.

nov 14 09 3 nov 14 09
nov 14 09 6
nov 14 09 5 nov 14 09 4

December 10, 2010, there were a lot of other paparazzi there.
dec 10 2010

December 13, 2011, again with a lot of paparazzi. I remember more times I saw her one on one, but those pictures are probably lost now.

dec 13 2011

All this editing and looking at old pictures is making me really miss my cameras :(

Anyway, here are some online clippings I had safe for some reason:
4-14-09 Vanessa Hudgens E! 4-14-09 Vanessa Hudgens JJ 9-27-09 Vanessa Hudgens POP 9-27-09 Vanessa Hudgens RADAR 10-24-09 Vanessa Hudgens RADAR

Until next Monday… I’ll probably continue with the theme of my crushes….

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